New Bill to Secure U.S. border; Over Ten Police Officers Killed in two days

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Blog del Narco (Mexico)  3/23/2011

Another cartel head arrested

Ramón Pequeño García, head of the Antidrug Division of the Federal Police announced the arrest of Victor Manuel Félix Félix, aka The Lord, who is identified as a consuegro (consuegro is the father in law of El Chapo’s child) and buddy of the major drug trafficker Joaquin Guzman Loera, known as El Chapo.  Eight others were arrested with him.  Also seized in Mexico were 500 packages of cocaine weighing a total of 500 kilograms, 500 thousand dollars, four vehicles, radio equipment, mobile phones , among other things.  Nine others with a cartel cell operating in Ecuador were also arrested; 3 were Mexican, 2 Colombian, and 4 from Ecuador. Six properties were searched in Mexico, including 2 warehouses.  This resulted in the seizure of four tons of cocaine in Ecuador.  The investigation of the cell was begun in 2009. (Note:  Although this appears to be a sizable hit on the cartel, in reality it isn’t. Cartels are structured horizontally, and thus there is always someone to step in and fill a vacancy.  This also clearly shows the continuing spread of the cartels into other countries, which brings with it not only violence, but an increase in manpower from impoverished natives eager to make quick money. As the spread continues, they will likely become more and more terroristic in their actions in order to maintain control.)

Semana (Colombia)  3/23/2011

Chiquita Brands Sued for 931 deaths and alleged links to FARC and AUC

The multinational Chiquita Brands has two new lawsuits filed in federal court in Washington related to the murder and torture of 931 people in the banana growing region in Colombia. Chiquita has admitted in court that they paid the FARC since 1987 and until 1999 to protect their banana plantations in the EPL.  One case concerns the massacre of 254 people at the hands of the FARC in the banana region, the victims’ attorney, Paul Wolf,  told Reuters. “The situation changed drastically in Urabá in the mid 90’s when drug traffickers and large plantation owners created the AUC to protect them from the FARC,” he said.  Then “Chiquita switched sides to hire the AUC to protect them from the FARC, while the remnants of the PLA were integrated into the AUC,” he said.

The other case concerns the murder of 677 people by the AUC, most killed between 1995 and 1996 which were not included in previous claims.   In 2007, the company pleaded guilty to paying $ 1.7 million to Colombian paramilitaries between 1997 and 2004 for which it was sentenced to pay a fine of $ 25 million.

Milenio (Mexico)  3/23/2011

Obama sees frustration in Calderón by the advance of cartels

U.S. president, Barack Obama, said there is “frustration” in his counterpart Felipe Calderon due to the strengthening the drug cartels.  In an interview with CNN, the U.S. representative considered that although bilateral cooperation on security is unprecedented, it also presents problems, such as the derivative of the operation Fast and furious , in which officials of his country authorized illegal entry of arms to Mexico. “The cartels have been strengthened and President Calderon has some frustration. But we have to share the problems and burdens and we must reduce demand and consumption (of drugs) in the United States. The two countries will have to work together for a long time,” he said.

Obama, who met this week for a working tour of Latin-American nations reiterated that in meetings with Calderon, he has spoken of maintaining and strengthening coordination between the two nations.  As part of the cooperation of the U.S. government, he said he made an effort to stem the flow of funds and weapons to the south, and acknowledged that… “it’s not enough simply to prohibit the flow of drugs north.”  He also announced an investment of more than 10 billion U.S. dollars to fund programs to prevent and combat drug use, despite the difficult economic situation facing his country.

SDP Noticias (Mexico)  3/24/2011

Mexico:  Unemployment Rises in February

MEXICO CITY – In February, the unemployment rate in the country was 5.28% ie 0.07 percentage points above that recorded in January, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI).  Moreover, the unemployment rate nationally in the second month of the year was 5.38%, down from 5.43% in the same month of 2010.  INEGI also announced that the states of the country with the highest unemployment rates in February were Tamaulipas, Sonora, Tlaxcala, whereas the lowest unemployment figures were located in Guerrero, Chiapas and Campeche.


PIEDRAS NEGRAS, COAHUILA – Police chief resigns after 31 years (can’t blame him).

LINARES, NUEVO LEON – Gunmen kill 2 police officers, wife of one and one of two children in his car.

ESCOBEDO, NUEVO LEON – Police officer, Mayor’s bodyguard executed on day off.

COLOMBIA – Presidents of Colombia, Venezuela to meet, discuss border security and  bilateral commerce.

MEXICO – Calderón has spent 5 times what Fox did for ammunition,
grenades, rifles and equipment.

VERACRUZ, MEXICO – Tortilla price up due to price increase in corn.

MONTERRYE, NUEVO LEON – Three Gulf cartel gunmen caught; admit attack on police.

Blog del Narco

CADEREYTA, NUEVO LEON – Man decapitated, burned.

CHIHUAHUA – One police officer killed, 1 grave; bodyguards for Attorney General’s Deputy Director.

BRISENAS, MICHOACAN – Two municipal police officers executed, burned.

NAYARIT – Thirteen executed on Wednesday statewide.

LA PIEDAD, MICHOACAN – Municipal police chief executed, bodyguard missing.

SAN NICOLAS DE LOS GARZA, NUEVO LEON – MX Marines detain 7 municipal policemen.

TONALA, JALISCO – Federal Police Officer killed; bodyguard for AFI (like FBI) Commander; commander’s brother injured

ACAPULCO – Three executions; retired Sergeant shot in head; 2 other bodies found.

CIUDAD VICTORIA, TAMAULIPAS – Cartel throws grenades, injures two civilians.

MAZATLAN, SINAOLA – Municipal police officer killed during firefight on beach with armed group, after chasing them due to commercial robbery call.

MONTEMORELOS, NUEVO LEON – Shootout Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas; one gunman dead.

MONTERREY – Military chased 2 vehicles; 1 gunman dead, 1 caught.

ROSAMORADA, NAYARIT – Military capture 5 assassins; seize 7 guns, cocaine, marijuana, 5 vehicles and 3 motorcycles.

MONTERREY – Police officer working school zone shot multiple times; condition grave.

CHARCAS, SAN LUIS POTOSI – Shootout between cartel assassins and military; witnesses report 5 bodies, no official release yet.

PARREL DURANGO – Two decapitated bodies, heads found later along road.

MONTERREY – Shootout of 2 rival cartels; 3 dead,  one was a minor.

LAZARO CARDENAS, MICHOACAN – Hidden pit with body found.

APODACA, NUEVO LEON – Military raids cartel safe house, met with gunfire; 3 bad guys dead; seized weapons, armored van, radio equipment.

NAYARIT – Three executed; one near university; two on farm tortured,executed, genitals maimed.

SAN NICOLAS DE LOS GARZA, NUEVO LEON – Man gunned down in front of wife, young son.

QUINTANA ROO – Bodies left with narcomessages for new security chief; one disembowelled, other dismembered.

CAYMAN SINALOA – Twelve cartel trucks meet military, open fire; 2 gunmen dead, seized 14 AK-47 rifles, a .50 caliber Barrett rifle, two grenade launchers, magazines, cartridges, five grenades, bullet proof vests, radio equipment, 12 vehicles, including trucks were several armored.

APATZINGAN, MICHAOCAN – Three found executed.

CHIHUAHUA – New narcopintas (graffiti) threatens to behead five police commanders and their families.

Colombia Is No Model for Mexico’s Drug War
Mexican gangs go after new target: high priced corn
COLOMBIA – Four  soldiers killed in ‘FARC’ attack near Venezuela border
For Mexican Cartels, Cash is King
Mexico inflation seen falling in early March
Fake Dollar Haul: Colombia’s Other Illegal Export

Domestic News – United States

Reforming Mexico’s Police – Video Library – The New York Times
USBP Weekly Blotter: March 17 – March 23
Washington – Border Patrol Report-Canadian border
Vicente Fox: Mexico at ‘War,’ Obama’s Approach a Failure
U.S. works closely with Mexico to curb power of cartels
‘Fast Boats’ on Rio Grande Pushed by Cong. Carter
New bill, HR 1091, introduced in Congress to secure border
Texas – U.S. indicts three over gun tied to Mexico shooting
that killed a U.S. ICE Agent, and wounded his partner
RAND Says DHS Has No Reliable Estimates for Illegal Immigration
Texas – Fronton Resident Says Drug War Getting Closer to Home
Texas farmers say drug war making  job dangerous
-more proof that cartels are active within the U.S., apparently with impunity
California officials close ‘maternity tourist’ ward where Chinese women, 7 babies found
New Mexico – Man tries to take 13-year-old to Mexico
Washington – Border Patrol Report, Canadian border
Texas – Murder Suspect Nabbed Trying to Re-Enter U.S. Illegally
Muslims in Metro Detroit are upset about treatment by Border Patrol
Texas – Police: Mexican teens trafficked as sex workers in Rio Grande City
The Tijuana-San Diego Border From An American Perspective
California – Details emerge in case of migrants dressed as Marines
Hispanic population exceeds 50 million, firmly nation’s No. 2 group
Texas – Immigrant smuggler gets eight years in deadly crash
Some California cities embrace immigration scrutiny
Bill Seeks to Expand Rights for New York’s Immigrants
25-mile chase in NY ends in KY. man’s suicide-Canadian border
California – Border Patrol Rescues 17 Near Jacumba Mountains
Texas – Border Patrol agents seize millions in cocaine

-end of report-

We have room for but one flag, the American flag…and we have room for but
one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

2 Responses to “New Bill to Secure U.S. border; Over Ten Police Officers Killed in two days”

  1. NAFBPO M3 Says:

    I suspect you’re right Norm. I have a good friend that is a long time cop in Dearborn. The stories he has told me back up your theory.

  2. norm9do Says:

    Reference Muslims upset in metro Detroit:

    It doesn’t take much it seems to upset or offend a Muslim, I suspect that they are upset with each other also as it is in their nature to continually be offended or upset.
    No one can fathom the depths? of their minds, but, it seems that they may be angry for being brought into this world….just a thought.

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