Car bomb explodes outside kindergarten; ICE agents welcome in Juárez, mayor says

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SDP Noticias  (Mexico)  3/15/2011

Car bomb explodes outside kindergarten

CIUDAD VICTORIA, TAMAULIPAS – A car bomb has exploded near the Ministry of Public Security of Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Millennium TV and a Citizen reported via Twitter.   There are 2 dead and 3 wounded, according to preliminary reports. The car exploded on the sidewalk beside Kindergarten Victoria, and also damaged cars, shops and homes.  The area is cordoned off for several blocks around the police headquarters, known as II Zaragoza.

El Universal  (Mexico)  3/15/2011

Eight more killed in Acapulco

ACAPULCO, GUERRERO – Eight people in 3 different areas of the city have been killed by cartel gunmen.  These included a 70 year old grandmother protecting her grandchildren, that were killed anyway.  They were 6 and 2 years old.  Two other children there were wounded, including a 20 day old infant.  Homes, business and vehicles were burned,  while schools and businesses closed due to the violence.

La Hora  (Guatemala)  3/15/2011

Guatemala may regulate food prices to combat malnutrition

The Economic Cabinet is discussing the possibility of regulating the prices of basic food goods in order to have a control on the problem of malnutrition within the country. Lily Caravantes, Secretariat for Food Security and Nutrition (SESAN) and Deputy Zury Rios for the Guatemalan Republican Front (FRG), declined to give details of what may be the strategy to combat malnutrition. Reports show that malnutrition affects 49.8% of Guatemala’s population, mostly children.

Milenio  (Mexico)  3/15/2011

State Police and Army take over municipal police duties

CUERNAVACA, MORELOS –  State police and the military are patrolling the streets of this capital city in place of the municipal police.  The municipal police are refusing to work unarmed, due to their weapon authorization not being renewed.  The lack of the renewal is being blamed on bureaucratic neglect.

Caracol  (Colombia)  3/14/2011

FARC Commander Killed

One of the wealthiest units of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia – FARC), the 48th Front, reportedly lost one of their alleged commanders Tuesday during a gunfight with the army.  Based on early reports, it is unclear whether the alleged fallen commander, alias ‘Oliver Solarte,’ is the same Oliver Solarte who is considered a major link between the FARC and the Mexican cartels. The 48th Front attacked a military base in Puerto Asis, Putumayo, over the weekend, firing homemade mortar bombs at the base.

Semana  (Colombia)  3/15/2011

Government authorizes extradition of Cali cartel chief

The Colombian government has authorized the extradition of one of the original leaders of the Cali Cartel to the U.S.  Before he turned himself in to authorities in 1995, Phanor Arizabaleta Arzayus worked alongside the Rodríguez-Orejuela brothers, infamous leaders of the Cali Cartel who are currently serving terms in U.S. prisons.  Arizabaleta was freed last year after serving part of a 28-year sentence, but was arrested again in September. Age 72, he is being charged with trafficking cocaine shipments to the U.S. from Colombia via Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala.
Guamúchil, Sinaloa – Five killed, 10 wounded by 15 gunmen in 10 trucks at Emaus funeral home.

Ciudad Juarez – Per state Attorney General, in 2010, eleven homicides daily.

El Salvador – Thirty-three homicides over weekend of 3/11-3/12.
Blog del Narco (

Cancun, Quintana Roo – Charred bodies dumped in vacant lot.

Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas – Prison director killed.

Tulancingo de Bravo, Hidalgo – Eight year old killed, mother & sister grave.

Acapulco – More deaths; dismembered body dumped near door of convention center; 2 executed, burned in crane on road; home invasion killed 3, wounded young woman.

Minatitlan, Veracruz – Another Zeta leader captured.

Monterrey, Nuevo León – Attempted assassination; commissioner, State Public Safety, David Segura Dessavre.

Torreon, Coahuila – Municipal police commander executed, along with accompanying woman.

China, Nuevo Leon – Military rescues 2 adults, 2 kids kidnapped by cartel; 4
gunmen killed; seized 16 rifles, 189 magazines; 6,000 cartridges, 22 cartridge belts, six tactical vests, radio equipment and four vehicles.

Carrillo Puerto, Veracruz – Narcotraining ranch found by military; shooting range, 17 guns, 4 grenade launcher attachments, 12344 cartridges, 355 helmets, 191 magazines, 15 rifle grenades, 6 electric detonators, 6 ordinary detonators, 3 metal devices for anti-personnel mines, 4 vehicles, mannequins and silhouettes for training at the shooting range, among other things.

Nayarit – Three executed, another seriously wounded.

San Fernando, Tamaulipas – Ten cartel killed by military, 4 of them women.; rescued 4 kidnapped persons and arrested 4 bad guys; seized  8 rifles, 2 handguns, 149 magazines, 4,269 cartridges, 467 packages of marijuana, 11 bulletproof vests, 5 ammo belts, 15 cellphones, 58 military uniforms, vehicles including an armored one.

Tampico, Tamaulipas – Military attacked resulting in 3 dead cartel gunmen; seizure of 4 rifles, 4 handguns, 29 magazines, 769 rounds, a rocket launcher and three grenades, and an armored vehicle.  Sombrerete, Zacatecas; 2 executed found in bags; Z carved on chests (Zetas).

Monterrey, Nuevo León – Grenade thrown at police vehicle at mall; injured a security guard and damaged mall; one officer shot himself in the foot during excitement.

Mezquital, Durango – Fifty gunmen attacked village; burned 10 houses and
4 trucks.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa – Two shootouts with military; soldier and cop wounded; guns & ammo seized.
Mexico receives more remittances than any other country in Latin America and the Caribbean

Domestic News – United States

Buoyed by Recovery, Migrants Send Home More Money
ICE agents welcome in Juárez, mayor says
Mississippi – Mexicans get prison for re-entering U.S.
Moving Illegal Proceeds: Opportunities Exist for Strengthening the Federal Government’s Efforts to Stem Cross-Border Currency Smuggling.
Arizona – Border Patrol K-9s Sniff Out $1.43M in Cocaine in gas tank
Arizona – Attorney General promises to put pressure on feds for the border
Arizona – Suspect involved in hit and run with a school bus is a well known Human Smuggler
Outraged lawmaker is gunning for ATF – Demands hearings into U.S. firearms agency over assault rifles smuggled into his country
Support for the Jaime Zapata Scholarship Fund
Mississippi – Border Patrol Officer Saves Lives of Mother, Child, Baby Amid Rain and Flooding
Texas – ICE raid nets 4 tons of pot in Edinburg warehouse
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We have room for but one flag, the American flag…and we have room for but
one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

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