Zeta money man arrested; Chipotle workers quit ahead of immigration audits

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La Prensa  (Honduras)  3/9/2011

First cocaine laboratory found in Honduras

(San Pedro Sula, Honduras)  Security officials led by Minister Oscar
Alvarez  found a clandestine laboratory allegedly used to process
cocaine in the mountains of El Merendón, located in the municipality
of Omoa north of Honduras.  The area is accessible only with
four-wheel drive vehicles or on foot. The discovery was made after
several months of investigation.  Honduran authorities have seized
more than two tons of cocaine from South America in the last three
weeks,  and on March 4 in Tegucigalpa seized about 250,000 pills of
pseudoephedrine (to make meth), and Sunday a plane landed on a highway in northern department of Yoro that allegedly brought cocaine; however, the aircraft was burned before authorities arrived.  In 2008 a laboratory was dismantled in Tegucigalpa to make pseudoephedrine-based ecstasy, which was run by Honduran and Mexican drug traffickers.

Frontera  (Mexico)  3/9/2011

Tijuana Mayor reviews first 100 days

(Tijuana, Baja California) Carlos Bustamante Anchondo, the mayor of Tijuana, reports that 81 per cent of his commitments have been accomplished.  He continued that since December 15, 231 planned actions were initiated and completed.  “I will not waste time on political grandstanding, nor empty rhetoric, citizens demand results and we are going to give those,” he said.


La Prensa Grafica  (El Salvador)  3/8/2011

Predictions that sugar production will fall 13%

Sugar production in Guatemala, one of the world’s largest exporters, would fall about 13% in the 2010/2011 cycle due to bad weather, said the producer group ASAZGUA.  In the 2010/11 cycle, Guatemala will produce about two million tons, below the 2.3 million tons in the previous cycle, said Armando Boesche, manager of the Sugar Association of Guatemala (ASAZGUA).   “Excessive rains caused the flowering of the sugarcane ahead of schedule. Consequently, it will be a short harvest”, said the manager. The country exported 1.6 million tons in the 2009/10 cycle. Guatemala exports about 70% of sugar produced, mainly to South Korea, Chile and the United States and is the fourth largest exporter of the sweetener, according to the Department of Agriculture (USDA, in English). Sugar is the second largest export product after coffee in Guatemala.


Colombian government calls on companies to avoid payment of extortion

The Colombian government on Wednesday urged domestic and foreign companies to avoid extortion threats from illegal armed groups.  A total of 22 hostages were released on Tuesday, perhaps due to government pressure exerted by the troops. Meanwhile, a surveyor is still held by Colombian rebels.  The guerrillas said the kidnapping “was because the company had failed to pay.”


MEXICALI, MEXICO – Drug tunnel found; 7 arrested; pot seized.

COLOMBIA – Record oil output in Feb, up 13.4 % from the same month of 2010.

MIGUEL HIDALGO – Mexico; decapitated body left in front of kindergarten.

ACAPULCO – Three heads dumped; attack on police commander’s home, 1 officer injured.

JALISCO – Military seizes 4 tons of precursor chemicals, vehicles and
equipment on farm; 4 arrested.
Blog del Narco (www.blogdelnarco.com)

SAN LUIS POTOSI – Mario Pérez Jiménez, El Mayito, financial boss Los Zetas in SLP; connected to the attack on the U.S. ICE Agents.

NUEVO LEON – Grenade attacks, narcoblockades, multiple shootings.

REYNOSA, TAMAULIPAS – Army/cartel shootout; 6 injured on bus, including child 7 yrs.

DURANGO – Attacks on prison and Atty. General’s office; 1 inmate dead, 2 cops wounded.

URUAPAN – Malfavon Gustavo Herrera, aka El Guapo, a boss of La Familia Michoacana caught; sent 20 kg of meth (‘ice’) to US per month.

Mexico lawmakers livid over US ‘Operation Fast and Furious’
Street Gang No More, MS-13 Moves Into Organized Crime
Analysis: Mexico drug war startles some tourists, not investors
Domestic News – United States

CALIFORNIA – Rancho Cucamonga company president gets prison term illegals
ARIZONA Border Patrol: Drug cartels are targeting young smugglers http://www.kgun9.com/Global/story.asp?S=14214657
CALIFORNIA – Man, woman try to cross into US hidden under truck

TEXAS – Smuggling issue from both sides of border, chief patrol agent says
TEXAS – Violent Border Gang Indicted
Human Smuggling to U.S. from Mexico, by the Numbers
Chipotle workers quit ahead of immigration audits
DHS internal report on illegal alien killing nun shocks readers
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We have room for but one flag, the American flag…and we have room for but
one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

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