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New cartel named Knight’s Templar; Border Patrol Nabs Hundreds of terror-linked illegal aliens

March 10, 2011

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El Universal  (Mexico)  3/10/2011

ICE Agent’s attack: Gun supplier was U.S. Marine

One of three men arrested and linked with one of the guns used in the murder of a U.S. federal agent in Mexico was part of the U.S. military and received training on weapons. Ranferi Osorio, 27, spent eight years in the U.S. Marine Corps and served in Iraq and Afghanistan before retiring in 2009, said his ex-wife Valeria Rojas in a statement issued on Wednesday before the federal court case. He supported his family by buying and selling firearms, but had no license or authorization for such trade.  The woman testified before U.S. District Judge Paul D. Stickney to support the arguments of counsel that the father of two was not a flight risk and should be released pending trial. The judge disagreed and stated that Osorio represented a danger to the public, and denied bail and to remain detained pending a trial date. Ranferi Osorio, like his younger brother Otilio, 22, is accused of possessing firearms with altered serial numbers.  They were under investigation which took an unexpected turn on Friday 25 February when ATF agents in Dallas were notified that one of the serial numbers of guns used in the murder of Zapata, was related to Otilio Osorio. Although he had apparently erased the serial number of the gun, it could still be detected on the gun using modern laboratory techniques. The ATF decided to proceed and the three suspects were arrested on Feb. 28 in Lancaster, a suburb south of Dallas.  On 15 February, the ICE agent and his partner Victor Zapata Avila, were shot as they drove along a road in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi. Zapata died in the attack and Avila was injured.


La Hora  (Guatemala)  3/10/2011

Death threats in schools

The National Civil Police (PNC) is on alert for complaints from owners and teachers of schools, who seek extra security due to received death threats for not paying extortion.  In the first two months of the year, the police has been asked to seven schools, who are harassed by criminal groups who demand extortion fee.  Of the seven schools only two have filed a formal complaint, the rest have simply requested more security.  According to sources, the formal complaint is important to initiate an investigation.  Death threats are aimed at those responsible for schools, but instill fear in all by saying that they will kill the children and teachers. Criminal groups say they will bomb the school if schools do not meet their demands.  Several of the schools affected, which can not be mentioned, have suspended classes. They choose not to provide more data because they fear being targeted for violence.  There are private schools and others with less resources that have been closed because they can not pay the extortion.  The schools have demanded that authorities investigate these cases so that children and youth can study in peace.

Frontera  (Mexico)  310/2011

Special program to attract visitors to Baja California

TIJUANA, BAJA CALIFORNIA – As a strategy for retention of visitors and consumers in the tourist corridor of Tijuana, private sector representatives presented a program , under which a large number of companies offer discounts to domestic and foreign visitors.  The companies offer the visitor and resident alien, preferential treatment in more than 270 businesses.  Telephone support is available that is 100% bilingual, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,

La Voz de la Frontera  (Mexico)  3/10/2011

New cartel named Knight’s Templar

MORELIA, MICHOACAN – A new criminal group calling themselves  “Knights Templar “, and who claim to replace the now disintegrated Familia Michoacana.  They announced themselves by placing signs in various areas proclaiming they want to safeguard public order and prevent robberies, kidnapping and extortion. Note that a few weeks ago, after the death of its leader and founder, Nazario Moreno Gonzalez, alias “El Chayo”, La Michoacan Family announced its dissolution as an
organized group.

U.S. fugitive arrested

Abel Bravo Flores, 21 years old, and a native of Salinas, California was stopped by state police for urinating in public.  On checking for wants, he was found to be wanted in the U.S. for drug trafficking.  He had been hiding in the town of Los Algodones in the Valley of Mexicali, located in Mexico across from the western edge of Yuma, Arizona.
He will be deported from Mexico.
TIJUANA –  State Government-sponsored Vendor Fair to boost economy.

SONORA – Mexican Navy seizes over 4 tons marijuana from 3 boats.
Blog del Narco (

FELIPE CARRILLO PUERTO QUINTANA ROO – Former Mayor executed inside hotel; located on highway between Cancun and Chetumal.

CIUDAD JUAREZ, CHIHUAHUA – Attack on 3 men, 1 dead 2 serious; may be federal investigators (our FBI).

TAMAULIPAS – Military attacked twice; 5 gunmen dead; seized 12 vehicles, including 3 armored ones, 28 rifles, 4 handguns, 13 grenades, ammo, radios.

SAN NICOLAS DE LOS GARZA, NUEVO LEON – Chase and shootout; 3 bad guys dead.


EL VELADERO, GUERRERO – Three mass graves; 9 bodies, 1 skull so far.  (Guerrero is where Acapulco is located.)

MONTERREY, NUEVO LEON – Downtown; gunmen attack state police; 2 gunmen dead, 1 wounded.

Hezbollah builds a Western base – From inside South America’s Tri-border area, Iran-linked  militia targets U.S.
Venezuela Orders Closure Of Four More Brokerage Houses
Heroin-smuggling gang dismantled in Colombia
Mexicans Call for Commission on Arms Trafficking South
Signs Announce New Gang in Western Mexico

Domestic News – United States

USBP Weekly Blotter: March 3 – March 9
Columbus, NM Mayor, Police Chief Arrested On Drugs, Weapons Allegations
Border Patrol Nabs Hundreds of Terror-Linked Illegal Aliens
ICE, CBP seize 11,000 pounds of marijuana in Nogales
Clinton Promises More US Aid to Combat Crime in Central America
Letting Guns Walk
Securing America’s ports
Muslim Americans Question Scrutiny At Border
Border Patrol and Customs – NEW MEXICO
Feds seize $500,000 in narcotics at Lukeville port
Calexico CBP Officers Seize More Than Million Dollars In Cocaine – CALIFORNIA
NEW MEXICO agency gets new computers to curb border crime
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