Mexico Asks U.S. to Explain Why Firearms Entered Country; Colombia allows exdradition to U.S.

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La Voz de la Frontera  (Mexico)  3/7/2011

Trafficking in precursor chemicals grows by 660%

(Mexico City)  Per a report of the Federal Public Ministry, on average one person every three days is arrested for the transport of weapons, while from 2007 to December 2010, marijuana seizures and cocaine use seizures rose 103 percent. In the report,  it shows precursor chemicals (measured in kilograms), the increase seized was over 660 percent, representing more than seven times what insured by the period 2001-2006. (Note: precursor chemicals are those which are used to ‘make’ the drugs into usable substances)  In regard to chemical precursors (pills used to make meth), the increase was 711 percent from January to December 2010 compared to 2009.  A control strategy is the establishment of traffic checkpoints in different parts of the country, which detect irregular foreign goods and vehicles entering the country without fulfilling the legal formalities involved.

Proceso (Mexico)   3/1/2011

Juarez:  40 per cent increase in narco executions

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua –  With the intensified violence against women and children, February 2011 closed with a total of 229 fatalities, exceeding the number of murders during the same period last year, when 163 deaths were recorded. This represents a 40 percent increase in homicides. On the last day of February there were eight murders, among which killed was a 10-year-old who died from high-powered bullets.  So far this month the deaths of 36 women are recorded in official reports.  Similarly, newspaper archives indicate that in the first two months of the year at least 29 innocent children and adolescents have lost their lives, either attacked directly or as a result of adults being targeted.  The most recent case occurred Monday afternoon when a family traveling was ambushed.  Three adults and a 10 year old boy were killed, while another less than five years old was taken to hospital in critical condition.  In total, the city has added 450 murders so far this year.

El Colombiano  (Colombia)   3/5/2011

Government authorized the extradition of 13 people

For crimes related to narcotics trafficking, the Government approved the extradition of 13 Colombians requested by courts of the United States, Argentina, Ecuador and Spain.  Of those, 9 are going to the U.S., and 1 each to Argentina, Ecuador and Spain.  (Note:  said 13 but only listed 12.)

Acapulco:  Second assassination try on police commander; five others killed.

Tijuana:  1,000,820 people break Guinness record with dance on Avenue Revolución.

Mexicali:  Fraternity supports families of deceased officers.


La Prensa  (Honduras)  3/7/2011

El Salvador reports weapons smuggling from Honduras

(San Salvador, El Salvador)  The gangs are taking advantage of blind spots that are in the border between El Salvador and Honduras to smuggle weapons.   Deputy Inspector Lorenzo Pintín confirmed that police have intelligence reports that gangs are trying to smuggle weapons through the points in the municipality of Carolina, which borders Honduras.  “La Mara Salvatrucha, is an international structure and with known gang members in Honduras, or Salvadorans living in Honduras, trying to get weapons to gang members seated around the prison,” said the official.  It’s suspected the weapons are to assault the prison,  which is why the support of the army was requested tostep up security near the prison.
Blog del Narco

Ciudad Juárez:  Seven cartel members captured

Guasave, Sinaloa:  Attack on police reported yesterday; photos.

Saltillo, Coahuila:  Military and cartel clash; narcoblockades; 1 soldier dead, 1 wounded.

Atlixco, Puebla:  Received 6 threatening phone calls, just a month in office.

San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo León:  Marines get 4 cartel members.

Petatlan, Guerrero:  Three tortured, executed.

Acapulco:  CIDA cartel leader arrested.

Ciudad Juárez:  Three shot; three dead, woman serious.

Valle Hermoso,Tamaulipas:  Family van, passenger buses attacked; five injured.

Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacán:  Prison guard executed. 

Los Herreras, Nuevo León:  Dismembered body in the main square of the town.

Ciudad Mante, Tamaulipas:  Grenade set off at police station during Family Day celebration; no injuries.


Mexico Asks U.S. to Explain Why Firearms Entered Country
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