If the oil prices go up, Mexico wins; Head of the Zetas in Oaxaca arrested

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Milenio  (Mexico)  3/8/2011

Newsweek:  Marisol Valles, among 150 women honored

The magazine Newsweek has named Marisol Valles Garcia, the 20 year old woman who took a police chief job when everyone else was too afraid, as one of 150 women that have impacted the daily lives of thousands or millions of people.  Among Latin American women who were included are also the former president of Chile, Michelle Bachelet and former Colombian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt.  Similarly
journalists appear Claudia Duque (Colombia), forced into exile for his work in his native country, and the Mexican Salma Hayes and Lydia Cacho.


El Universal  (Mexico)  3//2011

State of Mexico: 82% of prisons are overcrowded

David Garay Maldonado, Commissioner of the state security agency, says the 22 prisons in the state have an overpopulation of 83 %.  The prison population is 18,640 of which 1,460 are federal prisoners.  He explained that to reduce this overcrowding, there are plans to build 4 new prisons by September.  The cost per day for the prisons is 2,723,000 pesos or about 225,525 USD.  (Note: please note that this is for one state, the State of Mexico, and not the entire country of Mexico.)


El Economista  (Mexico)  3/7/2011

Head of the Zetas in Oaxaca arrested

Marcos Carmona Hernández, alias “El Cabrito”, considered the head of the organization of the Zetas in Oaxaca, who reported directly to Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano , the top leader of the criminal group in the country.  The police said El Cabrito confessed to having ordered and participated in the kidnapping of several people and killing of others , who were hanged, beheaded or given the coup de grace “to end their lives when they refused to turn over the fees.”


Durango:  Media threatened, no reporting of violence unless publicly by government.

San Juan del Rio, Durango:  Public security director (police chief) executed.

Rosarito:  Boat seized with pot.
 (La Voz de la Frontera)
Mexicali:  Forty specialists added to forensic department, include DNA experts.

Oaxaca:  Five people found executed in house.

(Vancouver Sun)
Colombia:  Canadian oil company’s workers freed after kidnapping

(El Universal)
Nezahualcoyotl:  Man caught with debit card cloner.

Guatemala: First Lady To Run For President (Stratfor)
Blog del Narco (www.blogdelnarco.com)

Naucalpan, Mexico State:  Decapitated man left in Jeep with message.

Buenavista de Cuéllar, Guerrero:  Military attacked; 6 gunmen dead, 9
rifles, cartridges and magazines. (Buena vista is pretty view)

Mazatlan:  Gunmen kill, injure 19 for fun; at theater.

Abasolo, Tamaulipas:  Cartels clash, 18 dead.

Escobedo, Nuevo León:  Cartel gunmen attack patrol, 1 dead.

Los Lobos, Nayarit:  Remains (pieces) of 2 men in 2 galvanized tubs found.

China, Nuevo León:  Two dismembered men, heads skinned & burned.

Acapulco, Guerrero:  Dismembered body left in 3 bags.
If the oil prices go up, Mexico wins
Venezuelan Authorities Seize Over a Ton of Cocaine
A Carnival of Police-organized crime and carnivals
An armed country in a dangerous moment
Guatemala panel says killings of women unabated

Domestic News – United States

Northern Border Intel-Sharing Deficient, Fed Audit, Officials Say
Border Patrol assists Mexican authorities in murder investigation-Arizona
Are Mexicans Leaving the United States and Heading Home?
Border Patrol agents continue protecting the front lines-Texas
As U.S. Devotes Resources to Mexican Border, Agents Face Unique Challenges to the North

Calexico Border Patrol Agents Intercept $600,000+ in Marijuana

Outgunned is a choice
Lack of Passport Scrutiny Security Weakness
ICE wants to resume deportation of Haitian felons
Border patrol agents rescue 18-year-old pregnant woman from Mexico-Texas
Driver’s license bill would drop residency requirement-Oregon
-end of report-

We have room for but one flag, the American flag…and we have room for but
one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

One Response to “If the oil prices go up, Mexico wins; Head of the Zetas in Oaxaca arrested”

  1. norm9do Says:

    Perusing the March 9th M-3 report, it appears that in the last week it is just another business as usual week, more killings and mutilations in Mexico. Is there any doubt left after all these years that Mexico is a failed country except for a very few isolated sectors?
    Mexico’s salvation must come from within itself, namely the people when they have had enough of the elements that have trashed their country….

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