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Five police officers killed; Border Patrol Detains 4 Men Suspected of

March 2, 2011

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El Economista  (Mexico)  2/27/2011

Cartels break boundaries

A UN report has noted that the plans to combat the cartels must be modified.  Ocejo Jorge Moreno, Vice President for Mexico at the UN Latin American Parliament, presented the report to the Senate of Mexico, with resolutions of the last meeting of that organization of legislators from over 20 countries, like Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Venezuela, among others.

In the document, lawmakers in Mexico and Latin America recognize: “Today’s drug cartels articulate and exert control over the criminal gangs who run the smuggling, and arms trafficking, prostitution, youth gangs, car theft, counterfeit banknotes, thus blurring the boundaries between common and organized crime. “

“The traditional approach to prosecution of drug trafficking that favors local strategies should be changed to one that allows further investigation of transnational crime and the diversity of forms it takes to mingle with other international criminal phenomena such as trafficking in weapons and people , money and contraband. “

It warned that according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, Mexican and Colombian cartels have become transnational, even with operations in Africa for over two years.

In their report, the legislators agree that the strategy based solely on criminal prosecution, rather than reduce drug trafficking activities tends to increase and diversify it, and involve an increasing number of people from different sectors.  It also mentioned that the cartels have set up specific structures to recruit people, especially in regions where “the social fabric is broken and there’s a weakening of the presence of state institutions.”

Mexican situation, unlike Colombia

The drug cartels in Mexico are seeking to operate freely and represent a huge challenge for the government of the country, but it is a situation that can not be equated with that which existed in Colombia years ago, said a senior American official on Tuesday.

“We do not believe that the situation in Mexico may be equated with that which existed in Colombia years ago. Mexican cartels have no desire to rule, to replace the government, but to operate freely”, said Matthew Rooney, State Department official in charge of relations with Mexico, in a dialogue with media in Miami.


Peru; inflation up .38%; food, clothing, footwear, health care, entertainment, education, among others (El Comercio)

Guatemala; plane crashes, Colombian national, US citizen flee though injured.(La Hora)

Honduras; fuel cost increase, 15% higher due to high oil prices. (La Prensa)

Tijuana; man executed in gym; woman found shot, dead; February 26 dead, 83 for year.  (Frontera)

Blog del Narco

Tanhuato, Michoacán:  Police commander executed, another serious.

Iguala, Guerrero:  Four policemen ambushed, killed; 1 survivor.

Angostura, Sinaloa:  Marines and gunmen clash; 1 gunman dead, 1 caught.

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua:  Gunmen attack a funeral; 70 shots fired, 12 Molotov cocktails; body completely burned.

Monterrey, Nuevo León:  Police station attacked with grenades and guns; 1 police officer injured, building/vehicles damaged.

Ciudad Juárez:  Three funeral homes attacked; 2 men killed
near one.

Guadalupe, Nuevo León:  Men executed and body taken; truck found on fire when police arrive; gunmen show up and take body from cops.

Ciudad JuárezYesterday, we reported on 4 killed, including a 10 yr. old; 14 yr. old survivor in hospital; gunmen went to hospital, shooting and unsuccessfully searching for him; unknown if he survived.

Nuevo León:  Narcoblockades in 3 municipalities; stole vehicles; military clashed with one group of assassins; 2 cartel gunmen dead.

Saltillo, Coahuila:  Fifteen cartel gunmen attack state police; 2 policemen wounded.

Monterrey, Nuevo León:  Gunfight between military and cartel; 1 gunman dead, 1 arrested.


Argentine military dictators on trial over baby kidnappings
Venezuela 2010 oil output lowest since 2002 strike

Domestic News – United States

Dangers higher for federal agents
Border Patrol Detains 4 Men Suspected of Breaking Out of Mexican Prison-Texas
Interesting Finds at U.S. Border from 59 lbs of Iguana Meat Tamales to 7,800 lbs of Pot-Texas
Three Dallas-Area Men Arrested on Federal Firearms Charges Related toTrafficking Firearms to a Mexican Drug Cartel
Another federal agent killed by ATF “walked” gun?
Hezbollah Working With Cartels
Murderer arrested-Texas
Border Patrol Finds $70,000 in Meth in Woman’s Jacket at San Clemente Checkpoint
The Dangerous Duty of the Border Patrol-Arizona
CBP Officers Seize More Than 2 Million in Marijuana At El Paso Port
Four suspects identified in Falcon Lake border shooting-Texas
ICE official accused of stealing Gov’t money
Guns, cartels and escaping Mexico
Are Illegal Immigrants Importing Illness?
Immigration law reform: a 14 point plan
Border Agents Spot Boat off La Jolla, Arrest Two with 399 Pounds of Pot-California
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