Mexican Senate approves new immigration law; Border agent describes 15 years of change

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Milenio  (Mexico)  2/24/201212

Mexican Senate approves new immigration law

The Senate unanimously passed the new Immigration Act that recognizes the legal status of migrants.  The upper chamber excluded virtually all of Article 26, which empowered the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) to monitor the entry and exit of persons into the country in any form or means of transport, and conduct verification visits to check compliance with the Immigration Act. The initiative turned over to the House of Representatives recognizes that foreigners have the right to education, emergency medical services, civil registration and the administration of justice regardless of their immigration status.  In addition, sets of eight to 16 years in prison for so-called “coyotes”, increasing the penalty by up to 50 percent when the accused is a public servant, and the victims are children or adolescents.

It also sets the minimum conditions for migrants, such as avoiding confinement in prisons, preserve the family unit and separating men from women.  It also prohibits the verification visits to places of humanitarian assistance to migrants.

El Universal  (Mexico)  /254/2011

Alleged killer of ICE Agent freed by Judge in 2009

Julian Zapata Espinoza, alias ‘El Piolin’, is accused of leading a cell of the Zeta cartel that killed Special Agent Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE acronym in English) Jaime Zapata .  He had been arrested by the army in December 2009 for crimes related to organized crime, however, a court freed him on bail.  In December 2009, the commander of the 12th military zone submitted to the court seven prisoners in the municipality of Rio Verde, including Zapata Espinoza, in possession of weapons used exclusively by the Army, camouflage uniforms with fake badges and more.  In the military operation that led to the capture of Zapata Espinoza, four safe houses used by the Zetas were searched.   PGR spokesman, Ricardo Najera, said the charges initially are murder, attempted murder and injury.

Frontera  (Mexico)  2/24/2011

Juarez:  69 journalists killed since 2000

Organized crime has claimed the lives of 141 journalists and media in the last decade and has become the main “predator” of journalists, ahead of dictatorial regimes.  In Ciudad Juárez, 69 journalists have been killed since 2000 and another 11 have disappeared since 2003. That is the main conclusion of the report “Organised Crime, the information in their hands,” a survey published today by Reporters Without Borders (RSF), which further claims that the media do not treat this type of crime with the attention it deserves.   “Organized crime reflects an economic and geopolitical reality that the media do not generally realize,” says RSF.  Mafias, cartels, warlords turned on traffickers, paramilitary and separatist groups that are financed through extortion and crime are the new threats to the press and to freedom of expression, is highlighted in the report that supports a video RSF disseminated through the Internet ( ).  In some especially hot spots, such as Mexico City and Juarez, the daily life of the press is “punctuated by shootings and beheading’s” in the most dangerous spot in a country where 69 journalists have been killed since 2000 and another 11 have disappeared since 2003.  The effect of “shootings” in Mexico or Guatemala, the guerrillas or death squads in Colombia and corruption that these generate have lulled some journalists that are “obliged to inform and expose themselves, to not go beyond rapid treatment of the information, and often at a reduced level of information.”   Fueling much of that criminal activity is drug trafficking and, essentially, cocaine produced in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia, or opium and heroin from Afghanistan.  The transit points for goods, as in Mexico, favor kidnappings and murders, crimes that the press has to clarify to report. “Criminal organizations are also concerned about its reputation and has long understood the strategic importance of the media,” according to the report.  It is “a paradox”, as citizens have “little” confidence in the authorities in these “areas of conflict,” said Reporters Without Borders, who notes that some journalists have realized that, in such situations, NGOs often provide “better information.”  He cites the example of Venezuela, through which passes some of the cocaine produced in Colombia, where authorities do not provide reliable data on the number of murders for “fear for the country’s image”.  Therefore, and to escape the tabloid perspective and provide information that can address in detail such a complex phenomenon, RSF proposes that journalists share resources and interact with the universities and specialized editors and reporters to develop early warning systems and “sponsorship” for journalists at risk.  “Faced with organized crime, the press is disunited, its correspondents isolated, and its ability to conduct background research is diluted in the race to meet the immediate information need.”


El Condor, most wanted leader of Juarez cartel killed in shootout with Federal Police’; 96 executions; former state policeman.  (Front page has links to report crime anonymously. including Twitter.)

(El Universal)
RosaritoYoung couple executed.

(La Voz de la Frontera)
Poll asks: Is the government doing enough to prevent and combat money laundering?  83% No

(Juarez Noticias)
Ciudad JuarezState policeman executed, female unharmed. (Note: the huge number of people listed as killed or injured make it
impractical to list each individual person or incident.  And not all
incidents even make it into the media;simply too numerous.)

Blog del Narco

San Nicolas de los Garza, Nuevo LeónFormer Asst. Secretary of municipal security chased down, executed.

Nuevo Ideal, DurangoCartel gunmen shoot up town of 20,000 kill farm animals, burn ten houses and vehicles. (Same area where rancher stood up to them & killed 4 before he died)

Cadereyta, Nuevo LeónFour cartel dead in shootout with military & Federal Police.

JaliscoAttorney General auto theft division chief and wife executed, their son unharmed.

Ciudad Juarez:   Gunmen attack 6 children aged 8 yrs -16 yrs; 2 girls, 12 & 14, dead. ____________________
Mexican Army corrupted and now largest Drug Cartel in Mexico
Attack on Prison Official Reveals Holes in Honduran Penitentiaries
Spanish Arrests Focus Spotlight on Argentina as drug shipper
Belize May Begin Patrolling Guatemalan Border
Argentina Escapes Money Laundering Sanctions-barely

Domestic News – United States

Over 1,000 people, including top government officials, gather to pay their  respects at funeral of federal agent gunned down in Mexico
ICE agent’s death prompts massive drug cartel sweep
-‘Sending a message back to the cartels … we will not tolerate the murder of a U.S. agent’
Gunrunning scandal uncovered at the ATF – a scandal so large, some insiders say it surpasses the shoot-out at Ruby Ridge and the deadly siege at Waco.
More calls for an investigation into ATF’s Project Gunrunner scandal
USBP Weekly Blotter: February 17 – February 23
Faces of immigration: Border agent describes 15 years of change–.html?pic=1
Border Patrol seizes $462,000 smuggled into Southern California
Total of 1.5 tons of pot seized in 2 incidents, Border Patrol says Texas
Canadian charged with smuggling cocaine-Washington
-end of report-

We have room for but one flag, the American flag…and we have room for but
one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

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  3. Owen Kerr is busted Says:

    Owen Kerr is busted…

    […]Mexican Senate approves new immigration law; Border agent describes 15 years of change « M3 Report[…]…

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    […] Mexican Senate approves new immigration law; Border agent … […]

  5. Border Patrol Salary Says:

    Very handy place of duty. Bookmarked. Credit on behalf of it! Well written article, i just finished bookmarking it for later. i’d love to revisit on future articles. how can i configure the RSS again? thanks so much!

  6. TheConqueress! Says:

    June is 100% on-target!
    The undeclared war of what Mexicans call their “La Reconquista” is usurping America as we know it. Within this generation, true Americans will have no “voice, or vote” on US soil ~ Many municipalities are already that way ~ Controlled by the child(ren) of illegals given citizenship through our obsolete 14th amendment’s language.
    We have given them the rope to hang us with and they’re doing an excellent job of it.
    More’s the pity.

  7. June Says:

    When is the UN going to reply to the violence and inhumane treatment of the Mexican people by its government? If they’ve done so, I haven’t heard it. They also need to make strong statements against the drug war that has flooded across our borders. Since our own leaders are ignoring it, we need someone who cares what happens. The US government is so busy sending our young people to foreign lands – many of whom hate us – to protect them, they totally ignore the war Mexico has waged on us for years. Mexico is the most violent, corrupt country in the world now and does not deserved to have any relations with any other nation.

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