Salvadorans are Third Largest Nationality among Hispanics in US

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La Prensa, Departamento 15   (El Salvador)  2/19/2011

Salvadoran’s Third Largest Nationality among Hispanics in US

According to the Pew Center data, in 2009 lived 48 million Hispanics in the US, with 37.5% born in the country, according to figures released Thursday. Of all residents in the country, Mexicans are the majority (31 million), 65% of the total. Followed with 4.4 million Puerto Ricans (9%), Salvadoran’s, 1.7 million (3.6%) and Cubans with 1.6 million (3.5%).  In February, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reported that there are about 530,000 undocumented Salvadoran’s in the U.S., ranking as the second largest group in the United States.

El Universal  (Mexico)  2/21/2011

Open tennis tournament opens without incident

(Acapulco, Mexico)  The M3 reported the killing of 14 persons over the past weekend, which caused concern over the opening of the tennis tournament.  Players were warned not to go out of town and to stay close to their hotels.  Police have maintained surveillance outside the tennis facility.  The players were also advised to leave Acapulco as soon as they were finished.

La Hora  (Guatemala)  2/21/2011

Bus driver and 2 assistants executed

A driver and 2 assistants were killed today in different parts of  Guatemala.  Another violent incident occurred this morning in Chicacao, Suchitepéquez, where the driver and an assistant died in a minibus that was serving here.  In recent days there has been an increase in violence in and around bus transportation.

La Prensa  (Honduras)  2/21/2011            PHOTO

Colombian arrested with hidden gun at airport

(San Pedro Sula, Honduras)  Diego Alejandro Gómez Gallo, a Colombian national, was arrested by the border police at the airport.   In his suitcase was discovered a DVD player inside of which was a 22 caliber handgun .  The Colombian lives in Honduras, and claimed he borrowed the DVD player and did not know the gun was hidden inside it.
Evangelical preacher killed outside his home (Same source)

(San Pedro Sula, Honduras) An evangelical pastor that had ministered throughout Latin America  was attacked by gunmen as he left his home to walk his two dogs, as was his custom.  This unexplained murder follows the similar killing of an attorney here last week.  Relatives are demanding an investigation.

La Voz de a Frontera  (Mexico)  2/21/2011

Cop killer of 3 arrested

(Mexicali)  Antonio Eguino Castillo, alias “The Twin”, was arrested for the killing of 3 state policemen in 2001.  He was part of a cartel cell which has operated for ten years here in this capital.  The slain officers were part of a special investigative group investigating the suspect and his group.

Blog del Narco

Guadalupe, Nuevo León:   Mexican Army arrests 2 local cops with drugs,
cartel radios.

Guadalajara, Jalisco:  Gunmen enter hotel restaurant, kill two, wound one.

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas:   Federal Police officer wounded by cartel
hit men in shopping mall shootout; armored vehicle and guns, ammo
seized by police.

Acapulco:  Gunmen attack municipal police station; property damage
only to building and vehicles.

Mexican Congressman Fears Planned U.S. Invasion
A Mexican Media Look at Policing & Crime at Home

Domestic News – United States

 Hundreds participate in funeral procession for slain ICE agent-Texas
Mexican Ambush of unarmed ICE Agents planned and premeditated: No ‘wrong place at the wrong time’
Lawmakers: Attack shows need for reform of policies with Mexico
Attacks on Border Patrol Agents Increasing (video)-Texas
‘8 Murders a Day’ Chronicles Juarez Violence
Filmmaker’s Documentary Premieres In Tempe On Friday
Hezbollah Working with Cartels
Watch documentary trailer on cartel violence: “8 Murders a Day”
Is More Getting Us Less? Real Solutions for Securing Our Border
GAO: Border Security: Preliminary Observations on Border Control Measures for the Southwest Border

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one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

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