Mexico could end up like Vietnam; Slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s Family: “It’s like it never happened”.

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El Universal  (Mexico)  2/16/2011

Beltrones:  Mexico could end up like Vietnam

The chairman of the Mexican Senate, Manlio Fabio Beltrones, said the violence unleashed by the war on drugs could end President Calderon’s term with a death toll similar to that experienced in the Vietnam War.  He reiterated that the issue of public safety is most important. He said that by attacking this problem directly all you have is violence, so it is better to have good governance and economic growth. But he denied that Mexico is on the brink of being a failed state, and rather it is possibly a “decrepit state” that has not created the new institutions of modernity.

El Sol de Mazatlan  (Mexico)  2/16/2011

Twentyeight Unidentified Bodies Buried

(Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) Forensic authorities have buried 28 unidentified bodies.  It is believed the bodies are from the cartel violence in the city’s streets, and have not been identified by family as the deceased was from other states within Mexico.  Genetic profiles have been kept.

El Heraldo de Tabasco  (Mexico)  2/15/2011

Young Woman Abducted and Executed

(Cárdenas, Tabasco)  To the astonishment of customers and management of a cell phone store, an armed group of young men entered the store and forcibly took a young woman waiting in line away. Police shortly found her body dumped with bullet wounds to the head.  A narcomessage left on her said ‘this I believe’ and was signed with a ‘Z’, indicating Los Zetas.

Diario  (Mexico)  2/16/2011

Man and Child shot and burned

(Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) Gunmen carried out a double murder this afternoon against a man and a boy of eight years of age who were shot and then burned inside their vehicle.  Federal Police kept the family that arrived at a distance to prevent them from viewing the scene.  (Note: as with the case above, the cartels are increasingly attacking innocent people, something that has not been seen to this degree previously. We only report a few of the many killings reported in the news.  This increase may indicate either inexperienced cartel assassins just killing for the thrill, or it may be a tactic similar to that used by the Viet Cong in the Far East to frighten and intimidate the masses into silence and submission. In many smaller towns and rural areas of Mexico, for decades, the cartels have often been regarded as the benefactors, doing such things as building the town church, school or hospital. The people simply quietly ignore the drug trafficking activity.)

Stratfor, a subscription intelligence source:

Venezuela: $365 Million In Debt To Colombia Paid

Venezuela has paid $365 million of its certified debt to Colombian exporters and will make more payments, El Universal reported Feb. 16, citing Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro. Maduro made the statements during a meeting with Colombian Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin. Venezuelan and Colombian officials will meet again onMarch 2-3 to discuss economic subjects.


Also from Stratfor:
Colombia:  Two remaining hostages released by FARC.

Mexico:  Los Zetas arrested and bank accounts seized.

Blog del Narco

Nuevo León:  Two state police officer bodyguards arrested in kidnapping and execution of head of police intelligence; more arrests expected.

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas:  Grenade attack outside hospital; no
injuries there; multiple shootouts elsewhere in the city.

Guadalupe, Nuevo León: Shootout and chase, four gunmen dead; several cars, homes and businesses were damaged by gunfire.

Tamasopo, Tamaulipas:  Police headquarters attacked with grenades; no injuries.

Venezuelans, French seize 3.6 tons of cocaine in Caribbean

Domestic News – United States

Official: Gunmen knew ICE agents were law officers
How attack on US agents in Mexico may impact relations
Cornyn demands swift justice after attack on ICE agents
“It’s like it never happened”: Terry family on agent’s murder
Analysis: Mexico risks losing large areas to drug gang
Border Patrol Controls Just 44 Percent of South
Border chief: Agency has to understand cartel-Arizona
Agents arrest three immigrants convicted or wanted for homicide-Texas
More than a ton of pot found inside stolen trucks-Texas
Three-Year Jail Sentence for Illegal Alien Who Fled From Border Patrol-Ohio
Over 1,000 rounds of ammunition found at border-Arizona
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