U.S. business delegation on a tour of Colombia and Panama

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La Prensa Grafica (El Salvador) 2/14/2011

U.S. business delegation on a tour of Colombia and Panama

A delegation from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will travel to Colombia and Panama this week to offer public support for free trade agreements (FTA). After years of deadlock, the Trade Representative, Ron Kirk, announced to lawmakers last week that his government will give new momentum to final negotiations to try to submit the texts to Congress. “There is a growing sense of inevitability” of such agreements, said Bill Lane, a senior executive of Caterpillar construction equipment, one of the three members of the delegation. The Chamber of Commerce is stepping up its lobbying among members of Congress to make sure these two agreements are reviewed as soon as possible


Frontera (Mexico) 2/14/2011

Police Commander Executed in Nuevo León

(Monterrey, Nuevo León) Salcido Homero Treviño, director of the Center for Comprehensive Coordination, Control, Command, Communications and Computing (C5) of the Ministry of Security (Intelligence) was executed and his murderers then burned the vehicle where they left it in the center of Monterrey, authorities said Monday. Inside a Jeep Grand Cherokee, apparently with state-owned plates, his body was found, shot five times. Experts from the state attorney general’s office investigated the fire, and confirmed thatthe vehicle was sprayed with gasoline and set on fire, apparently with an explosive device. (Note: other sources say he was very senior in police intelligence.)



Diario de Querétaro (Mexico) 2/14/2011

Slaughter in Padilla, Tamaulipas, 17 dead

(Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas) A group of gunmen hijacked a passenger bus outside of town, and then dropped 14 passengers off on a deserted stretch of road, away of town, apparently to slow down any responding federal forces. They then went on into town, where they killed 17, including women and children. The gunmen also shot at the city hall and courthouse. The original 14 found a ride to this city.


El Espectador (Colombia) /14/2011

Narco submarine found in Colombia

A submersible with a capacity of eight tons of cocaine, and the range to sail from Colombia to Mexico, was found on the southwestern coast of Colombia. This is the first that could travel completely underwater, carrying a crew of four plus the cocaine. It is made of fiberglass, and includes a periscope. The military estimates the cost at US $2,120,000. Inside it was found a computer, guns and ammunition. (Note: if transported by ship north, off the coasts ofthe U.S., this could then put drugs or terrorist weapons ashore in the US.)


La Voz de la Frontera (Mexico) 2/14/2011

Death Toll Increases in Cd. Juarez Bar Slaughter

A 33 year old woman shot in the head during the bar shooting on February 10 died today at the hospital. That now brings the total slain to 9 women and 2 men.


Debate (Mexico) 2/14/2011

Female Police Officer Executed in Tijuana

A municipal police officer was executed while driving near her home Sunday evening. State police also reported on another man being executed in the city. So far this year in Tijuana, there have been 68 executions; 57 in January and 11 so far in February.


El Heraldo de Chihuahua (Mexico) 2/14/2011

Massacre in Ciudad Juarez

(Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) A half block from the Church of San Judas Tadeo, 7 people were shot;, 4 of them died almost instantly, receiving gunshot wounds at close range, whereas 3 were taken to a hospital.  Among those who lost their lives according to some neighbors, are young people between 17 and 20 years old, who moments before had finished playing a soccer game near a park that is located behind the Iglesia San Judas Tadeo. The shooting happened during a Mass at the church. The area was cordoned off by authorities for several blocks, to avoid contamination of the scene.


La Hora (Ecuador) 2/14/2011

Torrential Rains cause havoc in El Oro Province

Torrential rains have caused evacuations due to overflowing rivers, landslides and power outages. Many areas have reported losses of banana plantations. Another area is at risk of a bridge collapse.


Judge fines Chevron $8 billion in Ecuador
Man Manages To Cross River After Being Shot In Juarez

Domestic News

Arizona – United StatesAgent Terry’s murder: 3 suspects arrested will not be chargedPHOTO
Arizona – Border Patrol finds tunnel from Mexico into U.S

Texas – Border Patrol seizes $3.6M of drugs
Will the U.S. follow Britain’s wrong turn on immigration?
At northern border, agents fight drug war on ice PHOTO
California – Conservative Inland Empire cities crack down on illegal workers
Op/Ed: English-only? Press ‘no’
Think things are bad for illegals in Arizona…don’t go to Escondido, California if you are illegal
Immigration fails to flag 4% of California inmates
California – Border Patrol arrest an illegal alien trying to enter the U.S. using a Jet Ski

Strengthening our commitment to legal immigration -fight to control the border is not isolated to just the physical boundary between the US and Mexico.
Multicultural Suicide-excellent article on immigration
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one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

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