Link between Al Qaeda and Los Zetas rejected by Mexican Interior Minister

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El Universal  (Mexico)  2/10/2011

Blake rejects any link between Al Qaeda and Los Zetas

(Creel, Chihuahua)  Mexican interior minister, Francisco Blake Mora, rejects that there is any link between Al-Qaeda and Los Zetas, as claimed by the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano.  There is no indication that there is such a linkage,” said Blake. The minister of the Interior said that by contrast, they are two very different phenomena.

Cuarto Poder  (Mexico)  2/10/2011

U.S. approves extradition of Ye Gon to Mexico

U.S. District Judge John Facciola yesterday approved the extradition of Ye Gon, a Chinese businessman to Mexico to face criminal charges related to the production of controlled substances.  In September 2008, the Attorney General of the Republic of Mexico (PGR) filed an extradition request on charges of importation, manufacture and transportation of psychotropic substances and money laundering and illegal possession of firearms. (Note: an viral email has circulated photos of this man‘s Mexico City home when it was raided in early 2007, with gold firearms and over US $200 million in cash.  He fled to his home country of China, but returned and surrendered to US authorities later that year.)

La Hora  (Ecuador)  2/9/2011

Indigenous leaders released

Indigenous leaders were arrested last February and accused of terrorism and sabotage for instigating the protests of September 30, 2009 in which the Shuar teacher, Bosco Wisum, died.  Hundreds of Indians from the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE), particularly the Shuar, carrying signs alluding to freedom of Pepe Acacha, went down the avenue, 6 December, to the Provincial Court in the northern center of Quito, where some 60 policemen, heavily armed, unsuccessfully attempted to stop the crowd.  The Indians tore down the fences and went on their way to the very entrance of the Court.  The Provincial Court of Pichincha found procedural flaws in the imprisonment of the accused Pepe Acacha, Pedro Fidel, and Kaniras Mashian and, therefore, granted the petition for habeas corpus and ordered their immediate release.  In a brief,
emotional speech, the Shuar leader said, “We’ve shown we can think and express ourselves freely,” while shouting loudly that this is a punishment for the “arrogance of President Correa and meddling in other branches of government, especially justice, where he reached out to pursue and take community leaders prisoner.”

El Deber  (Bolivia)  2/10/2011

Red Alert Declared due to Rains and Floods

(Cochabamba)  The government of Cochabamba decided to declare a red alert, with heavy and constant rainfall that has affected the area in recent days.  The most affected area is the tropics and the High Valley.   There are more than 3,000 families affected and at least 1,200 homeless, but no reported loss of life.  In the city of Cochabamba Tropics the biggest risk is Villa Tunari, where the rivers “Chapare” and “24” overflowed, affecting, according to a preliminary report, more than a hundred hectares of crops of banana, orange , cassava and coconut palms, of which at least 50 hectares suffered a total loss, being swept away by the waters. (Note:  the red alert is
like our disaster designations which provide increased funding to the area. With the heavier than normal rains & flooding in many parts of Central and South America, the loss of the produce will likely affect the prices of what the U.S. imports.)

Diario de Querétaro  (Mexico)  2/10/2011

Eurocopter Investment

(Quertaro, Queretaro) The company Eurocopter, the world’s leading helicopter manufacturer, said Wednesday it will establish a new industrial plant in the State of Queretaro, in order to extend its global production network, strengthening its manufacturing capacity and increasing their presence in the Latin American market. It is noteworthy that Eurocopter has been present in Mexico for almost 30 years through its subsidiary, Eurocopter Mexico. (EMSA). It has facilities at the International Airport of Mexico City and about 200 workers. EMSA is responsible for sales and technical support for helicopters in the region that includes Central America, the Caribbean and northern South America.  At its plant in Mexico City, EMSA offers assembly services, maintenance, painting and customizing aircraft, plus training and technical training to fly helicopters.

Blog del Narco:
Urique, Chihuahua:  Eight old girl killed; caught between Mexican
military and cartel gun.

Tamaulipas:  Three grenades thrown at prison; no injuries.

Tabasco, Zacatecas:  Residents hiding from heavy gunfights, between military/police & cartel; 8 gunmen, 1 soldier killed.

Cerralvo Nuevo León:  Federal Police capture 4 Zetas.

Chihuahua:  President Calderón observed military training camp, urban warfare.


Homeland Security Newswire  2/10/2011

Melting glaciers threaten Peru

Rising temperatures have caused glaciers in Peru to melt at alarming rates, which depends heavily on rivers fed by glaciers to provide drinking water, irrigation, and electricity. Some scientists estimate that in ten years, whole glaciers will disappear entirely from the Andes, affecting millions of Peruvians who depend entirely on the glacier fed rivers as their primary source for water.  The United States fears that water, food, and power shortages in Peru could affect stability and spark conflict across the region. (Go to link forfull write up.)

Domestic News – United States

USBP Weekly Blotter: February 3 – February 9
Mexican drug cartels hold 12-year-old for ransom – in New Mexico
Brewer: ‘We Are In This Fight’ For SB 1070-Arizona
Amid increased cartel presence in U.S., DHS touts border seizures
Agent Brian Terry Murder – DOJ Adds to the Cover-up
Bolivia buys more arms to fight drug traffickers-six Chinese aircraft
Florida – Feds find 9 illegal immigrants hiding at Orlando VA site
Mexico’s Gun Supply and the 90 Percent Myth
Military Radar To Be Used In Northern Drug And Border Patrol
Border smuggling game stirs controversy
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one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

2 Responses to “Link between Al Qaeda and Los Zetas rejected by Mexican Interior Minister”

  1. Ralf Rüdiger Schulte Says:

    legal, illegal, scheißegal

  2. June Says:

    When are we going to treat Mexico like the terrorist nation that it is? I consider it as dangerous as living next door to Iran. Why does our President not speak out to all the nations who send their people to break into our country? Stop all funding to those coutries, put our military on our border to protect us for a change. The crimes that are committed would not happen if they weren’t here The drain on our social and natural resouces would end and our country would not longer look like the fool that it is for allowing massive illegal immigration. And, let’s have Sheriff Paul Babaeu made head of Homeland Security. Napolitano says the border can never be sealed. Well, if she can’t do the job, the Sheriff certainly can!

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