Over the Weekend: Two year Old Killed by Gunmen, More officers die

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Cuarto Poder  (Mexico)  2/6/2011

Legalizing drugs is a major mistake: Salinas

(Bogotá, Columbia)   Former Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari told the Colombian daily El Tiempo, “To propose the legalization of drugs in our countries is a major mistake”.  He noted that the legalization of drugs “seems more a proposal of former presidents or those aspiring to be president that a responsible attitude of a head of state.”  He said the anti-drug cooperation with the United States “needs a better approach in terms of intelligence gathering, information sharing, it seems that there is distrust between the agencies responsible, not just between the two countries, but in Mexico.”  “Another problem is that there is not enough police and many are being penetrated by the mafia,” he told the Colombian newspaper.


La Hora  (Guatemala)  2/5/2011

Human Trafficking Discussion

Experts and journalists met to discuss the human trafficking in Guatemala, a growing problem that requires the attention of the State (Guatemala).  Trafficking in persons is a growing social phenomenon affecting the country’s domestic and foreign development, and given its complex dimensions in the exploitation of people, especially girls, children, adolescents and women, it requires a comprehensive approach.  According to the Office of Human Rights, strategic position and economic conditions make Guatemala a country of origin, transit and destination country for Mexican citizens and Central Americans who are trafficked for purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor.  The State has failed to respond to problems, because according to María Eugenia Morales, it is due to the high tolerance of people to human trafficking and impunity and a weak justice system that has been corrupted by organized crime.  The Deputy Prosecutor said of 384 cases, with 46 still being investigated, there have only been 2 sentences.


El Dia  (Costa Rica)  2/6/2011

Youth Gets New Heart

A teen has received the heart of a 25 year old bicyclist shot in the head while riding.  According to the hospital director, the recipient is showing no signs of rejection.  The college student was able to feed himself yesterday.  His family expressed their eternal gratitude to the donor’s family, and encouraged others who lose a loved one to consider donation.


Frontera  (Mexico)  2/5/2011

Tijuana Crime Down 13% in 2010

(Tijuana, Baja California)  In 2010, the common crimes in Tijuana dropped by 13% compared to 2009, but the offense of homicide increased, up by 22%.  The year 2010 proved to be the second most violent in the history of Tijuana with 820 homicides, the first continues to be in 2008 with 844 murders.  According to the PGJE (State police), 60% of homicides were the result of the war between drug traffickers.  (Note: in late November, the veteran municipal police chief was fired from his position.)


El Espectador  (Colombia)   2/6/2011

Two year Old Killed by Gunmen

A toddler died after being shot when a group of armed men tried to kill another child under 12 years in a neighborhood of Medellin.  The younger child was being held by his grandfather when he was shot.  Although hospitalized, the toddler died of an apparent punctured lung.  The killers, who had burst into the house, also shot another person in the hand.


La Prensa Grafica  (El Salvador)  2/5/2011

Father Sentenced to 26 Years in Prison for Daughter’s Rape

(Soyapango, El Salvador)  The court has sentenced a father for continuing rape of his minor daughter.  It began when she was 5 years old and continued for 4 years, until she finally told her aunt.
(Note: there is a marked difference in attitudes country to country, as demonstrated by the lighter sentence.  Another case I saw today reported an 8 year sentence for multiple murders.)


El Heraldo de Chihuahua  (Mexico)  2/6/2011

Three Teens Sentenced for Murder

Cuauhtemoc, Chih.)  Three teens who tried to rob a commercial establishment, and killed the woman working there when she resisted, have been sentenced to 33 and 32 years.  They will also have to make restitution to her family.  The murder occurred in October 2009.


Blog del Narco  (http://www.blogdelnarco.com/):

Tamaulipas:   Saturday several clashes Army with cartel; Score: 13 bad guys dead.
Acapulco:  Three executed.

Sinaloa:  Municipal police officer shot & killed; former chief.

San Luis Potosi:   Federal police & cartel gunfight; 4 dead and several injured.

Tamaulipas:  Heavy fighting Friday, several dead but number unknown, others injured; military vehicle burned.

Nuevo León:  Prison official’s body found dismembered in blue box, inside car, not far from prison.

Nuevo León:  Federal Police capture 15 members of gulf cartel; 11 rifles, 4675 rounds of ammo, radios, cash, & vehicle in one house; 12 rifles, handgun, 3658 rds. ammo, 86 magazines, radios, 2 vehicles & cash in second safe house.

Michoacán:  Six extortionists captured; seized guns, radio, ammo, grenades, cash, vehicles.

Sinaloa:  Clashes leave 1 police wounded, 4 gunmen dead; another officer killed at his home, he kills gunman; another officer found executed hours later.

Tamaulipas:  Two executed; narcomessage left.

Michoacán:  How many federal police were killed in Dec. reported only 2, but 20 police vehicles destroyed, with .50 cal. bullet hole in windshields; witnesses say perhaps hundreds.

Nuevo León:  Sunday five bodies found, naked and dismembered; written on bodies a narcomessage ‘CDG’ (Gulf cartel).

Michoacán:  Two state police officers and their detainee executed.

Domestic News – United States

Arizonan heads up new customs command

Pickup found packed with plethora of pot-Arizona

Northern Montana Border Subject to Drug/People Smuggling via Airplane
Huge spike in illegal Indian traffic to US via Mexico
Border officer hiring binge got ahead of screening
China in business with drug cartels
‘Silent Raids’: ICE’s New Tactic Quietly Wreaks Havoc on Immigrant Workers
Gang Unit Discovers Document Mill for Illegal Aliens in Virginia
U.S.:  Twenty-one Linked To Colombian Cartel Arrested

-end of report-

We have room for but one flag, the American flag…and we have room for but
one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

2 Responses to “Over the Weekend: Two year Old Killed by Gunmen, More officers die”

  1. NAFBPO M3 Says:

    Carlos, those were included for specific reasons. In order for people the ‘illegal’ situation here, it helps if they understand more of the everyday life in the illegals home country. As such, the item on the new heart: point is that they come here from their countries professing can’t make a living there; yet there’s money for transplants, Next, the item on the 26 year sentence: point was made there on disparity of sentencing. Added point: these are people that end up here when they get out. Their record will make any meaningful work gard to get. Only choice is to go to the USA and assume a new identity.

  2. Carlos Bielich Says:

    What does “a father sentenced to 26 years in prison for daughter’s rape” or “youth gets a new heart” have to do with the illegal alien problem?
    What happened to articles and editorials about immigration?

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