Majority in U.S. and EU see Immigrants as a Problem

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 El Universal  (Mexico)  1/3/2011

SEDENA calls for increase in its Air Force

The Mexican Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) has requested the purchase of five Hercules H version aircraft.  The Secretary of the Navy (Marines) also intends to acquire 6 cargo and transport aircraft plus 6 transport helicopters.  The combined cost would be 9,888,000 pesos (US $821753.92).  The requests are due to the increased criminal violence in the country, and a projected increase in military members to 12,918 this year and up to 19,252 in 2012..  The Hercules will be used for cargo, soldiers, paratroopers and medical evacuations, holding 70 patients and 2 medics.

Frontera  (Mexico)  2/3/2011

Armed Band of car thieves arrested

(Tijuana, Baja California)  State and municipal police were able to arrest members of a gang which has been stealing cars and robbing businesses in Tijuana and Playas de Rosarito.  Police observed a vehicle matching a look out just received by radio, and a chase ensued ending with the vehicle crashing into a business.  On arrest, the drivers identified another vehicle, which was also caught. In the second vehicle were found 164,700 rounds of Ak 47 ammunition.  Those arrested confessed to also robbing shops. One driver identified his girlfriend accomplice, but police failed to locate her.

Same source: Tijuana municipal police officer attacked off duty; shot, wounded

El Comercio  (Peru)  2/3/2011

Peruvian President: Peru is not a country of terrorism or drugs

(Lambayeque, Peru)  President Alan Garcia, speaking at the inauguration of a stretch of highway. said “Peru is no longer a country of terrorism, nor is it a country of drugs, nor is the country backward. It is a country that is giving lessons to the world on growth, but also for reducing poverty, creating jobs, bringing basic services which it did not have previously.”

El Imparcial  (Mexico)  2/3/2011

Italian rifles delivered to Reynosa Police

(Reynosa, Tamaulipas) Officers of the Reynosa Municipal police have been armed with Beretta .223 caliber rifles.  More than 50 rifles were
 under strict security.  In Matamoros, officers are armed with AR 15 rifles and Beretta 9mm pistols. (Note: these 2 cities have incredible levels of cartel violence, and police have been undergunned for some time, and even with these added rifles, still are).


Department 15, La Prensa Grafica  (El Salvador)  2/3/2011

Majority in U.S. and EU see immigrants as a problem

The Transatlantic Trends survey is sponsored by several institutions in the United States and Europe.  Most Europeans and Americans believe that immigration is a problem rather than an advantage for their respective countries, according to a survey published Thursday by a group of foundations.  The survey shows that citizens whose personal situation worsened due to the economic crisis in the past two years believe that immigrants are to blame for it.  65% of Britons believe that immigrants are a problem, followed by Spanish (53%) and Americans (52%), and then by French (42%), German and Dutch (39%).  By contrast, only one in four Canadians (27%) holds this view, according to the survey, conducted in 2010 in eight countries.  Also, a majority (73%) of Americans believe that the management of immigration by the government is wrong, a percentage similar to the UK or Spain.  Despite the negative view of immigrants, Americans are divided on whether to legalize them. 47% is against it, 45% in favor.

In Europe, 50% of Germans are in favor of giving them a legal status, but most British, Italian and Spanish want illegal immigrants leave the country. A majority of Americans think that Hispanics (the largest minority) are well integrated in their society, contrary to what Europeans think of Muslims.

Correo-Guanajuato  (Mexico)  2/3/2011

Crystal Meth Seized from Bus

(Uriangato)  Mexican Army authorities stopped a passenger bus at a checkpoint and seized 25 kilos (55 lbs) of crystal methamphetamine.  The bus was enroute to Reynosa.  The driver and his assistant were both arrested.

El Colombiano  (Colombia)  2/3/2011

Twenty-nine Soldiers Wounded by IED Attack

(Arauca, Colombia)  Twenty nine soldiers have been wounded by a car bomb which exploded while they were preparing to defuse a separate car bomb left by FARC guerillas. Most of the soldiers have abdominal or hearing trauma, and only one needed surgery for eye injuries, but will survive. The military has defused other bombs in the area this week.
(Note: secondary IED’s to target responders is a standard tactic of terrorists everywhere.)

Blog del Narco  (

Sonora:   Four executed; one hung from road sign; others in van.

Zacatecas:  Municipal Police Officer, hit man killed; 7 soldiers, 2
civilians injured; cartel gunmen then stormed hospital to rescue one
of their hit men.

Nuevo León:  Grenade thrown at police; 90 min. later, 4 off-duty
prison guards shot, wounded.

San Luis Potosi:  Shootings near university, perhaps after student; no
known injuries.

Narcobanners in 4 states; against Zeta leader Heriberto Lazcano, aka:

Zacatecas:  Shooting near state governor’s home on Tuesday; photos
just in.

Domestic News – United States

Mexican cartel on trial in Baltimore drug case -Informant describes driving cross-country with cocaine-filled mobile home
Napolitano is too late…Drug cartels issued their own warning months ago
Feds Ask for Next-Gen Border Surveillance Technology
Sinaloa Drug Trafficker Extradited from Mexico
Mexican prisons failing to keep drug traffickers on the inside
Bust results in largest marijuana seizure in agency history for
traffic stop-Arizona
Agents at Brownsville port seize $152,881 in U.S. Currency-Texas
Biggs’ bill would evict illegal immigrants from public housing Arizona
Strong U.S.-Mexico immigration enforcement is a matter of national security
Mexican ambassador blasts Georgia bills aimed at illegal immigrants
E-Verify Battle Could Soon Greet Texas Lawmakers
Nevada has largest percentage of illegal immigrants in nation
-end of report-

We have room for but one flag, the American flag…and we have room for but
one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

One Response to “Majority in U.S. and EU see Immigrants as a Problem”

  1. norm9do Says:

    RE; Mexican Ambassador:

    The Mexican ambassador is out of touch with the reality with what he speaks of in regards to the state of Georgia.
    Over the years thousands of pregnant Mexican women have come to the Untied States to give birth to their babies for one reason only….to have an anchor baby in this country.
    As far as “poisoning” the relationship between the two countries, the American government along with Mexico has a relationship that is very much alive and well, one only needs to look at the pourous borders between the two countries.
    What has been “poisoned” is the majority of the American peoples normally generous and benovelant feelings and behavior to the less fortunates of these illegal aliens.

    This current administration is beyond it’s 50% mark and has less than two years remaining. Congress has been put on notice by the people that any vote for an amnesty or the lesser Dream Act will end their career as a congressman or woman.
    Mexico should clean up it’s own act before critizing what individual states are doing to protect their number one priority….legal natural born American citizens.

    As an afterthought, over the years I and many others have noticed that Mexico has never offered any monatary compensation to defray the expenses that the illegal aliens have cost the indivudal states, for that matter neither has the U.S. government.

    The will of the American people will prevail in the end!

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