Mexican Violence Continues Killing Police

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La Voz de la Frontera  (Mexico)  2/2/2011

Mexican Army Seizes 5.6 tons of Marijuana

(San Luis RC Son.) The Army yesterday seized 5.6 tons of marijuana, and arrested two during checkpoint operations.  The driver tried to turn before the checkpoint, but was stopped.  The truck was coming from Caborca and enroute to Mexicali.
La Hora  (Guatemala)  2/1/2011

Bus Attack leaves Six Wounded

The month of January has been a violent one for buses.  Another attack left 6 wounded, including a 14 year old girl who was treated and released.  On January 3, a firebomb on a bus killed 9 people.  A woman was raped by 4 men on January 17th, and the following day a driver and assistant were shot and killed.  An attack with an assault rifle occurred on the 24th with no injuries, followed by the burning of 2 buses on January 26th.  It is believed the attacks are in revenge for the bus company not paying extortion money.

Belize Times  (Belize)  1/28/2011

War Cry!  Opposition to Oil Drilling May Lead to Civil Disobedience

The Barrow Administration has been served a stern and unequivocal warning of looming civil disobedience by conservation groups and activists who are lobbying for a ban on offshore drilling and oil exploration in protected areas.  The activists, belonging to a coalition, held a press briefing on Tuesday to publicly scold Prime Minister Dean Barrow for his January 5th statement that his Government will allow oil drilling in the Sarstoon Temash National Park, if oil companies are prepared to do so.  Geovannie Brackett, who is now the Coordinator for the Belize Coalition was livid in his demands.  “It is time for our people to rise up. It is only when we come together and move in the direction of unity and be willing to pay the price and make the sacrifice for freedom that we will see justice roll in this nation…It [Government] continues the hope that this will blow over. But let me promise you this. The hell of a storm that is coming – this won’t pass over so quickly.”  Brackett then warned that members of the Coalition stood ready for civil disobedience.

El Deber  (Bolivia)  2/2/2011

Pedro Montes criticizes lack of economic policy by government

The Executive Secretary of COB (Central Bolivian Obrera-worker’s organization) criticized the government’s lack of a long term economic policy to address the plight of Bolivia’s poorest families.  He said at a news conference that the poor need jobs, and families need food, health care and education, and that he’s seeking to meet with President Evo Morales to discuss these issues.  The COB can not accept this, he said, so we propose a commission to find solutions, “not patches to the problems we are living with which tend to worsen further.”

El Universal  (Mexico)  2/2/2011

Wave of violence in Mexican states: Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Zacatecas, Jalisco and Puebla have suffered the ravages of organized crime over the past 24 hours.

Zacatecas:  State Police lieutenant colonel killed, 5 police wounded, 2 civilians wounded, 2 arrested

: Narco blockades; clash near state governor’s home; schools & businesses closed; at least 10 injured; unknown exact count

: Clandestine lab seized; tools, chemicals, firearms, ammunition seized; 5 arrested; third this year in state

Lazaro Cardenas
: Police chief assassinated; found in dumpster

:  MX Marines use helicopter gun ship when cartel attacks them; other clashes nearby

: Narco grave found; 4 bodies so far

:  Fourteen bodies in three graves, so far

:  Two bodies found in grave

Blog del Narco (

Puerto Vallarta:  Gunmen burst in to wake, execute one on the spot.

Guadalajara:  Police checkpoints targeted with grenades and gunfire;
car dealership & university attacked with grenades; gunfights in various locales; unknown how many killed/injured

Allende, Nuevo León:  Gunmen kill police officer, wound another 

Apodaca, Nuevo León:  Federal police agent killed; others wounded;

Puebla:  Municipal police officer, mayor’s brother, another killed; woman injured; mayor managed to escape

Nuevo León:  Mexican Marines fail to capture major drug trafficker, but
4 gunmen killed; one a former municipal policeman

Frontera  (Mexico)  2/2/2011

Union leader attacked in Mexicali

(Mexicali, Baja California) Tuesday night, Carmen Frias, was attacked while inside the union’s building.  The attackers set a large fire at the front entrance, trapping him inside. The back door was locked and could not be opened.  He managed to call 066 (their 911), and municipal police were the first to arrive and broke out glass to rescue him. He’s in stable condition at the hospital.

Domestic News – United States

Pinal sheriff expects armed conflict with cartels soon
Border Patrol Foils Maritime Smuggling, 8 Illegal Aliens Arrested in San Clemente-California
Charlotte, NC is now the main distribution center for Mexican heroin
Arizona border town frustrated over response to violence
Twentyfive abandoned children found in Mexican border city
Dangerous Mexican Gang Member Apprehended at Border-Arizona
Border Patrol seizes more than 50 pounds of coke-Texas
Is domestic violence cause for US to grant asylum?
Tancredo looks to reignite immigration debate
Drug Wars film trailer
Controversial illegal immigration bill gets first hearing before house committee-Kentucky
Drugs, cash and phony documents seized in joint ICE, DMV bust-Reno

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one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
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  1. Jual-Beli Says:


    […]Mexican Violence Continues Killing Police « M3 Report[…]…

  2. Hawkeye Says:

    Amnesty for Domestic Violence victims? What mockery. People should face their own responsibility for bad choices in personal relationships. In addition, they should seek help (legal, social, psychological) within their own country. Victims could also relocate within their own country. Critics are correct, it is not up to U.S. courts to settle civil problems in other countries. What next? Asylum for bankruptcy and those heavily indebted? Let’s get serious about our immigration problem!

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