Mexico Denies Existence of Armed Conflict to UN Committee

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La Prensa Grafica  (El Salvador)  1/31/2011

Mexico Denies Existence of Armed Conflict to UN Committee

(Geneva)Mexico told the UN Committee on Rights that there is no conflict in Mexico whatsoever.  Undersecretary for Legal Affairs and Human Rights Ministry of the Interior of Mexico, Felipe Zamora Castro, said the country is not involved in armed conflicts of an international nature.  The report says that it is known there are paramilitary groups in its territory, but has no data on involvement of children in the armed groups.  However, a group of nongovernmental organizations presented the Committee with information on “25000-30000 teenagers allegedly linked” to the “drug war”, and that already the drug war “has claimed 35,000 dead since December 2006”

La Prensa  (Honduras)  1/31/2011

Mexico Offers Reward for Migrants Assassins

(Mexico DF, Mexico)  The Mexican government today offered 21 million pesos (about $ 1.7 million) in reward money for anyone providing information leading to the capture of three suspects who allegedly participated in the killing of 72 illegal immigrants in August 2010.  The 72 bodies were found on a rural farm n Tamaulipas.  Among the victims were about 30 migrants from Honduras, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador and Brazil.  Mexican authorities believe that Los Zetas, a  criminal organization led by fugitive Heriberto Lazcano, known as “The Lazca” are the alleged perpetrators of the murders.

La Hora  (Ecuador)  1/31/2011

Interpol Seized $200 Million in Smuggled Goods

(Lyon, France)  About USD $200 million in smuggled goods were seized and 1000 people arrested  in Latin America during 2010, according to Interpol, based in Lyon.  Conducted in partnership with the World Customs Organization, the operation called ‘Jupiter’ was conducted in 13 countries and confiscated nearly 8 million counterfeit products.  First launched in 2005 in three countries alone, “Operation Jupiter” takes place annually. In 2010 it included were Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Uruguay and Venezuela.

El Digital  (Mexico)  1/30/2011

Dawn Saturday Sees Sixth Homicide of Year in El Paso, Texas

(El Paso, Tx) The sixth homicide of this year in El Paso exceeds the number for all of 2010, and was the fourth of the weekend.  Police were called to a Chevron station where two men were fighting, after being involved earlier in a dispute with numerous others.  They were transported to the hospital where one died of his wounds.  Police are asking for witnesses.

El Sol de Mazatlan  (Mexico)  1/31/2011

Ten Gunmen Killed in Mountains

(Mazatlán, Sinaloa)  Police responded to a report of a clash between criminals, with ten reported killed.  It is in the mountainous area of Guamuchil.  Residents were surprised, as there had been less conflict recently due to the increased presence of the military.

El Heraldo de Chihuahua  (Mexico)  1/30/2011

Saucillo:  Two executed; one kidnapped, other killed in front of pregnant wife.

Ciudad Juarez:  Two narco kidnappers arrested; Texas plates on truck; guns, pot, police freed kidnapped person

Chihuahua:  Executed man dumped; had been dragged, then shot

Ciudad Juarez:  Two executed; shot multiple times

El Imparcial  (Mexico)  1/31/2011

Police to be Drug Tested

(Guaymas, Sonora)  Over 372 police officers will be tested to rule out the presence of drugs in their systems, and thus renew their permission for carrying of firearms.  The Deputy Police Chief said that the urine tests will be done by a chemist from the State Attorney General (PGJE).  The tests will be for cocaine, marijuana, amphetamine, methamphetamine and opiates.

Blog del Narco (

Villa Hermosa, Tamaulipas:  Two hour shootout between cartels; they then vandalized vehicles and burned businesses; executed bodies were later found.

Nuevo Leon:  Two more burned bodies found (6 over weekend)

China, Nuevo León:  Ten trucks with gunmen drove through town, shooting randomly;1 dead and 6 injured; grenades thrown at businesses

Piedras Negras, Coahuila:  Two arrested; 1 ton pot, 13 guns, 2 handguns,
30 magazines, 732 rounds of ammo, radios, three vehicles seized

Apodaca, Nuevo León:   Two found dead in trash dumpster; later, man starts shooting at military patrol, with logical result-he’s dead

Domestic News – United States

Border Patrol activity reports … January 31, 2010-Tucson
House Members to Conduct Border Study-New Mexico -they will be meeting with NAFBPO representatives
Pinal sheriff: Armed conflict with drug cartels coming soon-Arizona
Senator examines gun claim in border shootout-Arizona
The Homeland-Security Follies – Al Qaeda openly boasts of using tunnels to smuggle WMD’s into US
Murder Prediction for 2011: 5,000 In Juarez
Bill would make immigrant trafficking a state crime-Texas immigrant.html
3500 pounds of marijuana seized by Border Patrol-Arizona
5.5 pounds of heroin seized by Border Patrol at Tubac checkpoint-Arizona
Border Patrol trackers find stashed bundles of marijuana-California – tracked footprints (in BP lingo, ‘cutting sign’), found dope
Game Wardens Report Seeing Increased Mexican Security Along Border-Texas

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