Guatemalan Population Distrusts Government and Police

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La Hora  (Guatemala)  1/27/2011

Report: Population Distrusts Government, Police

A study among Guatemalans, sponsored by the UN, was conducted to measure their perception towards democracy, notably political parties, as Guatemala is in an election year.  The study showed their distrust of government institutions, especially those responsible for security.   The interior ministry is blamed for not providing funds for the National Civil Police (PNC) to adequately do their duty protecting the public.  The report continues that 59% of Guatemalans distrust political organizations.

La Prensa  (Honduras)  1/27/2011

Mexico:  219 Illegal Immigrants Rescued by Authorities

(Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico)  About 219 illegal immigrants were found inside a semi trailer in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas.  The semi was going through a checkpoint equipped with x-ray.  There were 169 from Guatemala, 22 El Salvador, 18 from Honduras, 6 Sri Lanka and 4 from Nepal.  The truck driver ran the checkpoint and was chased down.  The illegals were threatened and told they would receive over $7,000 to not implicate the traffickers.   The drivers of the stolen semi then offered money to the police to let them continue but were arrested.  Mexican authorities estimate that some 300,000 illegal immigrants, mostly from Central America, cross Mexico annually enroute to America.

La Hora  (Ecuador)  1/27/2011

Cocaine Processing Laboratory Found

A drug processing laboratory capable of producing 1,000 pounds of cocaine per month was found in an agricultural area, thanks to a tip received by police.  The value of that amount is said to be US $5 Million.  During the raid, there were armed clashes, but four Colombians were captured.  The cocaine was stuffed into cans of tuna. AK 4 rifles were also recovered.   Ecuador seized 68 tons of drugs in 2009, with 64 tons of that being cocaine.  About 18 tons were seized in 2010.

La Prensa  (Nicaragua)  1/27/2011

Two More Buses Fire Bombed in Quetzal, Guatemala

(Guatemala City)  Juvenile gang members, believed to be Mara 18, torched 2 passenger buses on the outskirts of Guatemala City with no casualties. This is based on a report released by the national police and the U.S. ATFE.  As with yesterday’s attacks, the police believe it could be in retaliation for failure to pay extortion demands.  The bus drivers are now refusing to drive.  According to the Ministry of Interior, extortion by gang members brings in annual revenues of US $8.75 million. (Another source says a 63 yr. old woman has been arrested for ordering the attacks.  Money from the extortion has been found in her account.)

Blog del Narco  (Mexico)  1/27/2011

Two Teen Friends of ‘Ponchis’ Arrested

(Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico)  The Mexican Army has arrested two teen members of the Pacific South cartel (CPS), aged 15 and 18 years.  They maintained a friendship with the 14 year old assassin known as ‘El Ponchis’, arrested the beginning of December.  Although these 2 boys were hired as ‘hawks’ or lookouts, their boss forced them to participate in mutilations and executions.  The younger boy admitted to receiving two thousand dollars per week to alert the cartel to any authorities operating near them.

Blog del Narco  (Mexico)  1/27/2011

Woman’s Cut Up Body Found

Scavengers found the body of a woman inside a suitcase, in a dumpster. It had been cut up with an electric saw, and neither the head nor arms have been found, thus there has been no identification of the body.  In recent days, these types of executions have been increasing and have happened in several places in Mexico.

Blog del Narco (
– Cd. Juarez: Federal Police officer killed Wed. night
– Guerrero: Mayor kidnapped at gun point from home.
– Valle Hermosa, Tamaulipas: shootout with Army leaves 10 cartel dead; 24 rifles, handgun, grenade launchers, 20 fragmentation grenades,  rocket &  launcher, 327 magazines, ammo, vehicles, radios and ballistic vests seized.
– Apodaca, Nuevo León; Two police officers executed on patrol, 100 shots fired into them
– Zacatecas; raid on ranch greeted with bullets; 2 kidnapped cops rescued;  clashes continued until 2 captured; 7 trucks (3 armored), firearms, magazines, ammo, and grenades seized.  A human head was found in one vehicle.

Domestic News – United States

Drug cartels ambush American photographer south of Nogales
Iranian Book Celebrating Suicide Bombers Found in Arizona Desert
Arizona ranchers asking for more border security
Man (illegal) arrested in Imperial Beach after attempted carjacking-California
Ton of marijuana seized from old FedEx truck in La Havana-Texas
Cross-border currency smuggling remains difficult to detect
Life on the Border: Car accident starts in Tijuana, ends in U.S.
Report Says Public Lands Being Overrun by Illegal Immigration Activity
Colorado Introduces Arizona-type Law
Drug Lord Thanks American Lawmakers for Keeping Drugs Illegal
Video: Memorial for Agent Brian Terry
Virginia Bill Would Require Schools to Keep Tabs on Cost of Illegal Immigrant Students
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We have room for but one flag, the American flag…and we have room for but
one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

2 Responses to “Guatemalan Population Distrusts Government and Police”

  1. heather Says:

    wow there just like mexico right now.people needs to stop all this sh**.

  2. norm9do Says:

    Regarding the Arizona border ranchers asking for more security, although the state is more sympathic to their plight, this current administration will never secure the border. The deaths or murders of BP agents and ranchers has little or no impact on them with perhaps the one word statements of tragic or unfortunate. Unfortunately by now everyone must realise that the salvation from this almost daily onslaught will not come from Washington. All can only hope that the next president will do much more in insuring the safty of American citizens and their property who live within close proximity to Mexico’s border.
    Although unknown and obviously unspoken, there has to have been an agreement with Mexico at some point in the past for the United States to turn a blind eye to illegal border crossings and related activities at the expense of American citizens.

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