Juárez Homeowner Defends Family

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El Universal  (Mexico)  1/25/2011

Juárez Homeowner Defends Family; Kills Three Criminals in Self Defense

(Ciudad Juárez, Chih.)  A homeowner in a village near the border with
New Mexico came home to find three men stealing appliances, jewelry
and money, and holding his family at gun point.  He had a legally
registered handgun, and challenged the intruders.  When they opted to
shoot it out, he killed the three.  He was initially arrested by
police, but released when an investigation proved it to be self


La Prensa  (Honduras)  1/25/2011

Germany Provides $53.1 Million to Honduras

(Tegucigalpa, Honduras)  Germany has given 47 million Euros for assistance in development projects, namely environment, governing, housing and micro to medium sized enterprises. The Germany Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) and the German Development Bank (KFW) did not specify whether it is a loan or a donation.  The package is part of the 72 million Euros (about $97 million) which Germany offered Honduras for the period 2012-2015.


El Heraldo de Chihuahua (Mexico)  1/25/2011

There will be no truce with “La Familia” answers Mexico

(Mexico City) Yesterday, M3 reported that the cartel named “La Familia
Michoacána” said it has dissolved.  The Mexican government, through its Homeland Security spokesman, Alejandro Poire, has replied that there will be no truce with them or any criminal organization operating in Mexico.  He reiterated the weakening of the cartel after the death of its leader, “El Chayo” during a shootout with federal police in early December.

Former Sinaloa state official executed; 64 shots from AK47
Shooting in downtown Ciudad Juárez, there are two dead-3 pm Tuesday

El Universal  (Mexico)  1/25/2011

Chemical from China used for Drug Manufacture Seized

(Mexico City)  Mexican Marines, the Attorney General’s office and
other authorities seized 23 tons of phenyl ethyl acetate in
Manzanillo, Colima.  The chemical is used in the manufacture of the
synthetic drug, methamphetamine.  The Customs statement declared it
was a different chemical, but a laboratory analysis determined it to
be the illegal chemical. Import of the chemical is restricted without
Mexican government permission

Frontera  (Mexico)  1/25/2011

-Tijuana; Five executions in 12 hours
Tijuana; body found dead of gunshot wounds
-Tijuana; Man arrested wearing bulletproof vest, with handcuffs       and rifle
-Tijuana; stolen car pursuit, 4 arrested after firing on officers (Not
unlike U.S. this past weekend)
El Colombiano  (Colombia)  1/25/2011

Criminal Gangs are Becoming a National Threat

(Bogotá)  The National Police Commander, Gen. Oscar Naranjo, says the
real threat to public safety is extortion, a phenomena aggravated by
criminal gangs.  The official made this statement for what he called
the transformation of the criminal economy: “This is a Sicilian crime
model (installed by criminal gangs), in which the victim ends up
grateful to the aggressor for not hurting them”, and said to make
allowances for this phenomenon is very dangerous,as it can become a
national threat.  During the same discussion group, the Defense
Minister, Rodrigo Rivera, called for about 20,000 additional troops to
confront these challenges.  He said that 2010 closed with more lives
lost than in the past 24 years.  He explained that success will depend
on the security forces, but also citizens and other State
institutions, particularly the judiciary.

Same source:  One of the most wanted in Medillin, ‘Andresito’, captured

Blog del Narco (Mexico)  (http://www.blogdelnarco.com)

-Nuevo Leon: Zeta leader killed, 17 guns, 5186 ammo, 114              magazines; Army says more violence expected
-Monterrey; 8 cartel gunmen killed; police use checkpoints
















-Monterrey; grenade thrown at Topo Chico Prison 3 injured
-Zacatecas; gunmen in 7 SUV’s attack police in Apozol; 2 cops
kidnapped; attacks continuing now
-Zacatecas; police attacked in Jalpa, leaving 4 shot, two serious
-Morelos; 6 cartel members arrested; seized several AK47 & AR-15
rifles, Uzi, , marijuana

Domestic News-U.S. Sources


Mexican police: Gunmen open fire at soccer game, 7 dead



Five People Indicted in Probe of Gun Smuggling to Mexico



Northern Border Protection Drones now Fly Almost 1,000 Miles








Cross-border Crime:  US Squads to Investigate Spillover Violence



Mexican Federal Police Take Delivery of UH-60M BLACKHAWK Helicopter



New Bill Raises Punishment for Smuggling Operations



$1.1 Million Worth of Drugs Seized at Indio Station



Border Mayors Conference: Border Is More Secure Today than Ever Before



Funding Terrorism Through Crime-Mike Cutler



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One Response to “Juárez Homeowner Defends Family”

  1. norm9do Says:

    The border mayors conference fails to take into account that although there may be more security, the illegal drug and smuggling activity has increased to offset any percived increases in security to effectivly negate any stated gains!

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