Clinton: Mexico must continue the fight against crime: Pledges Another $500 million

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Correo-Guanajuato  (Mexico)  1/24/2011

Clinton: Mexico must continue the fight against crime: Pledges Another$500 Million

U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, meeting in Mexico with her counterpart, today said that Mexico has no choice but to continue the
fight against drug trafficking and the cartels.  She reiterated the commitment of the U.S. to work with Mexico, and pledged another $500 million for the Mérida Initiative.  Of that amount, $60 million is for non-intrusive equipment to detect weapons and illegal money.

El Universal  (Mexico)  1/24/2011

Political Party leader Assassinated

(Chilpancingo, Guerrero) PRI says a state leader for the party , Efren Leyva, was killed in cold blood in front of his family.  His wife and two children, ages 11 and 13 years, were injured.  The party is blaming the killing on the PRD party.

La Hora  (Guatemala)  1/24/2011

Mayors Demand Better Security

(Huehuetenango)  Thirty two elected mayors have expressed concerns over the degree of insecurity prevalent, while the government authorities want residents to do more to combat crime and violence.  Areas in the regions bordering Mexico are the least secure, with no government oversight or control and criminal activity is the order of the day.  The Governor said their requests have been heard and the PNC (National Police) will serve them.

El Heraldo de Tabasco  (Mexico)  1/24/2011

Federal Government investigates alleged dissolution of “La Familia Michoacana”

(Morelia, Michoacán)  Several messages, supposedly from the Mexican cartel, appeared Monday in various cities in the state of Michoacan.  These claim the cartel has disintegrated.  Last month, one of its top leaders Nazario Moreno, alias ‘El Chayo’, was killed by the Mexican military, although his body was not recovered.  The month before this, the cartel had offered to dissolve.  The cartel has gained momentum since October 2006, especially in trafficking of methamphetamine, and according to the U.S. FBI, is known for its “sophistication and brutality.”

El Heraldo de Chihuahua  (Mexico)  1/24/2011

Over the Weekend, 18 People Killed in Juarez

(Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua)  Between Friday and Sunday, there were 18 homicides, with 11 on Friday, 4 on Saturday and 3 Sunday.  The piece continues with descriptions of the victims, vehicles and locations where found.  Most had not been identified by anyone yet.

Blog del Narco  (Mexico)  1/24/2011

Three Zetas Captured in Guatemala

(Esquipulas, Guatemala) Guatemalan authorities  have captured three Zetas operating in this municipality. National Police agents went to a home with the subjects, and a gunfight occurred with  grenade also being thrown, which injured several police officers.  The gunmen initially escaped, but were captured after several hours.  Inside the house police seized AR-15 and AK-47 rifles, bulletproof vests, ammunition, grenades, communication radios, cash, marijuana and other items.  An altar honoring Santa Muerte (Saint Death) was also found in the house.

Blog del Narco

-Colima; family attacked, husband/wife wounded; 2 kids okay
-6 hr.shootout in Sinaloa; 1 gunman dead, 2 wounded, 2 military wounded
-Hidalgo car bomb had Zeta warning for dead police commander, other police

Domestic News – United States

Supporters of Slain Border Agent Seek Justice, Answers-Arizona
Do U.S. politicians fully understand the threat from the drug cartels?
Sheriffs to lawmakers: Border areas still unsafe-Arizona
US agents find rifles, grenades in border brush-Texas
New government move to crackdown on undocumented workers
U.S. Border Patrol intercepts $747k in cocaine and crystal
BLM trying to take on border protection-Arizona
Colombia Training Mexican Army, Police
DPS Holds 11 Suspected Illegal Immigrants-Arizona
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one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
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2 Responses to “Clinton: Mexico must continue the fight against crime: Pledges Another $500 million”

  1. Tweets that mention Clinton: Mexico must continue the fight against crime: Pledges Another $500 million « M3 Report -- Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by American Patrol, Clinton. Clinton said: Clinton: Mexico must continue the fight against crime: Pledges Another $500 million: Source: m3report.wordpress…. […]

  2. pf Says:

    From Fox News – the Bill O’Reilly show Monday evening, January 24th:

    With Mexico’s bloody drug wars escalating, The Factor explored the situation with George Friedman of the international strategy firm Stratfor. “AFTER THE MIDDLE EAST,” Friedman said, “THIS IS THE BIGGEST NATIONAL SECURITY PROBLEM WE FACE. IF THIS VIOLENCE COMES ACROSS THE BORDER, THE KIND OF CIVIL WAR WE’RE SEEING JUST SOUTH OF THE BORDER WILL BE HERE.” Friedman theorized that Mexican leaders are NOT FULLY committed to ending the drug wars. “My view is that Mexicans want to APPEAR to do everything possible and fail; I don’t think the government sees this as a negative.” The Factor complained that U.S. politicians have also been too lax for too long: “THE DAMAGE THAT ILLEGAL NARCOTICS DO TO THE UNITED STATES DRIVES ABOUT 70% OF OUR CRIME, but none of our presidents have really taken it as seriously as they must.”

    Throwing $500 million at Mexico to solve this problem is like throwing peanuts to an elephant and declaring that as his meal. What in insult!!

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