Employers Warn of Loss of 42 thousand Jobs

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El Heraldo de Chihuahua  (Mexico)  1/19/2011

Increasing Number of Migrants Returning

(Pachuca, Hidalgo)  Now that jobs are scarce in the United States, the migrants returning to Mexico is increasing in number and specifically, to Hidalgo, especially in the region of the Mezquital Valley.  The state education agency says there is room for the children in school.  In the year 2009-2010, there were 3,800 elementary and secondary students from migrant families.  School officials will assist in obtaining a document called a Migrant Student Transfer, valid in both Mexico and the U.S.


La Hora  (Guatemala)  1/19/2011

Employers Warn of Loss of 42 thousand Jobs

The Guatemalan Association of Exporters says there will be a loss of 42,000 jobs due to the increased minimum wage.  In addition, it estimates a 40.5 per cent decline in projected growth for this year.  As a result many transnational companies in Guatemala are choosing to go to other countries such as Haiti and Nicaragua as well as other Central American countries.


La Prensa  (Honduras)  1/19/2011

National Congress: Urge planting to avoid crisis

(San Pedro Sula, Honduras)  The Finance Committee of the National Congress is urging the agricultural ministry to ensure crops are planted in order to avoid a crisis worse than in 2010.  The budget provides over 200 million Lempiras (US $10,570,088) for the program, and the Finance Committee said it is urgent this bonus go to small producers to plant beans, grains and other necessities.


Frontera  (Mexico)  1/19/2011

Shootout in Rosarito

(Rosarito, Baja California)  Police and military remain in the area of a shootout between state police and cartel gunmen.  Several people were arrested, including one known as “The Boxer”.  One of the cartel gunmen was killed.  Authorities are still at scene, and little additional information is available.  (Note:  Rosarito is a favored locale for many Americans, including many that live there permanently.)


Police Capture Two Americans Wanted on Murder Charges

(Tijuana, Baja California)  State police captured two young men wanted by U.S. authorities for murder.  The two Los Angeles gang members are wanted for a shooting in LA. and were captured without using force.


El Imparcial  (Mexico)  1/19/2011

Three Detained in the U.S. for Arms Trafficking to Mexico

(Atlanta, Georgia)  Federal prosecutors announced Wednesday that 3 illegal aliens plead guilty to conspiracy to traffic in firearms.  They also plead guilty to being illegal.  Each faces up to 5 years in prison and fines up to $250,000.


Blog del Narco  (Mexico)  1/19/2011

Police Commander and his Daughter Executed in Durango

An armed group stormed into the home of the deputy Commander of the Municipal Police in Villa Union, Durango and opened fire, killing both he and his 10 year old daughter, Yosef.  At the moment, those responsible have not been found.


More from Blog del Narco:

-torture house located in Nuevo León; bloody remains found of bodies & tools used to cut people into pieces; found were machetes, axes, electric fences, up to 60 used condoms indicating victims were also raped.  The house was found due to the 5 mutilated bodies found in  Montemorelos yesterday.

-Two police officers executed in Guadalupe, Chihuahua (where a female officer was recently kidnapped, and not found)

El Heraldo de Tabasco  (Mexico)  1/19/2011   PHOTO

Tortured and Executed

(Villahermosa, Tabasco) With the finding of an executed body yesterday on the dump, it makes the eighth person executed here so far this year.  There was a single bullet wound to the head.  Authorities are waiting for someone to identify the body, and gave a description of clothing.


Domestic News – United States

Government Turns a Blind Eye to Drug, Alien Smuggling on Southern Border
Video shows women climbing U.S.-Mexico border fence in less than 18 seconds

Donna truck driver arrested in marijuana smuggling case-Texas
Latest Border Gunfire in Texas Targeting Four U.S. Workers Proves Violence ‘Getting Worse,’ Authorities Say
Fugitive from Tulsa arrested in Arizona by BorderPatrol
Homeland Security Dept. Cannot ‘Precisely’ Track the Number of
Foreigners Working in U.S. on H-1B Visas
-H-1B visas are for time-limited foreign workers and only for sponsoring US employer
Agents Say Gulf Cartel Paid Man $300 to Transport SWAT Gear-Texas
More than $600,000 in cocaine found in car-California
La Raza targets lawmakers who voted against the DREAM Act
Dynamite, Grenades, Bullets Seized from Colombia Bus – destined for FARC terrorists
Mississippi Senate passes immigration bill
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  1. pf Says:

    Amazing how fast a person can scale a fence if they want to. Perhaps a little concertina wire at the top would slow them down??

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