Mexican States Urged to Strengthen Police Forces

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Cuarto-Poder (Mexico)  1/16/2011

Mexican States Urged to Strengthen Police Forces

(Tlaxcala)  The interior minister, Francisco Blake Mora, asked the state governments to strengthen their police agencies in order to more reliably fight organized crime (cartels).  Interviewed during the swearing in of the new governor of Tlaxcala, he said it is also important to improve the state prosecutor’s office as well as anti-kidnapping units and to continue with current crime prevention programs.  He briefly explained that there needs to be more citizen participation, but that only with the three levels of government working together will peace be restored in Mexico.  Use of the Mexican Army and the Marines is subsidiary to handle crime, hence the need to strengthen the police agencies.

Diario de Querétaro  (Mexico)  1/17/2011

Three Cancun Police Officers Charged with Murder

(Cancun, Quintana Roo)  Three female police officers were arrested pursuant to an arrest warrant for conspiracy and carrying out executions on behalf of the drug cartel Zetas.  In one of their homes was a list with names, addresses and phones of so called hawks and gunmen serving Los Zetas.

El Colombiano  (Colombia)  1/17/2011

Legislature Approves State of Emergency Declaration for Rains

(Bogotá)  The Colombian legislature has approved an emergency declaration to address the economic, social and ecological effects of the rainy season.  It is believed that more than 2 million homeless people died. (Another article also mentions that school will not be opening on schedule until repairs are made.)

Blog del Narco (Mexico)  1/17/2011

Narcobanner Appears in Zacatecas

On Friday, January 14, a narcobanner was found in Jalpa, Zacatecas. This was after an earlier shooting there.  On a white blanket, in black and red, was a message asking the public for an opportunity to restore peace and claiming to not be from the Zetas.  The message is: ‘Communicated to all citizens:   Do not confuse us with Zetas, we do not kill children, families, and innocent people, we charge no fees, or kidnapped, much less come to fight with the Government, we come to give back to the state peace and tranquility. Give us the opportunity to show that we care for the citizens, we come for Los Zetas , not innocent people. We’re in all the State … Enough injustice.’

Blog del Narco  (Mexico)  1/17/2011  

Prison Escape in Chihuahua

Authorities have confirmed that in the very early hours today twelve inmates escaped from the prison Serdán Achilles in Chihuahua.  During
the planned escape, guards opened fire but due to help from two trucks
with heavily armed gunmen, they escaped anyway.

More items from Blog del Narco today:
-three brothers executed in Monterrey, Nuevo Laredó
-tortured and executed body found; El Carmen, Nuevo León
-gunmen open fire in casino in Monterrey
-130 grenades and drugs found on bus by Mexican Federal Police; driver   arrested
-new attack on police in Monterrey, one in grave condition; another
  person killed nearby
-gunmen attack home of married police officers in Acapulco

Domestic News – United States

Forget Arizona, Obama Sends Border Patrol to Afghanistan
One-of-a-kind museum: Displays salute Border Patrol agents, history
Top drug lord may be setting sights on Acapulco
Family shocked at alleged Zeta’s arrest-Texas
FBI: Idaho triple-murder suspect still in Mexico
Florida man accused of war crimes deported
Brookes: Iran’s Latin American Incursion
Wisconsin woman finds $280K of drugs in vacuum-it was reconditioned in Mexico
Virginia to Consider Banning Illegal Aliens From Public Colleges

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one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

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