Baja California Will Invest About $24M in Public Safety

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Frontera  (Mexico)  1/12/2011

Baja California Will Invest About $24 Million in Public Safety

(Tijuana, Baja California) The State Secretary of Public Security  has announced the state is investing about US $24M in the prison system and the state police, and increase of 4% from last year.  He added last year was a good year in the fight against the cartels, including arrests of drug lords.

El Deber
  (Bolivia)  1/12/2011

Death Toll 97 due to Rain in Brazil

At least 97 people have died in the state Rio de Janeiro, with 71 deaths in the mountain town of Teosópolis alone.  Several dozen people are missing from the area, so the death count could go much higher.  Three fire fighters were also killed while searching a collapsed building in another town.  (Note:  Another report out of Nicaragua says 139 have died. All of Central & South America have been getting very heavy rains, closing roads due to landslides and washouts.)

El Digital  (Mexico)  1/12/2011

Serial Killer Captured: Again

(Juarez, Chihuahua) Federal police have again captured a serial killer who was last arrested 6 months ago, accused of 10 killings for an organization named ‘The Assassin Artist’s; however, he was free and still committing crimes.  The official statement said he may have been responsible for killing minutes before his arrest.  When arrested he had firearms and drugs, and was driving a stolen vehicle.  The official statement gives no explanation for why he was free and probably linked to the killing near the arrest scene.

La Prensa Grafica  (El Salvador)  1/12/2011

Two Tunnels Found in Prison

A routine inspection today located two escape tunnels from Ciudad Barrios.  A state of emergency has been declared.  (Note:  El Salvador’s prisons are at 300% the maximum capacity.  A recent proposal to relieve overcrowding by releasing early some prisoners was vetoed by federal judges.)

El Imparcial (Mexico)  1/12/2011

Computers Going to 6 Thousand Teachers

(Hermosillo, Sonora)  About 6000 computers valued at $500 each will be given to teachers in the first half of February.  Teachers will be selected based on their performance.  Money for the purchase came from federal and state governments and also the National Union of Education.  (Note:  often cartels will give things such as this, especially in smaller locales, to incur favor with the locals.)

Blog del Narco  (Mexico)  1/12/2011

Gunmen Burn Indigenous Community in Durango

(Durango) A group of 60 hooded gunmen burned 37 homes and 27 vehicles in retaliation for the deaths of two gunmen.  When residents saw the gunmen coming, they fled into the nearby mountains.  The gunmen also damaged the schools and health clinic.

From Blog del Narco ( daily post:

Official death toll for 2010 in Mexico; 15,273 dead & unknown missing

Twenty rounds fired on state preventive health office by cartel with message left – Ciudad Juarez

Popular singer kidnapped, money, computers and eight vehicles stolen by gunmen – Monterrey

Three teens chased and shot; 200 rounds fired – Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico

Police officer of few months (former MX Marine) killed in Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacán, Mexico

Prison janitor executed Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico

Remains of 5-6 found burned in barrels; Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Gunmen attack federal police & Marines, 9 caught-Acapulco

Two lawyers executed, prison riot leaves 12 dead,  all in Gomez Palacio, Durango, Mexico

Two girls, 8 & 12 years old, killed leaving a grocery store after buying drinks; Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX

Grenades thrown at state Public Security office; Monterrey, Nuevo León, MX

Domestic News – United States

Indiana restaurant owner sentenced to 3 years for concealing illegal aliens
Two incomplete tunnels found at Arizona – Mexico border – Arizona
Joint CBP, ICE Inspection Nets Cruise Ship Heroin, Cocaine

CBP Finds 85-Year-Old Man with Marijuana at Calexico Port
CBP Officers in Lukeville Seize Load of Marijuana (gas tank) – Arizona

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