Remains of Villagers Killed 25 Years Ago Found in Peru

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El Comercio  (Peru)  1/9/2011

Ayacucho:  Remains of Villagers Killed 25 Years Ago Found

Residents doing excavation work to lay pipes found two mass graves with 50 bodies that disappeared during a period of internal violence.  All of the bodies had at least one bullet hole in the head, including a boy of about 7 years old.  The village believes those responsible were military looking for members of Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path).  Between 1983 and 1985, over 150 people disappeared.   (Note: last July, 20 bodies were exhumed that had been killed 26 years earlier from the same village.)

El Digital
  (Mexico)  1/7/2011

Arson By Cartel Destroys Homes

(Juarez, Chihuahua) Attacks by cartel gunmen left a man and a woman  dead, plus 4 homes totally destroyed, in the neighboring town of El Valle de Juárez.  Witnesses reported gunmen entered a home where they killed two with AK 47’s, firing 57 rounds.  They then intentionally set fire to four homes.

El Universal Estado de Mexico  1/8/2011

Over 450,000 Rapes Occur Annually in Mexico

According to a specialist at the University of State of Mexico (UAEM), around 450,000 rapes occur each year, with 90% by men against women.  Only 14,000 are reported, which shows the gender inequality in the culture, translated into violence and contempt for the female.  She went on to state that it is not about sexual gratification, but rather abuse of power to gain control over another, and the act is as old as history.  (Note: alongside the article were 5 stories of rapists caught.)

Frontera  (Mexico)  1/8/2011

Acapulco:  28 Executed, 15 Decapitated

(Acapulco, Guerrero)  The port of Acapulco experienced one of the most violent days in recent  years.  Between Saturday night and Sunday morning, 28 people were executed, 15 of those beheaded.  Included are four children in car seats.  Two narcomensajes (cartel messages) were left behind.

El Nuevo Diario  (Nicaragua)  1/9/2011

Defense Network Built on Border With Nicaragua

Costa Rica began building heliports, river access control and roads in late December.  This disclosure comes just 72 hours before Costa Rica is to appear before the International Court in The Hague to ask Nicaragua to withdraw its troops.  Three rivers are being controlled to prevent night travel, and roads are being built through to the Caribbean to allow quicker police action against drug trafficking, organized crime, or invading forces and to make the area more accessible to residents.

El Colombiana  (Colombia)  1/9/2011

FARC the new Marijuana King in Colombia

FARC, or the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, is considered by several security specialists to be responsible for the increased production of marijuana in Colombia.  Recent seizures by the military of [marijuana], pressed and packaged for sale, showed it was not going to be sold in the U.S. or Europe, but rather in the cities of Colombia.  Analysts believe that FARC has found easier funding through sales of [marijuana] for their guerrilla war efforts.

Blog del Narco  (Mexico) 1/9/2011

Zurita Cruz Imprisoned

Felipe Zurita Cruz, a partner of El Chapo Guzman has been imprisoned in the State of Tamaulipas.  He was captured January 7th by Mexican Marines in Mazatlan, Sinoloa.

– Arizona shooting of Congresswoman Giffords was headline news in Spanish-    langage media.
– First Mayor killed in 2011; Zaragoza, Coahuila, Mexico
– Gunmen fire on Mayor’s office; Municipal President has stroke; Teran, NL,    Mexico
– Police attacked in several places in Nuevo Leon; also courthouse in China,    NL
– Two executed near Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
– Eight killed in attack on bus, including 4 kids; Olancho, Honduras

Domestic News – United States

Public invited to memorial service for slain Border Patrol Agent
Border Patrol Agent’s career was rarely boring
ICE’s top 5 news stories for the week ending January 7, 2011
Two illegal aliens charged in sexual assault on woman – Connecticut
Deadly Drug Ring Dismantled
Border Patrol Seizes Nearly $1 Million In Marijuana – California
Texas Pastor Selling Fake IDs to Illegals
Tip leads Border Patrol to 1,700 pounds of pot – Texas
ICE breaks up North Carolina ties to network that creates false paperwork for immigrants-Carolinas
Drugs seized in U.S. Waters – Washington
Four Arrested on Weapons Smuggling Charges – Arizona

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one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

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