Mexican Cartel ‘Franchises in the U.S.

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El Universal (Mexico)  1/6/2011   

Mexican Cartel ‘Franchises in the U.S.

Drug cartels have rented offices and apartments in order to coordinate drug trafficking, kidnappings and extortion in both countries, and to recruit young Americans.  The San Diego office of the U.S. Department of Justice and DEA report of buildings rented by the Arellano Felix cartel which served as the chief operating offices for their larger network.  These offices are located in San Diego, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Phoenix, Houston, New York, Seattle, Dallas, Tucson, Chicago, Florida and New Jersey, among other places.  The investigation established that young women are used as drug mules between the U.S. and Mexico, and also as bait for kidnappings.  In addition to using women with a criminal record, the cartels also recruit U.S. latina gang members.  The U.S. authorities used communication towers to monitor cell phone and radio communications used by the cartel in Tijuana, Mexico.  Through the 50,000 surveillance recordings, the DOJ came to know how the cartels were physically expanding into the U.S. The case is due to go to trial with 46 defendants. (Note: graphic shows the Mexican cartels using gangs to dominate territory and sell drugs retail. It lists pandilla, or gang, and the cartel affiliation)

La Hora  (Guatemala)    1/6/2011     

Alcoholism Reaches Epidemic Levels

Guatemala’s Vice President Rafael Espada notes that alcoholism is a “big” problem, and that the epidemic is affecting the country politically, socially and economically.  He said that although the liquor companies earn much money, the government is spending more money than it has to handle the problems caused by alcohol use.  He continued that domestic violence, vehicle accidents, absenteeism and lost productivity are just some of the social effects.  A committee has been formed to review laws and propose regulation of production, intake and sale of alcoholic beverages. Effort will also be made to educate the public to drink sensibly.

La Prensa (Honduras)  1/5/2011   TWO PHOTOS   you decide

Central America in a Drug Trafficking Crisis

(Tegucigalpa, Honduras)  The U.S. Ambassador in Mexico says the isthmus is entering an extremely critical vulnerability against drug trafficking, mainly the Mexican cartel, Los Zetas.  There are new levels of violence and confrontation being seen because the cartels use the region as a platform for cocaine shipments to U.S. consumers via Mexico.  The largest area is Guatemala, controlled by Los Zetas who have conquered the routes passing through the region, as well as trafficking amphetamines coming from India and Bangladesh.  The seriousness of the situation has caused the U.N. to send experts to document the new criminal phenomenon.

El Comercio  (Peru)  1/6/2011   

More Than 3100 Persons and 500 Homes Missing in Flooding

An emergency has been declared in a remote district in Peru due to massive flooding after 3 straight days of rains, which continues.  The road into the area has had 12 small landslides.  The local government has asked for help with tents, roofing sheets, blankets, quilts, tools, clothing, food and  water from the regional and national government. (Note: Other areas of Central and South America are also reporting serious flooding and landslides, with both Brazil and Guatemala reporting deaths.)

Domestic News – United States

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Idaho police: Man stole cop car to be deported
Wounded Arizona deputy fired over press statements
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Immigration: At what cost to schools?
Making Cocaine
Judge Orders Forfeiture of Colombian Drug Money

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