Border patrol agent’s parents still looking for answers three weeks later

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El Economista (Mexico)  1/4/2011  

33 Million Mexicans Lack Education

The Director of the National Institute for Adult Education said that according to the 2009 census, 5.8 million or 7% of the population are illiterate, 10 million have no Primary and 17 million no Secondary
education.  He continued that after age 40, this lack of schooling is more accentuated.  He also noted that the count does not include the non-Spanish speaking indigenous. Among reasons for the young leaving school are today’s low salaries even with a high school and college education.

La Hora  (Ecuador)  1/4/2011

Ecuador’s Oil will have budget of about USD $4 Billion

(Quito) Between January and October 2010, Ecuador, the smallest member of OPEC,  exported 339, 000 barrels a day of oil at an average price of $70.38 per barrel.  Ecuador is joining with Venezuela in building a petrochemical plant and an oil field in the Amazon rain forest. Petroecuador is also seeking investors to increase production by 7 to 15% at five of its mature fields in the Amazon which produce 120,000 barrels a day.

El Nuevo Diario (Nicaragua)  1/4/2011

First Blow Against Drug Traffickers by Navy

The Nicaraguan Navy attempted to intercept a suspicious boat in the Caribbean which failed to yield even with a warning shot.  The five people made it to the beach and ran for the house of a known drug trafficker with police right behind them.  Two were caught, and on inspection of the boat, 13 bags were found supposedly of marijuana.

Blog del Narco  (Mexico)  1/4/2011  

Hijackers Posing as Zetas

Nine members of the Church of Santa Muerte including the leader, David Romo, and all wearing white, were arrested and charged with extortion and kidnappings on behalf of Los Zetas.    The Attorney General for the Federal District affirms sufficient evidence prosecution.  Confessions by two men state they had participated as members of the Mexican Mafia in the U.S.  (The “Santa Muerte” cult has become popular among drug traffickers in Mexico, in part because followers believe the skeletal figure of the female “saint” may protect them from death or arrest.)

Blog del Narco  (Mexico)  1/4/2011    

Matamoros has no Public Safety Director

Tamaulipas has become one of the most violent states in Mexico where citizens often witness frequent executions, shootings, and more violence, noting authorities have left and are doing nothing to stop it.  The Mayor says that retired general Jesus Martinez Martinez has not presented himself to take the oath.  He has not been heard from since last Tuesday, when he notified the Municipal Public Safety office that he had received threats from cartel.

-five blockades by cartel; grenades & gunfire / MX Marines-Apodaca,
Nuevo Leon
-four in family assassinated in Guerrero
-three youth, one 13 yrs, shot in Monterrey

Domestic News – United States

Border patrol agent’s parents still looking for answers three weeks later
Obama Administration Expands Role of Homeland Security Department to
Secure Borders of Afghanistan
Mexican Fugitives Fill Huge Wanted Poster -151 Mexican prison escapees; near Laredo, Texas
Mexican cartel violence prompts calls for bigger National Guard deployment along the border
Sex offender nabbed after crossing border near Calexico-California
Mexico plans immigration shake-up
Border, Parks Agencies To Announce Border Crossing-Texas
500 Pounds Netted By Border Agents-Texas
Identity Mystery: Canada has no idea who this prisoner is
Coca-growing in Peru’s Amazon
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one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

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