Guatemala: Food Crisis Forecast March 2011

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La Hora (Guatemala)   12-15-2010

Guatemala: Food Crisis Forecast March 2011

As a result of bad decisions in government programs, the indigenous farmer group Agrarian Platform issued a warning of a food crisis, expected to worsen in March of next year.  The prices of basic grains and other agricultural products will increase, with  loss of crops due to the recent cold causing the increase to be higher.  Farmers are saying that they have no money and no food.  The report said 70% of indigenous communities live in extreme poverty and lack access to land (to grow food).  The group warned that until the government provides productive resources for communities, it will be difficult to overcome poverty.

La Prensa
(Honduras)  12-15-2010

Honduras and Colombia Joining to Combat Human Trafficking

(Tegucigalpa, Honduras)  Honduras and Colombia officials today began a 3 day meeting aimed at strengthening joint effort to combat human trafficking.  The meeting “is a forum for the exchange of experiences and good practices”.   The vice chancellor said, according to a press release, that trafficking in persons “has been escalating in Honduras, and is linked to the increased flow of migrants leaving the country in search of opportunities to the United States.”

  (Mexico)  12-15-2010  

Army burned several tons of drugs

(Tijuana, Baja California) This week the Mexican Army burned quantities of various seized drugs.  Over 5 tons of marijuana, more than 100 pounds of methamphetamine, 104, 000 psycho trophic pills, about 27 pounds of heroin and over 7 pounds of cocaine were incinerated.  The drugs were seized by various authorities.

El Comercio
  (Peru)  12-15-2010     

Soldier Killed During Battle with Narco-terrorists

A battle with narco-terrorists yesterday in the area of Pampa Hermosa in the province of Satipo (Junín) that left one soldier dead and seven injured has been confirmed by the Joint Command of the Armed Forces (CCFFAA).  The attack came after the military had seized communications equipment,  ammunition, medicines and other material.  The military expressed condolences to the families of the dead and injured, and reaffirmed its commitment to intensify the search for narco-terrorists.

Blog del Narco
  (Mexico)  2-15-2010   

Three executed in Ciudad Juárez; count now over 3, 100 in 2010

Three people were killed Tuesday in a southeast Ciudad Juarez neighborhood.  According to the Attorney General, the number of murders in the city now exceeds 3, 100 so far this year.  The high rate of killings is attributed to organized crime in the border area with the United States.

Mexico Armado

(First, it was Don Alejo who stood up to the cartel gunmen and died defending his ranch.  Now a small mountain town has chosen to pick up weapons too, and fight back in self defense of their homes.)

Civilians take their guns and fight back at gunmen, 5 Dead, women and
children injured

In a small mountain town of less than 1, 000 people, at least 20 armed
cartel gunmen entered and began shooting into the homes after blockading the town’s entrance.  They then moved to the center of town, and opened fire on the church while people were there praying to the Virgin of Guadalupe.  Two pair of brothers were killed, and five women and three children wounded in total.  After the attack, the residents organized, armed themselves and fought back.  They killed one, wounded several of the attackers and the gunmen fled in vehicles with flat tires.  Later in the day, another body was found that was apparently one of the gunmen.

Domestic News – United States

Congressman Calls on Obama to Take Illegal Immigration ‘Seriously’ Following Death of Border Agent
ICE: D.C. drug plan tied to cartel
Authorities Release New Info in American’s Shooting Death on U.S. Border Lake
Alien Sentenced For Illegal Re-entry-New Orleans -Reentry after deportation is a felony; 5 yr. sentence this time
Fugitive Extradited from Mexico to Face Trial -Man Associated with Drug Tunnel Case Fled to Mexico Before 2001 Trial
Parking Spot Serves as Gateway to Drug Smuggling-Arizona
Changes aim to make the border safer in Nogales
Immigrants Make Paths to Suburbia, Not Cities
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We have room for but one flag, the American flag…and we have room for but
one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

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