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DEA: El Chapo is in Costa Rica

December 14, 2010

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El Diario  (Mexico)  12-13-2010

DEA:  El Chapo is in Costa Rica

(San Jose) The Sinaloa cartel, led by Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, has moved its operations to Costa Rica, a country with a short history of drug trafficking enroute to America. The DEA in San Jose (Costa Rica) said today that the cartel is established in Costa Rica, with bases and drug warehouses.  The Sinaloa cartel is now firmly established with the Costa Ricans and Columbian’s, which includes operating bases and warehouses.

La Hora (Guatemala)  12-13-2010

Opinion:  Conspicuous Government Absence

WikiLeaks has so far not produced any surprises in Guatemala because the communications only confirm what we already know,  that the drug trade flourishes in this country due to the absence governmental control over vast tracts of national territory and its border with Mexico. The abandoned border has encouraged mainly smuggling to the detriment of the country, but also allows the movement of goods without paying import taxes.  U.S. officials are concerned about the poor control of the border with Mexico, where there are over a hundred crossing points that are unmanned. Everything from toothpaste to sophisticated weapons used by drug cartels cross this border using the armored vehicles.  The essential function of the Guatemalan Army must be securing Guatemalan borders to guarantee territorial integrity.  But unfortunately the armed forces do not bother with this. Democratic institutions are back and every day there is less governmental presence throughout the country, due to shadowy forces which benefit from the loss of national sovereignty. Maybe the leak of documents will concern and shame our authorities to correct these serious gaps, which otherwise will be automatically filled by drug trafficking. (Note: yesterday it came out that the U.S. has 30, 000 agents on the U.S.-Mexico border, yet Mexico only has 125 police officers on its southern border with Guatemala.  This Guatemalan paper has a second editorial today on the same issue, entitled Guatemalan Weakness Disclosed by the U.S.)


Blog del Narco  12-12-2010                      

Guadalajara Cardinal Sends Message to Cartels

The cardinal of Guadalajara, Juan Salvador Iniguez, referring to the
violence during a festival of the Virgin de Guadalupe which left 11
dead, said that whatever the deeper reason for the massacre, the
religious message of Our Lady has not been taken seriously.  He
continued that the men who shot people at a religious celebration did not respect sacred things and that is inexcusable.

 (Mexico)  12-13-2010

Care for Addiction Not in Budget

(Guamuchil, Sinaloa) There is no budget to combat addiction, said
Germán León Guerrero, President of the Sinaloan Addictions Council.  He continued that it is time for addiction treatment and prevention to be officially planned in the expense budgeting of states and municipalities. and blamed lack of funding on the current administration.


Again today, much of the Spanish media had several items on killings and bodies found, which were so numerous it would take pages to list all of them (Count over 45 past 5 days).  Many of these are accompanied by gruesome photos, which is common and acceptable in that culture. What seems clear is that the various levels of government have minimal control of criminality throughout much of Central America and Mexico, and as the cartels spread out, the violence will increase, and likely push people to flee for their own safety.  The U.S. is already seeing some Mexicans coming here and seeking protection.

Domestic News – United States

U.S. Has Biggest Illegal Immigration Problem In The World
Three DEA El Paso Fugitives Extradited from Mexico
Yuma Border Patrol agents arrest four suspects and seize eight bundles of pot-Arizona
Mexican Drug Lords versus U.S. Militia
ICE and local law enforcement arrest nine in Wyoming during drug operation-(5 of the 9 are aliens)
Eight Arrested in Crackdown on Colombian Drug Gang
Border Patrol seizes 450 pounds of marijuana-Texas
Report: Border Patrol limited along much of Northern border
Meth dealer tied to Mexican drug cartel gets 20 years – La Famila-Washington
Drug Crew Used Police-Equipped Crown Victoria to Rob Rivals-Arizona
(The use of cloned vehicles has been seen before, and include Border
Patrol, sheriff, highway trucks)
-end of report-

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