Over the Weekend: Cartel Shootings Kill More than Thirty-four People

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El Universal  (Mexico)  12/12/2010    

Tecalitlán:  Cartel Shooting Kills 13

(Guadlajara)  The mariachi band sang to the Virgen de Guadalupe during a festival with 500 people in this southern Jalisco municipality.  Suddenly, gunfire from assault rifles and grenade blasts changed the holiday tradition into mourning this year.  Eight unarmed people were immediately killed, and 22 injured. Among those were women and children, one the 2 year old son of the mayor.    The state attorney said others died during treatment, and still others were found in a charred van and elsewhere.  Of particular note, the state governor and other some government authorities remained silent.



Blog del Narco (Mexico) 12/12/2010        

Apatzingan Suffers Fourth Day of Clashes

Apatzingan is in a state of siege after four days of clashes between La Familia Michoacána cartel gunmen and hundreds of both federal police and Mexican military.  The area boss of the cartel, Nazario Moreno Gonzalez, known as El Chayo, was killed by authorities during a gunfight last week.  This started the current siege. The cartel burned five cargo vehicles to block intersections leading to the port and at various other locales.  Without police or military, commercial vehicles are being robbed, and the toll booths for a nearby road are abandoned due to the risk.  Clinics and the hospital have suspended operations except for emergency services.  Some residents have died due to vehicle crashes trying to avoid roadblocks and gunmen.  The state governor, Leonel Godoy Rangel, called an urgent meeting of leaders and PRI party coordinators.



El Diario  (Mexico)  12/12/2010

March in Support of La Familia Michoacána (Related to the above)

(Apatzingan)  About 500 people demonstrated today against the presence of federal police and defended the cartel ‘La familia Michoacána’.  Protestors carried Mexican flags and blankets of the Virgen de Guadalupe along banners saying,  “Viva la Familia Michoacána”,  “Nazario lives in our hearts” (he was the local cartel leader killed by police last week), “ Out PFP (Federal police) from Michoacán.  Mr. Governor, we want peace and tranquility”.  The cartel’s tentacles have spread to other adjoining states, including Guerrero, where seven men were assassinated Sunday.



El Comercio (Peru)  12/12/2010

PERU:  Electronic ID cards will be Issued Beginning June 2011

Peruvians will get a new electronic National Identity Document, which will allow Peru to have more secure and effective identification for its population.  Acquisition of the equipment will cost over $4 million.  The new document will be similar to a credit card, and have a machine readable electronic chip containing a photo, fingerprint and other data.  Due to the cost of the ID, the change to the newer card will be voluntary.



La Hora  (Guatemala)  12/11/2010    

Fifteen Zetas Arrested by Guatemalan Police who Aided Escape of Hit man

(Malacatán, San Marcos)  Guatemalan police have arrested 15 Zetas who broke a hit man out of prison.  Elmer Galdámez Aroldo Celada killed a football player, but police failed to recapture him as he is presumed to have fled to Mexico. Those arrested were transported under very heavy security to the maximum security prison in the capital.



(Mexico)  12/12/2010

Food Costs Up by 115 Per Cent

(Mexico City)  The National Farmer’s Confederation says that under President Felipe Calderón, the cost of food has risen by 115 per cent.  The increase is blamed on increased fuel costs and loss of subsidies for agricultural diesel. Research by the UNAM university found that in both the city and rural areas, Mexican workers have 40% less food now than 4 years ago.  It concluded that with low income and higher costs, 30 million people do not have enough to eat.


El Universal
 (Mexico)   12/12/2010    

Mexicans Returning Home for Christmas Lose $150 Million to Police Extortion

(Mexico City)  According to a study, it is estimated that Mexicans returning home at Christmas lose about $150 million to extortion by federal, state and municipal police. Nearly 2 million Mexicans living in the United States will return this holiday.  It notes that the nationals are often extorted at checkpoints and pay $50-100 to be allowed to proceed.  The Secretary of Immigrant Affairs, Edmundo Ramirez Martinez, said that some returning by driving are extorted as many as seven times by local and state police.



Other news from the Blog del narco http://www.blogdelnarco.com

  • Fourteen people Executed Saturday (12/11/2010) in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua
  • U.S. has 30,000 Agents on the Mexican border, Mexico has 125 police on its southern border

Domestic News – United States

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