Armed Group Releases Alleged Murderer of a Football Player in Malacatán

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La Hora (Guatemala)  12/8/2010

Armed Group Releases Alleged Murderer of a Football Player in Malacatán

An armed group attacked a police prison in San Marcos and broke out an accused kidnapper/murderer of Carlos Mercedes Vasquez, a football
player who was found dismembered on Nov. 28.  Zelaya Aroldo Galdámez Elmer was arrested Dec. 5 in Malacatán.  The escape was carried out by at least 20 men with military-type weapons at 2:45 in the morning.
One police officer was killed and four agents were wounded.  A
civilian was also killed and his 10 year old daughter wounded.
President Alvaro Colom said that the escapee would be stopped and
recaptured.  It is believed the attack and escape was done by
criminals linked to the Zetas.

(Note: the Zetas are a Mexican cartel who defected from the MX military.  If now operating across the border in another country, it could indicate they are spreading their influence through violence and intimidation southward.)

(Photo Caption:  “Two people died and at least five were injured in the release of a man accused of kidnapping the Malacateco Deportivo player.”)


Cuarto Poder (Mexico)  12/8/2010

Two Drug Arrests

(Tapachula) Federal agents separately raided two houses and seized 26 bundles of marijuana.  The raids were the result of a search warrant obtained by knowledge the homes were used for drug sales.

Tapachula is located on the Pacific coast a short distance from the
border of Guatemala.)


Diario Xalapa (Mexico)  12/8/2010

U.S. Denies 25% of Mexican Visa Applicants

(Mexico City) This past year, out of 1.4 million Mexicans who applied
for a temporary tourist visa for the U.S., 25 per cent were denied
according to the Consul general of the U.S. Embassy.  He explained the
applicants must have strong ties to their home country and intend to
return to it and not reside in the U.S.  He further explained there
are no economic or racial criteria. Beginning in 2011, applicants will
be able to apply online for free, and pay the $140 fee electronically
or at one of two authorized banks.  Biometric data will be taken at
service centers operated by a private company.  Appointments can be
made through a website or a new telephone number.


Prensa Libre  (Guatemala)  12/8/2010                        

Juarochos exodus: Thousands Leave Ciudad Juarez in Fear

(Ciudad Juarez, Mexico) It is called the exodus of juarochos:
thousands of Mexicans who migrated in recent decades to Ciudad Juarez, the most violent city in the country, have returned in recent months to their origins due to fear of crime.  About 2,300 persons from
Veracruz have returned on charter flights.  They had gone to work in
the factories (maquilas) in Northern Mexico after NAFTA was approved
in 1994.  Diego Ramirez, with two sons and grandmother of 76, said
they had to leave a nearly paid for house empty or face the
possibility of a shootout.  He left the keys with a neighbor to see if
it could be rented out.  It’s estimated 14, 000 migrants from Veracruz
have returned on flights paid by the Veracruz government and others on their own.  A study by the university in Juarez estimates there are at least 32, 868 abandoned houses in the city.  Almost all those leaving said it was due to increase in violence which so far this year has seen more than 2, 700 homicides, an increase of over 1, 000 from 2009.


Of 12 different sites perused today, every single one had items on
violence, either cartel-related or just lawlessness.  This was
throughout South & Central America, as well of course, Mexico.  Most often these related to bodies found, shootouts and assassinations, and attacks. These paint a graphic and vivid picture of countries either ruled more by criminals than any governing entities, or bordering on atotal lack of any control at all.

Domestic News – United States

Border Agents Seize Pot, Arrest Alleged Smugglers-Arizona
-tracked smugglers seven miles
MVD Employee Provided Drug Ring with IDs-Arizona
Smuggling From The Water On The Rise; Border Patrol Increases Imperial Beach Patrols-California
Second illegal alien pleads guilty to gang rape of 6-year-old girl-Virginia
Two Smugglers Linked to Mexico Migrant Massacre Arrested in El Salvador
Seeking relief for illegal immigrants fleeing violence
Ecuadorian Troops Seize Ammo Cache on Colombian Border
Illegal alien sentenced to prison for raping foster mom-Virginia
More Than 2 Tons of Cocaine Seized in Panama
Officials Say Rio Slum Raids Netted 518 Weapons, 34 Tons of Drugs
-end of report-

We have room for but one flag, the American flag…and we have room for but
one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

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