Guatemalan Children Often Working in Prostitution, Contract Killings and Fireworks Factories

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La Hora (Guatemala) 12/6/2010 PHOTO

Children Often Working in Prostitution, Contract Killings and Fireworks Factories

Vice president Rafael Espada says contract killings, prostitution and working in fireworks factories are the most frequent forms of child exploitation in Gutemala. He indicated there are no clear statistics. He continued that it is unacceptable in the 20th Century that child labor still exists, and blamed it on a disorganized economy forcing families to send children to work. In the long term, it will need fair wages, better agricultural distribution, more organized economy and productivity and family integration to eradicate child labor. On the other side, President Alvaro Colom was given an award for his early childhood public policy which provides comprehensive care to children from birth to 6 years of age. The president said that 1, 971,000 children had been helped through the Mi Familia Progresa programs and thousands of others through the nutrition program.

El Universal (Mexico) 12/6/010

There are these headlines on violence:

  • Kindergarten school burned for not paying extortion
  • Four executed in Acapulco
  • Six killed in Juarez
  • Charred bodies identified in Sinaloa
  • Owner of a Monterrey bar shot and killed

La Prensa (Honruras) 12/6/2010

Police Patrols in Commercial Areas of San Pedro

Uniformed and plain clothes police officers are operating in commercial areas of the city to provide security for thousands doing their Christmas shopping. (San Pedro is the 2nd largest city with over 800,000 people, and is a major transportation hub for the country and an industrial center).


El Comercia (Peru) 12/6/2010

Spy Sentenced to 25 Years Imprisonment

Victor Ariza was sentenced to 25 years in prison for selling classified information to Chili, considered a crime of treason in time of peace. He also has to pay S/700,000 or about $248,000 US. The prosecution had asked for 35 years and a civil amount of one million Sols.

Domestic News – United States

More than 18.5 tons of pot seized in South Texas busts
U.S. trains Mexico’s Marines for drug war
Mexico Boom Obscures Harm to Small Firms by Drug War
lllegal immigrant pleads guilty, gets life sentence-Texas
Agents assist in locating weapons-Yuma
Ecstasy Interdiction by CBP at Pembina, North Dakota
Recent case is example of brutality, lawlessness along U.S./Mexico border
Albuquerque Man Arrested After Finding Drugs Hidden In Gas Tank
Is Paraguay the ‘Nerve Center’ of the Global Jihad?
Mexico: Sedena: red alert over possible U.S. intervention
‘You lose your freedom, whether you’re a journalist or not’: Reporting Mexico’s drug wars
Why Skilled Immigrants Are Leaving the U.S.
Police Patrols in domestic area of San Pedro
New Immigration Changes May Impact Miami’s Cubans
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2 Responses to “Guatemalan Children Often Working in Prostitution, Contract Killings and Fireworks Factories”

  1. Laura Says:

    Has someone infiltrated your site? At the bottom of your great M3 Report which I read everyday, it says SAY NO TO AMNESTY and underneath it says VOTE YES ON THE DREAM ACT! What is going on??? The Dream (read Nightmare) Act is an Amnesty! Is the BP now condoning amnesty?

    • m3report Says:

      We are not seeing where there is a statement requesting a yes vote on the Dream Act. For the record, NAFBPO is adamantly


      the Dream Act. Please let us know if you still see it.

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