Don Alejo, the Story of a Hero Who Fought Against the Narcos

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Milenio (Mexico) 12/2/2010

Don Alejo, the Story of a Hero Who Fought Against the Narcos

The story of Don Alejandro Garza Tamez, the timber businessman who refused to give up his ranch in Tamaulipas for drug trafficking and defended it with multiple weapons, became the most commented item on Twitter. Thousands have expressed their opinion regarding this case; some blamed the absence of authorities for the attack, while others noted the defense of Rancho San José by the employer who was  77 years of age. Some want to put up a statue of Don Alejo, dedicate the name of a tequila, or bring the story to the big screen and write a ballad.

The history of the Mexican businessman threatened by drug traffickers, who died after facing them alone and killing four of the assassins who tried to take his ranch, has hit and invaded Mexican society with many social networks showing admiration and support. (Note: the word ‘Don’ is a title of respect for a man who is considered a true gentleman, or of nobility.)  The link below has video of the ranch, which although in Spanish, shows the damage caused by the assassins, and at the bottom the ballad, called a narcocorrido, telling his story.


Cuarto Poder (Mexico) 12/2/2010

Southern Cross Border Meeting Concludes

(San Cristobal de la Casas) The first meeting for the exchange of experiences and transborder cooperation between Mexico and Guatamala concluded Wednesday.  The aim was to create a platform of mutual knowledge and understanding for growth and development. Participants concluded that since Mexico and Guatemala share the same problems of poverty, migration youth problems and drug trafficking, they can find solutions together.


El Universal (Mexico) 12/2/2010

U.S. Improves Visa Formalities, Lowers Cost

As of January 10, 2011. the procedure for a visa has changed at the Embassy and Consulates of the United States. Applcants must go to service centers where staff will take biometric information to be reviewed by the consular section before the interview in the Consular Section.  The total cost for the visa will be lower. The cost will remain $140 for a tourist visa, $150 for an appeal and $390 for traders and investors.  Applicants renewing a visa will only have to go to the nearest service center to present documents and have fingerprints taken.  U.S. authorities explained the process will take less time, and said clarification could be found on their website.


Frontera (Mexico) 12/2/2010

Year 2010, ‘El Chapo’ is still free

(Mexico City) The year 2010 was very productive and dealt substantial blows to major drug cartels. Despite heavy civilian casualties, dangerous organized crime boses were captured. However, the most important heads of drug trafficking are still free. The article goes on to list each of the main people.  It closes saying the head of the Zetas has a ranch with tigers and lions who he feeds some of his victims to.


Organizacion Editorial Mexicana (Mexico) 12/2/2010 PHOTO

Regional Head of the Zetas for Hidalgo Arrested

(Mexico City) Eduardo Valencia Ramírez, alias “El Profe”, identified as Zeta chief in the state of Hidalgo, was arrested. He was responsible for drug trafficking between Panama, Dominican Republic and the U.S., in addition to being responsible for drug and arms trafficking in the states of Hidalgo, Veracruz and Tamaulipas. This is the first arrest of a Zeta arranging major drug shipments to Mexico and the United States.  El profe is known to be a close associate of Heriberto Lazcana, ‘El Lazca’, one the Mexican military elite who defected and formed the Zetas, considered one of the country’s most violent drug cartels and accused of the spiraling clashes and killings in northeastern Mexico.

Domestic News – United States

Kiosks let travelers skip long passport control lines
Drug Cartel-Related Murders Exceed 10,000 for Year So Far, per Mexican Newspaper Tally
Mexican cartel murders unarmed woman brave enough to take police chief job men didn’t want
Horry County wants to implement immigration program-SOUTH CAROLINA
Tijuana top cop who fought cartels is out of a job
Thai-Spanish Passport Ring Linked to Terror Attacks
Mexican National Sentenced to Prison for Re-entering Country
Held as slaves, now free-NEW JERSEY

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