Calderon: Drug War Will Not Go Away and We have to Face It

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Milenio (Mexico) 11/30/2010
Calderon: Drug War Will Not Go Away and We have to face It

(Mexico City) President Felipe Calderon said until his last day in office, he will fight crime and drug trafficking, and that a government that does not defend it’s citizens is not a good government as people ask for help and ‘we are obligated to give it.” He insisted the goal of his administration is to deal with organized crime in every aspect. He acknowledged that drug trafficking will continue to exist.

Milenio (Mexico) 11/30/2010

American Murdered in Juarez Makes 36 This Year

(Ciudad Juarez) An American was killed inside a home in Ciudad Juarez today, which makes the 36th American killed so far this year. The 35 year old woman was found with several bullet wounds. Ciudad Juarez is considered the most violent city in Mexico, recording more than 2, 700 murders this year, with a daily average of 8 murders.


El Comercio (Peru) 11/29/2010 (PHOTO)

‘Comrade Ivan’ was captured this morning by the PNP, had killed over 30 people

Juan Carmen Maxi Jonel, known as “Comrade Ivan”, 27, was captured today in the town of Ancon Lima. The suspected Shining Path terrorist is accused of involvement in several riots. He had participated in an ambush which killed 8 policemen, another that killed an agent, a Health Ministry official and a Justice of the Peace. He is also believed to have targeted 15 citizens that were helping the security forces and refused to pay quotas. (Photo of John Carmen Maxi Jonel – alias “Comrade Ivan” follows.)

Cuarto Poder (Mexico) 11/30/2010 (PHOTO)

Are there drugs, bullets and weapons?

At the request of managers and parents of nine schools in the capital, “Operation Safe Backpack” was implemented. There were no weapons, ammunition or drugs found. The backpacks of 13,136 students were searched at 6 middle schools and 3 high schools.


La Hora (Guatemala) 11/30/2010 (PHOTO)

Estimated 25, 000 Violent Deaths during the Current Administration

According to a report of the Human Rights of the Guatamalan Archdiocese violence in Guatemala has increased during the past four administrations. Most deaths were caused by organized crime and gangs. Almost half of the people surveyed rated the government as doing a bad or very bad job in combating violence. Nery Rodinez, director of the Human Rights office, said “Violence can be prevented by working with children and adolescents…”

Domestic News – United States

Boat loaded with marijuana seized off Oceanside; two aboard arrested-CA
Do-it-yourself border patrol: one man’s vigil with a gun and spotlight-AZ
Border Patrol arrests 9 on Coronado beach-CA
Lawmaker proposes volunteer force for border-AZ
Four years on, drug war bleeds Mexican heartland
Illegal immigrant given 72 months in assault on 2 Nogales border agents-AZ
Agents seize more than 3,000 pounds of pot-AZ
Police Accused Of Not Providing Adequate Translation Services-RI
Population, Immigration, and the Drying of the American Southwest

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one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

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