Guatemalans: Some deported more than once from U.S.

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La Hora (Guatemala) 11/23/2010 

Deported Again and Again from the United States

(Guatemala) Thousands of Guatemalans are deported from the United States each year, but the situation in their villages and towns is not much better than it was when they first left, so it is estimated that about 95 percent try to return after the “American Dream” regardless of the life threatening risks they will face during their journey North.  Guatemalan unemployment has tripled over the past 5 years.

Currently the Directorate General of Immigration has reported air deportations total of 25, 154 Guatemalans from the U.S. during the first ten months of this year.

During the air deportations from January to November 8 this year, there have been 22,431 men and 2,271 women, 410 have been male minors and 42 female minors returned to Guatemala.

The months of July, August and September are the largest reported number of deportations to Guatemala. Last year 27,222 were repatriated by Guatemalan air.

El Imparcial (Mexico) 11/23/2010

Physicians ask Authorities to Protect Hospitals

(Ciudad Juarez) Juarez medical authorities have asked all three levels of government to guard public and private hospitals so that organized crime can’t break in to finish off their victims. The protection should be deployed even for the Red Cross paramedics that pick up the injured. The position of the doctors was raised at a meeting of the Ciudad Juarez Journalists Association who were asked to disseminate the information without distortion.

_______________________ (Mexico) 11/23/2010

Government Considers Anti-crime Position

(Xalapa, Veracruz) During the National Governor’s Conference,  Interior Minister Francisco Blake Mora, said the government is willing to adjust its policy to combat organized crime.  “The federal government is determined to make adjustments (…) to more effectively combat crime,” he said.
“The real choice is to face the problem of security in a comprehensive way and that means dealing with all its costs today, tomorrow may be too late,” he warned.


Milenio (Mexico) 11/22/2010

He Defended his Ranch to the Death

(Monterrey)  The cartel demanded Don Alejo Garza Tamez surrender his property. The 77 year old man refused and barricaded himself in his farm, killing 4 of them and wounding 2 bombers.

When Mexican Marines arrived at the ranch outside of Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, they saw a bleak scenario with the main house half destroyed by gunfire and grenades. Outside were four dead bodies and two unconscious wounded subjects. Inside there was only one body, Don Alejandro, owner and timber businessman.  Inspection found weapons and ammunition at all the doors and windows.  In the end, they found the man had designed his own defense strategy to fight alone.  On Nov. 13, a group of men had told him he had 24 hours to deliver his property to them.  With almost 8 decades of life, he told them he would not give them his property, and would be there waiting, he said flatly.  He told his employees not to come to work the next day, and spent the night preparing.  At 4am, they came. After a violent gunfight where the farmer seemed to be everywhere, they tried grenades against him.  After several of them were killed and a quick reconnaissance, they chose to leave as they believed the military would soon arrive.

Shortly after the Marines arrived, and slowly, patiently reconstructed the events, they found just a rancher, a man who loved his property more than anything in the world and literally defended it to the death.  In the last hunt of his life, Don Alejo surprised the group of assassins who wanted to impose the law of the jungle on his ranch.  These Marines will never forget the scene: a 77 year old man swept away four gunmen before he died fighting as the best soldier, with dignity, honor and courage.

Rest in peace Don Alejo Garza Tamez.

Domestic News – United States

Large Drug Bust Down South-Mississippi
Cornyn: U.S. cannot ignore escalating violence in Mexico
America’s Third War: Uncovering Border Tunnels
State legislators consider Arizona-style crackdown on illegal immigrants
Unmanned craft aid border effort
Mexico: Colima State Governor’s Murder Unrelated To Drug Trafficking – Official
Patriot group seeks Arizona-style immigration law in Iowa
Already rare, driving privileges for illegal immigrants may soon disappear
Martinez faces tough road ahead for repeal of driver’s licenses-New Mexico
Martinez is the Governor-elect of New Mexico

We have room for but one flag, the American flag…and we have room for but
one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

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3 Responses to “Guatemalans: Some deported more than once from U.S.”

  1. pf Says:

    I salute you, Don Alejo Garza Tamez, for having the guts to defend what was yours to the death. This man should become a legend and should be the rallying cry for all upstanding and caring Mexicans. Liken him to Arizona rancher Rob Krentz , whose ranch had been in his family for 100years. When he was gunned down, a great awakening of the citizenry occurred. Arizonians were not going to take it anymore. Of course the donkey-headed idiots in Washington were bound and determined to ram it down our throats (open borders and legalization of illegals) and now, with their lame duck Congress, and their lame brains, they are taking parting shots with unpopular legislation at the head of which is the Dream Act – the legalization of millions of illegals – the giveaway program we can ill afford. How many times have they tried to ram this down our throats? We have to fight back and fight back HARD! This cannot be allowed to happen.

  2. Phil Says:

    I have noticed that several of your links are published in Spanish only. Is there a way that you can make them available in English so that I can read them and share the information you are posting with my family and friends?

    • Al Ferguson Says:

      Phil, they are in Spanish as NAFBPO extracts and condenses the material from Mexican and Central and South American on-line media

      If you want the full article, you can go to the link and then try translating using an internet translator. Be aware these do not always accurately translate, as often there are no English words for the Spanish. That is when we have to infer the intent of the writer and put it into understandable English.

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