Kidnappers captured during victim rescue

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El Universal (Mexico) 11/22/2010

Six Kidnappers Detained during Victim Rescue

(Mexico City) Charges were filed against six men allegedly belonging to a gang of kidnappers, led by an inmate in Santa Martha Prison identified by the nickname of “Moy”. Members of this gang may be related to two other kidnappings.

An anonymous tip led members of the Immediate Reaction Task Force (GERI) to a house in Miguel de la Madrid in lztapalapa, where the handcuffed and blindfolded victim was rescued and suspects detained. Authorities also found twenty bundles of marijuana at the home, but were unable to recover the $300,000 ransom paid.

The victim, a carpenter had been kidnapped on November 8th and a 3 million dollar ransom was demanded, which was later negotiated down to 300 thousand dollars.


El Econimista (Mexico) 11/18/2010

Los Zetas Leader Dies in Tabasco Clash with Police

Villahermosa – The state Attorney General reported the head of Los Zetas in Tabasco, Gabriel Garcia Carballo, known as ‘The Arab’, was killed in a clash with police. The incident occurred in the mountain town of Tacotalpa, when the Zetas opened fire after detecting the police. Three other Zetas were arrested, including the third in command, and both weapons and vehicles were seized.

El Mexicano (Mexico) 11/22/2010

Migrants Returning to Mexico Travel to Mexico use Convoys

Mexicio City – The Mexican government is recommending that migrants traveling Mexico’s roads should use convoys as a security measure. It further advised that it may provide escorts on some roads. Because many Mexicans return with new vehicles, money and goods, they should travel in the daytime and in groups. There is a program called ‘Trace your path’ to find the safest route to travel. This program is found at the website . About 12 million Mexicans live in the U.S. and send their money to Mexico. Due to the dangerous conditions, U. S. officials have told their citizens not to travel between Nuevo Laredo and Reynosa, and have banned all vehicle crossings by U.S. employees between Mexico and the United States.

El Universal (Mexico) Editorial 11/19/2010

A Soldier on Every Corner?

The editorial discusses weakened institutions, violence and opportunism of criminals that are making travel unsafe, much as it was during half of the 19th Century. In 1823, the growing insecurity led to use of the Mexican military, empowered to arrest and prosecute criminals. The military could prosecute without the intervention of a judge. It continues that history is repeating itself, with the military protecting travelers during the Holidays. But the military is feared due to defectors to organized crime (cartels). The editorial closes that although steps must be taken to protect people, there must be a long term solution, which is economic momentum and strength of civil institutions.
Frontera (Mexico) 11/22/2010

Several Items from Tijuana:

  • Three arrested for 7 Murders, including one hanging from bridge
  • Warning for those under 21, do not cross into Mexico
  • Body hung from bridge, another dismembered in suitcase, both with narco messages left.
  • Two bodies found burned in car
Cuarto-Poder (Mexico) 11/22/2010

Increased Fuel Smuggling from Mexico to Guatemala

(Chiapas) Fuel smuggling from Mexico to Guatemala is constant, and the Guatemalan Assn. of Gasoline Retailers believes the amount reaches 1.5 million gallons a month. Young people can be seen carrying drums of gasoline on the banks of the River Suchiate. Trucks stock up with dozens of drums in border municipalities, in the presence of the state police, and then take them to the river banks without problem.


Domestic News – United States

Chile Arrests 20 for Migrant Trafficking
-Pakistanis to N. America via Chile
Refugees: no return to town hit by Mexico drug war
Obama quietly filling major U.S. cities with amnestied illegal aliens
Drywallers want level playing field
Reversals by immigration officials are sowing mistrust
Spanish Police Dismantle Drug Gang
-from Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Ukraine, Paraguay, Romania and the Dominican Republic
Extradition of Colombian Paramilitary Leader to The United States

We have room for but one flag, the American flag…and we have room for but
one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

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