Arizona boycott causes some monetary loss

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A proposal for Comprehensive Immigration Enforcement and Reform


Correo (Leon, Guanajuato) 11-18-10

Arizona suffers losses because of cancelled conferences after migratory law

Washington –AFP-The state of Arizona lost 141 million dollars because of cancelled conferences due to the boycott against the anti-immigrant law (SB-1070) according to a study released today by the Center for American Progress (CAP).

Passing of the law also resulted in the loss of 2,761 jobs says the CAP which is critical of the law known as SB-1070. The law, for the very first time in the country makes illegal immigration a violation of state law.


El Debate (Culiacan, Sinaloa) 11-18-10

Little girl hurt in gunshots directed at travelers

Guasave, Sinaloa – Hospital personnel in this city confirmed that Arline Michel Orozco was injured by a gunshot last night when the vehicle in which she was riding was fired upon on Mexican Highway 15. The family was en route to Michoacán from California in a caravan of three vehicles when unknown individuals opened fire on the group attempting to stop them. None of the caravan stopped but the little girl suffered a gunshot wound.


El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 11-18-10

Bogota, Colombia-agencias- The Colombian Army seized two tons of explosives during an operation against Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) in the southern part of the country, according to a military spokesman.

The explosives were destroyed by Colombian troops.


Domestic News – United States

ICE agents bust armed ‘drug convoy’ in San Benito-TX
America’s Third War: Texas Strikes Back-TX
‘Arizona-style’ bill, other anti-illegal immigrant measures filed in Texas
GOP Majority in House will push to end ‘birthright citizenship’
Regional Mexican newspapers keep quiet about cartel killings
Eleven alleged gang members killed by Mexican troops
-U.S. reinforced security at international crossings
Twelve arrested, two more sought in Nebraska gang raids
-targeting foreign-born Mara Salvatrucha & Sureños
$1.8 Million Seized In Drug Trafficking Operation in Arizona
Aircraft helps BP find $790,000 worth of pot in Arizona
Brazilian cops dismantle human-trafficking ring


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We have room for but one flag, the American flag…and we have room for but
one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

2 Responses to “Arizona boycott causes some monetary loss”

  1. Ralapleaply Says:

    Thanks for this post that explains the whole thing.

  2. lyn Says:

    The nation of Mexico now has some twenty million citizens born on Mexican soil living within the United States of America. 20,000,000.

    World War II found the United States placing fourteen and a half million persons residing in the United States (aliens were subject to the draft also) into uniform.

    The United States sent some two million six hundred thousand persons in military uniform to the combat zones of Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. 2,600,000

    The number of immigrants who were allowed in from Ellis Island was some ten to twelve million over fifty years. 10,000,000 – 12,000,000.

    The Mexican Migration of Mexican Citizens who stay Mexican Citizens into the United states is the largest demographic event in our history.

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