U.S. Spy Center in Mexico City

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A proposal for Comprehensive Immigration Enforcement and Reform


Proceso Magazine (Mexico) 11/14/2010

U.S. Spy Center in Mexico City

Located near the U.S. Embassy, the center has been at work since last August.

(Mexico City)The rise of drug trafficking in the country has opened the door to U.S. intelligence agencies, and given the U.S. what it always wanted with the permission of the government of Felipe Calderon.

Under the Office of Bi-national Intelligence, agents of the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, and Department of Justice (DEA, FBI and ATF), Homeland Security (Coast Guard, ICE) and Treasury (Terrorism & Financial Affairs) are headquartered here. Two satellite offices are in Ciudad Juarez and Tijuana. The scope of the OBI is similar to EPIC (El Paso Intelligence Center), operating since 1974. In practice the Mexicans are subordinate to the U.S. agencies, and used as country experts to guide the intelligence work.

Comments by a Mexican reader criticized President Calderon as Uncle Sam’s hit man paid with Mexican taxes, and continues that Calderon is a danger to Mexico. (Photo relates – caption translates:  “Out with FBI”)



El Imparcial (Mexico)

The invisible frontier
by Sergio Muñoz Bata

Mr. Bata, a political analyst, discusses the mid-term elections and the importance of the Hispanic vote. He says the Hispanic vote shows that it is not immovable, and that the immigration issue is an issue in certain states and certain circumstances. The election of Hispanics in New Mexico, Nevada and Florida show that the Hispanic vote is decisive when the election is close and the Hispanic vote is strong. Those candidates that took a hard line against illegal immigrants suffered the consequences only in the southwest and not the remainder of the country with few Latino votes. The Latino community is the fastest growing minority in the U.S. and by 2050 will be one fourth of the population. In a not too distant future, the mistreatment of undocumented will be unthinkable because politicians know the Latino vote will make the difference between victory and defeat. Thus, in the long term, it’s clear that the future of the two main political parties depend on the Hispanic vote

Sergio Muñoz Bata is a political analyst. He studied philosophy at the UNAM. He currently writes in 19 newspapers in twelve countries.


La Prensa (Honduras) 11/17/2010

Human rights were not created to defend drug traffickers

(Tegucigalpa, Honduras) The national Commissioner for Human Rights, Ramon Custodio, said human rights were not intended to protect individuals linked to drug traffickers. On October 31, gunmen opened fire on Escalon AFB, stealing a plane seized for drug trafficking.  An arrest warrant has been issued for the officers and soldiers involved. The Commissioner argues that the military offenders should be tried by a military court.


Domestic News – United States

Gunmen Kill Prison Official in Northern Mexico
-killings have topped 10,000 this year in Mexico.The newspaper Reforma, which included the figures in its “Ejecutometro” (Execution meter), said the dead included 637 police officers and 52 military personnel.


Texas – Border Patrol confiscates more than 11 tons of pot



Venezuela Makes Big Drug Seizure
-compared to the above, this seizure is not ‘big’ at 3 tons.


Matricula Consular Identity Games-Mike Cutler



Australian man seeking right to stay in Mexico sues immigration service over 4-month detention


Mexico’s Violent Murder Rate Is More Than Twice That of USA


Massachusetts – Governor’s 2nd Term To Focus On Helping Illegal Immigrants


Proof Terrorists Crossed Mexican Border (video)


Virginia Law Reduced Illegal Immigrants, Study Says


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We have room for but one flag, the American flag…and we have room for but
one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

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