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Weapons do not Solve Insecurity in Drug War, Juarez Mayor Says

November 16, 2010

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El Universal (Mexico) 11/15/2010

Mayor of Juarez: “ Weapons do not Solve Insecurity”

MEXICO CITY  In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Hector Murguia argued that the causes of violence are a lack of opportunities. He says his city has been forgotten by the governments of Mexico and the U.S.  The Mayor said, “The real causes that are creating insecurity in Juarez and throughout Mexico are the lack of opportunities, lack of education, impunity, lack of justice… it is a mixture of a lot of problems.”  He continued, “When people lose hope they will do anything (to improve their circumstances).”  Murguia criticized the state and federal government, saying that their investment does not match what the city has paid in federal taxes.  He ended by saying, “If the Mexican institutions will fail in Juarez…then everybody is going to fail.  What can a small Juárez mayor without power do if President Calderón does not provide support?”  (Caption for accompanying picture states:  “Violence:  The city of Juarez has been one of the most affected by organized crime.”)


El Comercio (Peru) 11/15/2010

Italian Police Seize one ton of Cocaine from Brazil

ROME, ITALY  Italian police seized a ton of cocaine valued at $370 million, hidden in containers on a merchant vessel.  “This is the largest seizure of cocaine in Italy in the last 15 years”, police said in a statement.  The port where the seizure occurred is controlled by the Calabrian mafia, considered one of the most powerful criminal drug organizations.  The drug was intended for Italian users, as well as central and northern Europe.


El Universal (Mexico) 11/14/2010

Sunday Violence in Acapulco Leaves 6 Dead

ACAPULCO  A day of violence has left 6 dead, five with a narco message left behind. A gun battle between two cartel groups also resulted in the burning of 2 vans where vests and weapons were found. Narcobanners were placed on a bridge and the Plaza Caracol. In the nearby town of Tres Palos, five bodies were found, shot execution style.


El Universal (Mexico) 11/15/2010

Calderón Confirms No Pact with Narcos

YOKOHAMA, JAPAN President Felipe Calderón, at an Asian Pacific Leaders Forum meeting in Japan, affirmed his decision not to negotiate with criminal groups. This was in response to a proposal made by La Familia Michoacána that they would dissolve if local and federal governments would take control and not infringe on human rights. Calderón warned that there would be increased federal action, particularly in places where the is more violence such as assaults, kidnapping or extortion. He said they would continue to fight crime because Mexicans need and justly demand that those who govern protect Mexican families and not leave them to defend themselves.


El Sol de Salamanca (Mexico) 11/15/2010

“We Want Society to Retake its Streets”

IRAPUATO, GUANAJUATO  The link between society and agencies responsible for public safety is vital to achieve better results, according to Maria del Pilar Ortega Martinez, Executive Secretary of the state public safety system. She said one goal is to have adequate social connections so that society becomes part of crime prevention and can“recover public spaces for people, so children can get back out on the streets to play. ”

She said that one of the main issues is better pay, training and equipment for police to ensure an attractive lifetime police career,


Domestic News – United States

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  2. Mexico’s $80M boom industry: Bulletproof cars
  3. America’s Third War: National Guard’s New Mission
  4. Passenger at Newark Tries to Smuggle Over 30 Pounds of Cocaine in Wooden Hangers and Clothing
  5. DHS Partners Foil Maritime Smuggling Attempt-CA
  6. Three tons of marijuana hidden inside grapefruit juice shipment-TX
  7. Mexico Drug War: Prisons Struggling With Increase in Numbers
  8. Passengers at JFK Try to Smuggle Over 16 Pounds of Heroin in Pants and Shorts
  9. Gunmen Kill Prison Official in Northern Mexico-Cd. Juarez-and wound his son.  This year, 638 police and 54 military have been killed


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