Over the weekend: Mexican authorities rescue 106 captive Central Americans from slave like conditions

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Prensa Libre (Guatemala City) 11/14/2010

 Mexican authorities rescue 106 captive Central Americans 

 One hundred six captives from Guatemala, El Salvador & Honduras were found and rescued by Mexican authorities.  The 106 captives included 33 children  of which one was a pregnant twelve year old and three were infants.  The migrants were found in a cellar in overcrowded conditions.   Eight suspects were charged with trafficking and labor exploitation.  The worst recent abuse suffered by migrants was the slaughter of 72 in August on a Tamaulipas farm.

The article went on to state that the National Human Rights Commission said that over a six month period in 2009,ten thousand migrants were deprived of their freedom,  many through kidnapping and being held for ransom.



 Armada Nacional(Colombia) 11/12/2010

Colombian Military finds FARC camp

The Colombian military seized coca paste, explosives, 14,400 rounds of AK47 ammo & other items apparently belonging to FARC, the well known terrorist group.  The military conducts ongoing operations designed to weaken the sources of FARC funding and structures of other groups outside the law.






La Nacion (Costa Rica) 11/14/2010


Narcos direct Costa Rican Foreign Policy


Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega criticized Costa Rica’s foreign policy as being dictated by drug traffickers.  He said this is the reason for keeping Army troops in the border region, saying that Mexico is in a war.   In a 68 minute speech, Ortega accused Costa Rica of being manipulated by Colombia and narco interests to withdraw troops in the fight against narcos.  (Photograph is President Ortega during 68 minute speech, pointing to area where Nicaraga troops are positioned, emphasizing his troops are not in Costa Rica)






El Diario de Hoy (San Salvador, El Salvador) 11/7/2010

 Fewer women from central and South America journey to the United States

 The Mexican newspaper Vanguardia reports that the migration of women from Central and South America to the United States has declined over the past two years according to figures from Coahuila delegation of the National Immigration Institute of Mexico (INM).

 The immigration office estimates that 90 percent of migrants who arrive in Mexico are men. The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) expressed concern about violations of rights of transit migrants, women and human rights defenders in Mexico.  The international body also mentioned the seriousness of  incidents of violence in recent months, including torture, rape, murders and kidnappings committed against undocumented migrants as they pass through Mexico on their way to the United States.

Additionally,  according to a joint study by the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) and the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), more than a million migrant children in Latin America are exposed to abuse and exploitation during their journey to the United States.  According to the report, children are at greater risk of abuse than adults.



La Volz de la Fronteria (Mexicali, Baja California) 11/14/2010

 United Nations to hold Summit on Climate Change The United Nations will hold a  Summit on Climate Change in Cancun, Quitana Roo  29 November to 10 December 2010.  Security for this event will be coordinated between Federal and State Police with United Nations troops in carge of the Summit headquarters.     



Domestic News – United States

  1. United States Border Patrol Weekly Blotter covering  4 – 10 November 2010
  2. ‎300 crowd border club after fleeing drug gang in Mier, Mexico
  3. Arizona and West Virginia counties using ICE ID program
  4. Mexican Boy Age 12 Wanted in Gruesome Cartel Killings
  5. Somali gang runs sex-slavery ring in U.S. (Minesotta)-girls as young as 12 yrs old
  6. Detectives bust human-smuggling ring operating in Phoenix 
  7. U.N.-backed investigators shaking things up in Guatemala – nearly half the territory in a country of 14 million is controlled by drug gangs and other criminals; 96 percent of murders go unsolved
  8. Al Qaida in North Africa supplying cocaine to Europe from South America
  9. Officials try to deter kids from cartels
  10. Agents seize more than 3,000 pounds of pot in Arizona


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