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A proposal for Comprehensive Immigration Enforcement and Reform


El Debate (Culiacan, Sinaloa) 11-9-10

Mexico – Federal Police announced that Manual Fernandez Valencia, AKA “La Puerca”, “La Marrana” (read: “The Sow”) or “El Animal,” a known associate of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, was detained along with 7 accomplices during a confrontation in a hotel in Mexico City.

Ramon Eduardo Pequeno, coordinator of the Anti-drug Division of the Federal Public Safety Police, stated that Fernandez Valencia has been under an extradition order to the United States since 2009 and has charges pending in an Illinois court for importation of cocaine into the United States.

Fernandez was most recently preparing to send 8 tons of marijuana to the United States in December.

Along with “El Animal,” who had a bruised eye, 7 other individuals were presented at the press conference.

Police also seized four AK-47s, four pistols, 17 supply bags and two vehicles equipped with radios.



 Correo (Leon, Guanajuato) 811-9=10

Remittances amount to 22.5 billion dollars this year

Mexico, D.F. – Only India and China surpass our country in the receipt of foreign money according to the World Bank.

By the end of the year, Mexico will be the third largest recipient in the world with 22.5 billion dollars.

In a document titled “Migration and Remittances 2011,” the international organization states that one of the major migration routes (in the world) this year will be between Mexico and the United States.

The World Bank also states that India is the main receptor of remittances, with the projected monetary amount of 55 billion dollars.

China will be the second greatest receptor of remittances, at 51 billion dollars by the end of this year.

Following India, China and Mexico are the Philippines with 21.3 billion dollars and France with 15.9 billion dollars, according to the annual World Bank report.

The major flow of remittances comes from the United States, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland.



El Imparcial (Hermosillio, Sonora) 11-9-10

Families flee after the death of “Tony Tormenta”

Reynosa, Tamaulipas –SUN- More than 100 families from Ciudad Mier (state of Tamaulipas) have abandoned their homes because of violence that has been unleashed since last Friday. (This is just across the Rio Grande River from Roma, Texas.)

The families, being fed up with the violence, decided to abandon their city and many have fled to the United States. Others have taken refuge in the Club de Leones (Lions Club) in the nearby city of Miguel Aleman.

“Here we are in the shelter at the Club de Leones to assist all the families we can who have left their homes,” said the Mayor of Ciudad Mier, Jose Ivan Mancias Hinojosa.

The communications media can testify to the great solidarity between the small border cities around Miguel Aleman and the assistance that has been given to the families who have left their homes because of the lamentable violence that has occurred since last weekend.

Mayor Jose Mancias, accompanied by his treasurer, Cesar Ramirez, and his staff, arrived with food for more than 100 families including children, young people and adults.

“Like you, we are suffering from the violence, we are here with you and we will not leave you. Only God knows when this will end and we pray for it to stop,” said hostess Patricia Lopez Moreno.



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  1. norm9do Says:

    A question!

    How can 12 to 30 million illegal/legal aliens send back 22.5 Billion dollars to Mexico? There is something wrong with either the numbers of legal/illegal aliens in this country today or the amounts they sent to Mexico.

  2. m3report Says:

    Sorry we misinterpreted the dollar amount of monetary remittances in the article, “Remittances amount to 22.5 million a year”. We have made the necessary corrections and changed the amounts to billions.

    We arppreciate your sharp eye in catching this mistake.


  3. Hawkeye Says:

    To Nat Turner: There is, and has been, for years, a system for granting priority to immigrate legally for U.S. citizen’s families. First link below describes the priority system and the second link, while really dated, provides a glimpse of the relative numbers under each of the categories. Trust the system. It works if pursued legally.



  4. nat turner Says:

    the family members of ex u.s. service member, and the family of u.s. citizens should be permitted to enter this nation, or remain whatever the situation, but i do believe this nation should not go easy on illigalls who sneak in here especially from mexico, and other south american and central americal destinations, and thank you.

  5. Hawkeye Says:

    Whoa, there. Second article, remittances. The figures used in the English translation are off by factor of 1,000. In Spanish, “mil millones” or a thousand million is used for the figure billion. So, if you see the Spanish article via the the link provided, it reads “22 mil 572 millones” or 22 thousand 572 million, meaning 22,572 million = 22,572,000,000. Are we all now confused? Just read LOTS of money leaving the country and not benefiting anyone in the U.S. with the multiplier effect of money circulating in an economy (e.g., wage earner’s consumption and fees for services locally). While in our 14 trillion dollar economy that may not seem like much, it is when added to the costs incurred by illegal migrants (e.g., schooling, medical, social services, crime, environmental).

  6. Joann Says:

    Re: Remittances amount to 22.5 million dollars this year …

    Think there is a typo in the amount of dollars, should read 22.5 BILLION

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