Over the weekend: Gulf drug cartel decapitated; violence risks increase in Tamaulipas-Texas border

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Weekend report 11/6-7-8/10

Saturday 11/6/10

El Universal (Mexico City) 11/5/10

Bodies confirmed: Michoacán tourists

The Attorney General of the state of Guerrero, David Augusto Sotelo Rosas, confirmed that at the moment, the remains of five of the 18 bodies buried in a makeshift graveyard outside Acapulco are missing tourists from Michoacán. Through various means of identification supplied by relatives, five so far have been verified as those missing. This finding makes the presumption stronger that the remaining bodies are also part of the 20 Michoacán tourists who disappeared last September 20 while on a vacation tour to the Acapulco area. [Note: Later reports confirmed that all the bodies were from the missing 20.]



El Diario de Juarez (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua), El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Chihuahua) and others 11/5/10

Stormy Tony blown away

In the border city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas, a four-hour series of running gun battles between Mexican military and organized narcos claimed the life of the leader of the powerful Gulf drug cartel. Antonio Ezequiel Cardenas Guillen, alias “Tony Tormenta,” [tormenta = storm] was the brother of former Gulf cartel boss Osiel Cardenas Guillen who is now incarcerated in the US. During the gunfights, Tony Tormenta sought refuge in a building along with three of his bodyguards who also died with him. For security reasons, US authorities closed off three international bridges during the shootouts, leaving open only one crossing, Los Indios bridge. The University of Texas at Brownsville was also closed because of the battle. [Matamoros is across the river from Brownsville, Texas.]




Organized crime shows its “pretty” face

According to data from the Mexican National Institute of Women, in the past three years there has been an increase of 400% in the number of women arrested for participating in illegal narcotic activities. Most are hired for practical jobs in the organizations, but on occasion, one is arrested that was recruited for her physical beauty. One recently arrested with a kidnap gang used her good looks to lure victims into their trap, some presumably through her use of Facebook.

[Photos of what passes for “bella” can be viewed in the link below.]



La Jornada (Mexico City) 11/5/10

Mexico urges US to prohibit racial profiles in immigration law

Geneva (Notimex) – Speaking before the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland, Mexico called for the United States to “expressly prohibit the use of racial profiles in the application of migratory legislation.” In reply to the report presented by the US State Department representative, Mexico also recommended “prohibiting, preventing, and punishing the use of lethal force in carrying out migrant control tasks.”



Sunday 11/7/10


El Universal (Mexico City) 11/6/10

Hefty cocaine seizure in Chiapas

Mexican Federal Police operating on a roadway near the Guatemalan border in the state of Chiapas intercepted a load of cocaine weighing about 300 kilos [660 lbs]. The operation was apparently a routine traffic check, but when the driver of the load vehicle was asked for his identification, he became extremely nervous, thus inviting closer official attention. The police discovered the vehicle was equipped with a hidden compartment where the drug was hidden in several packages.



Reynosa in a risky situation

Following the “decapitation” of the Gulf drug cartel through the death yesterday of cartel boss Ezequiel Cardenas Guillen by Mexican military units, authorities have alerted residents of the border city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas, to the risk of armed repercussions in the area. Certain routes of travel in the city have been blocked off and residents have been cautioned to avoid others when possible. There have been rumors throughout the area of gun battles, some including grenades.



Monday 11/8/10

El Universal (Mexico City) 11/7/10

US Consulate alerts citizens

The Consul General in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, issued an alert to US citizens living in the state of Tamaulipas about the violence that continues in the border area. The consulate recommended that people travel only during the day and consider routes of travel that provide ways of escape.


[Excellent detailed coverage by the Los Angeles Times about the situation in the border area can be found at the link below.]



El Debate (Sinaloa state) 11/7/10

20 assassinations over the weekend in Ciudad Juarez

At least 20 people were assassinated this weekend in Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua, in violence related to narcotraffic operations. Seven of the victims were gunned down at a family gathering at a home in the city. Another 11 were murdered in other parts of the city including two who were found dismembered. Also assassinated were two police officers found shot to death in their patrol car.



Frontera (Tijuana, Baja California) 11/7/10

Tijuana yields yet another 3 tons of weed

In two separate operations in Tijuana, the Mexican Army seized three tons of packaged marijuana and arrested six people, four of them wanted for 10 homicides. In the first operation, two men were arrested in a storehouse guarding 299 packages of marihuana weighing 3.123 tons. In the second event, the military arrested four men in possession of 31 kilos of the drug. In both raids, several firearms were also seized.



La Jornada (Mexico City) 11/7/10

Governor-elect of New Mexico said to reject laws like Arizona’s

(Notimex) – Susana Martinez, the Governor-elect of New Mexico assured the television chain Univision that she will not seek an anti-immigrant law like Arizona’s. In an interview Sunday, the future governor said that her concern is to block her state from approving a law to issue drivers’ licenses to the undocumented. Martinez said that if they had New Mexico licenses, they could then go wherever they want in the US. She said her opposition to giving licenses to undocumenteds is preventive so “violence can’t come to New Mexico.”



-end of report-

2 Responses to “Over the weekend: Gulf drug cartel decapitated; violence risks increase in Tamaulipas-Texas border”

  1. lyn Says:

    Now there is an idea, (U of T campus closed ..Stormy Tony Blown Away)

    A “cordon sanitaire” along the Mexican-American border located on the American side to prevent citizen endangerment.

    Will the cordon boundaries eventually reach Canada?

  2. pf Says:

    Is that the pot calling the kettle black, or what?? A little more research on this so-called United Nations Human Rights Council meeting held this past week in Geneva and from which this article emanated, revealed some interesting facts:

    1. It was at Obama’s urging that the United States “show it’s transparency” and participate in this circus of condemnation against America and her laws and principles.

    2. The UN’s “Universal Periodic Review” turned into a two hour “slugfest” against the United States with wonderful human rights countries such as Cuba, Venezuela and Iran hijacking the microphone, stacking the speakers list against the U.S.

    3. Our Department of State – under the guidance of the current administration feels events such as this afford an excellent opportunity for Washington to “lead by example” – to lead the rest of the world by example – to “showcase our willingness to expose ourselves in a transparent way” to human rights criticism.

    4. American human rights interest groups jumped on the bandwagon for this international circus event! Their common theme?

    –The U.S. needs to sign, ratify and implement a wide number of United Nations-sponsored human rights conventions, whatever reservations various U.S. governments or courts have had to them;

    — All these treaties and conventions should be “self-executing,” meaning that no subsequent U.S. government action should be required for them to go into effect—regardless of the U.S. constitutional separation of powers, and the separation of powers between federal and state governments;

    –the U.S. should have national human rights institutions to coordinate and enforce human rights compliance;

    5. Now enter a relatively new group – the U.S. Human Rights Network, or USHRN. Their backers include notables such as Human Rights Fund, an umbrella group whose steering committee of philanthropies include the Ford Foundation, George Soros’ Open Society Institute, the Overbrook Foundation the American Friends Service Committee, Fordham University Law Center, the left-leaning Institute for Policy Studies, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights, the St. Louis-based Organization for Black Struggle, the Progressive Action Alliance (“a group of progressives in the southeast Texas area”), the National Day Laborer Organizing Network.

    This all points to one world governance. The United States has been the “sacrificial lamb” long enough and needs to point the finger and speak out about the REAL ATTROCITIES taking place against humankind in places like CHINA, MEXICO, IRAN, VENEZUELA, etc.

    I’ve been reading this report for almost 3 years now – a report that is NOT slanted – whose contents come from foreign media and are not “tainted” by American news spin. I ache for the people of Mexico and what they have had to endure from their own. Now THAT’S human suffering!

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