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Thursday, 11/4/10


La Cronica de Hoy (Mexico City) 11/3/10

Mexican officials detained more than 56,000 “undocumented” aliens

Mexico’s National Immigration Agency (INM) reported that 56,566 persons were detained between January and September of this year, and were then sent to immigration facilities around the country in order to be processed for their repatriation to their countries of origin. The agency explained that during the second half of October, 506 aliens, mostly of Central American origin, were detained in various actions on highways and railroad tracks. Just five percent of this later number was composed of Cubans, Hindus (sic) and Colombians.

The state of Chiapas, followed by four other southern Mexican states, was where most of these apprehensions took place. (M3 Report of 10/21/10 relates)


La Prensa (San Pedro Sula, Honduras) 11/3/10

Drug smuggling in Honduras

Honduran military personnel spoiled a drug run by a number of individuals in the Mosquito Coast (Caribbean side) area of Honduras. The outcome was the seizure of a light aircraft loaded with “at least” 800 kilos of cocaine, and the death of one smuggler plus the arrest of another, a Colombian who had piloted the plane. Others, apparently a group of six waiting for the plane, managed to escape.ís/Ediciones/2010/11/03/Noticias/En-tiroteo-decomisan-avioneta-con-droga


El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) 11/3/10

Police commander murdered

Jose Martin Lopez, commander of the “Immediate Reaction Group” of the city police of Agua Prieta, Sonora, was shot to death with AK47 assault weapons yesterday (Tues.) The event took place on a city street, after which the killers disappeared. (Agua Prieta is right across the border from Douglas, Arizona)


Ciudad Juarez stays in the news

This paper reported that, as of the end of yesterday’s edition, 14 persons had been executed in Ciudad Juarez yesterday (Tues.); the balance of the article sketches the various events surrounding these murders.


El Universal (Mexico City) 11/3/10

Obama seems made in Mexico (Full translation of op/col. by syndicated writer Carlos Loret de Mola; titled as above)

He was the perfect candidate: he broke all molds, he exasperated his traditional and antiquated opponents, he inspired millions, he overcame seemingly insurmountable barriers, he motivated those who had never voted. He made history.

His freshness and self confidence left the political establishment obsolete and boxed in. Like no one else, he made good use of the tools of communication and market technology, he exploited the peoples’ dissatisfaction, their desire for change, his hope for a possible future.

After starting with everything against him, he diluted the political analysts’ skepticism little by little, he overcame the centers of power in his own party to win the nomination and, with a simple, direct message, he connected with the common voter.

Showing himself as a human being, an ordinary citizen, he came from behind to generate an unprecedented wave of enthusiasm, made mincemeat out of the myths of the political class, destroyed taboos and captivated both inside and outside his country.

The day he won the elections he inscribed his name in history. He reached the pinnacle of his career. Today, many ask themselves whether he should have then turned over the paperwork to someone who might want to, and know how to govern, because no sooner did he take over than reality overwhelmed him, and he had to don presidential attire that made him lose freshness and serenity.

The huge snowball caused by the expectations he built during his campaign turned into an avalanche, chasing him downhill. His discourse on the exaltation of democracy and the new beginning quickly mutated into a constant complaint about the limits that the same democratic system imposes on those who want to rule in a country: a divided Congress, the fussy vigilance by the communication media, the pressure from interest groups.

Out of a long list of campaign promises he was only able to bring about one or two important initiatives, which were approved, though already quite transformed. After a few months, the hope became disenchantment, the unsatisfied demand for a better standard of living turned into anger.

His romance with the indices of popularity ended. Lacking achievements, his team of collaborators attempted to make up for the decline of his personal image, turning his daughters into regular figures in romance magazines, and encouraging his wife’s prominence. The harvest was not positive, instead it was generalized criticisms. The pre-election polls showed a fearsome picture: the closer to the middle of his term and to the intermediate elections, his approval was crashing and he was pulling his party to a disastrous defeat.

All this happened to Vicente Fox. Pardon me if someone thought that it was Barack Obama.


El Mexicano (Tijuana, Baja Calif.) 11/3/`0

“Narco tunnel” yields more than 24 tons of marihuana

A cross-border tunnel in the Otay Mesa area (on the east side of Tijuana, Baja Calif.) was found to contain 24.49 tons of weed. The tunnel entry on the Tijuana side was in an abandoned warehouse; 4.49 tons were found there. The tunnel’s two opposite entrances were said to be 400 meters apart; the northern end, in an area of warehouses north of the border, yielded the other 20 tons. No arrests were made.


Diario Rotativo (Queretaro, Qro.) 11/3/10

Digging for bodies going on

“At least” ten bodies have been extracted from a clandestine grave in a coconut orchard at Tunzingo, a rural outskirt of Acapulco. State officials do not confirm, nor deny, that these might be the 20 Michoacanos who disappeared on Sep. 20 in Acapulco. Careful digging continues at this time.


Frontera (Tijuana, Baja Calif.) 11/2/10

Body hung from bridge, but falls

Shortly after 3 a.m., Tijuana police got a report about a cadaver hanging from a bridge in town. When they arrived at the spot the body had fallen from the bridge and into the path of vehicles. The victim’s hands had been tied behind his back. A number of shell casings were on the bridge from which the body had been hung.


-end of report –

2 Responses to “Stop Me If You’ve Heard This…”

  1. Norman Dong Says:

    Re: 56,000 undocument aliens in Mexico

    While the Mexican governments begs, cajols and demands
    at the same time amnesty for it’s undocumented citizens from America, it in turn apprehends 56,000 for deportation to their respective countries.
    This smacks of pure racism against other Latin Americans who chose to travel thru Mexico to their ultimate destinations.
    It is no small wonder that the Mexican government has no credibility among Americans and others with their immigration policies.

  2. June Says:

    Re: Narco tunnel – I hope that as these tunnels are found, the state which they’re in will dump tons of concrete in and close them off. These people are cunning and sly enough to think of all sorts of criminal things to do. Why not put that much thought and effort into straightening out that mess of a country they live in? Demand that their leaders do right by them. After all, they have a lot of experience in demanding things – just not from the right country.

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