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Over the weekend: Guatemalan migrants considered an export commodity; large weed seizures in Baja California

November 1, 2010

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M3 Report 10/30-31/10 and 11/1/10

Saturday 10/30/10

El Comercio (Lima, Peru) 10/29/10

Another major FARC commander taken

An important leader of Colombia’s rebel army FARC gave himself up to Colombian Army units along with seven other armed rebels, according to military authorities. Alias “Ciro Pereza” or “Ciro Canon” [true name not given] had 14 years with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and was in charge of a unit of 200 troops. The Colombian military considers his surrender to be the most important action against FARC since the operation in which Victor Julio Suarez Rojas, “Mono Jojoy,” was killed this past September 22.


El Imparcial (Hermosillo,, Sonora) 10/29/10

Another trademark killing in Cd. Juarez

Four young men preparing a bar for its grand opening this weekend were gunned down in midday by an unidentified group that entered the building, closed all exits and proceeded to murder them. Dozens of people were in the business area, Plaza La Isla, at the time of the attack.


El Sol de Mexico (Mexico City) 10/29/10

Honduran religious groups seek lost migrants

Tegucigalpa, Honduras – This Friday, 14 religious groups from Tegucigalpa left for the Mexican border to in an attempt to locate some 300 Honduran migrants who have disappeared. A spokeswoman for one of the groups said that they realize that some of the migrants left 10 years ago and probably have new families somewhere, but their families in Honduras wish to locate them. “Last year we succeeded in locating the trails to 36, including children from four to seven years old, who were found in Mexico,” she said. She also estimates that there are about 1,000 Hondurans who have migrated in search of the “American dream” and whose trails are now lost.


Frontera (Tijuana, Baja California) 10/29/10

Marihuana seized in Tijuana, Mexicali

Responding to an anonymous call, federal authorities in Tijuana seized 316 packages of marihuana weighing 528 kilos [1,164 lbs] in La Presa section of Tijuana. In a separate operation in Baja California’s capital city of Mexicali, authorities seized another 2,771 kilos [6,109 lbs] of marijuana during routine inspections of vehicles. The weed was hidden in a truckload of cantaloupes.


Sunday 10/31/10

El Universal (Mexico City) 10/30/10

Four grenade attacks in Nuevo Leon

Four attacks with fragmentation grenades on police installations in Nuevo Leon left at least eight injured Saturday evening. The attacks took place in and around Monterrey and in the nearby towns of Allende and Montemorelos. In the past few weeks, organized criminals have carried out more than 20 attacks against police offices, communications media and public areas in the state of Nuevo Leon, leaving more than 30 people wounded.


Frontera (Tijuana, Baja California) 10/30/10

Another two tons of marihuana seized in Tijuana

Baja California state police on patrol in Colonia Buenos Aires Norte, a neighborhood in Tijuana, noticed two men unloading packages from an SUV. On spotting the police, the two went into a house and were followed by the officers. Inside, police arrested four men and seized a total of more than two tons of packaged marijuana from the house and the vehicle.


La Prensa (San Pedro Sula,, Honduras) 10/30/10

Massacre leaves 14 dead in Honduras

At least 14 people were assassinated Saturday afternoon in the city of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The victims were found on a soccer field. Authorities feel this new multi-murder is the result of an “adjustment of accounts” between criminal gangs.


La Hora (Guatemala City, Guatemala) 10/30/10

Migration: the view from Guatemala

“The journey of the migrant turns out to be the principal type of export, since the remittances that come into the country provide much greater funds than any other traditional export product,” noted Vincio Cerezo, ex-president of Guatemala. According to the Center for Central American Studies, the number of Guatemalans in the US grew by 700% in the last few years. The 225,000 Guatemalans residing in the US in 1999 has now grown past 1.6 million in 2010. This is similar to the situations in the other Central American countries. According to Cerezo, the migratory problems should be considered beyond the human and social aspects since migrants can be considered a fundamental source of economic development for the country.


Monday 11/1/10

El Universal (Mexico City) 10/31/10

US should eliminate virtual wall with Mexico

Quoting from the New York Times editorial, El Universal covered the argument that the border wall concept is not effective. The NYT editorial in English may be accessed at:

[Ed. note: In the final paragraph of the NYT editorial, they suggest “comprehensive immigration reform” as a solution to border security. Inasmuch as the only “comprehensive” plan offered to date is the one proposed by NAFBPO, we thank them for the plug. Our plan is accessible at the top of this report or by logging on to]


Cuarto Poder (Chiapas state) 10/31/10

Busy morning in Chiapas

Mexican federal agents launched an anti-narco operation in Pueblo Nuevo Solistahuacan, Chiapas, early Saturday morning and searched 16 residences, arresting 17 people on narcotrafficking charges. The surprise roundup netted two major players in the drug operation, both described as dangerous and identified only by their aliases, “El Rambo” and “El Chamula.” One other suspect, the son-in-law of the mayor, escaped arrest.


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