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Over the weekend: Border crosser “wanna-be‘s” stranded; Guatemalan court releases drug traffickers

October 18, 2010

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Friday, 10/15/10

La Prensa Grafica (San Salvador, El Salvador) 10/15/10

Halt in train traffic strands border crosser “wanna-be‘s”

The Salvadoran Consulate in the city of Arriaga, state of Chiapas (on the southern end of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec), reported that some 700 migrants, mostly from Guatemala and Honduras, are stranded in Arriaga because floods in the state of Veracruz have forced a halt to the freight train traffic that migrants use to reach Mexico’s northern border. For this reason, the Consulate called upon Salvadorans to abstain from traveling to the United States illegally. Up to September the number of Salvadorans who have been deported had reached 23,332.


Head of USCIS wants immigration reform

Alejandro Mayorkas, who heads the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services, said that he backed a wide project for migratory reform which would include new visa programs. He stated, “I’ve been in my job only one year and I see that the existing rhetoric concerning immigration is problematic. Nevertheless, I’m optimistic about achieving a wide reform. The need is extreme.” He insisted on the need to approve various aspects of the immigration laws, instead of covering gaps with “band-aids.” He did not specify what type of reform he would approve, but said that one area would be the relatively long waiting periods that dependents of persons with visas or residence must endure abroad.

(The preceding item was a side feature on an article reporting on the total of apprehensions by the U.S. Border Patrol – 463,000 – during the fiscal year just ended.)


El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) 10/15/10

Bloody Juarez

Twelve men and one woman were murdered yesterday (Thurs.) in Ciudad Juarez. This violent day brings to 166 the number of homicides in the city this month, an average of 12 a day. Several of the latest victims were shot multiple times, including one who ”received more than 30 discharges.” Elsewhere in town 70 shell casings from an assault rifle were found at the site of a double homicide.


The hired killers, or the day we killed God (Op/col. by Marcos Barraza-Urquidi, titled as shown)

The street is empty, and the wind raises the dust from the sidewalks, the people are at home, fearful, the businesses close and unemployment spreads everywhere. Some businessmen have found safety in the neighboring country, others emigrated to the south, and the rest of us stayed, as the old Greek philosopher said, “When death is, you aren’t, and when you are, death isn’t, so why worry?”

End of the week: 27 dead in 24 hours, a new record, hundreds of small businessmen kidnapped, owners of hardware stores, groceries, car washes, doctors’ offices, restaurants, living the hell of the uncertainty of tomorrow, entire families wracked by the deepest pain they can feel from knowing a loved one is in the hands of criminals. The media quacks demand security from the government, society likewise demands security and, how to provide security? Will it be necessary to place a policeman for every inhabitant to ensure that no one commits a crime? And this policeman, will he be safe or will he need another policeman?

We see spectacular crimes, beheaded ones, destroyed ones, mutilated ones, and I’d like to ask you a question about these humanoid beasts. What must happen for a normal man to transform himself into a beast like these? Those who have seen these hired killers describe them as young people, from 15 to 25 years of age. We all ask ourselves, where are the authorities? How come the President does nothing?

And many similar questions, but I don’t hear these questions: where were the mother and father of these children? Where were the teachers? Where were the brothers? Nobody goes to bed as a good child and wakes up being a heartless assassin; the transformation is a gradual process. It’s time to quit looking for the guilty ones elsewhere and for us to assume the responsibility for tolerating a society that was becoming corrupt and we did nothing to avoid it.

Of course, we ain’t prudes, nor reactionaries, and if the media make their profits by pushing sex, well, we’re adults, of course, if the young fellows are having uncontrolled sex, well, it’s ‘cause we’re really modern, open minded, pal. What? Don’t tell me single mothers scare you? You’re stuck in the dark ages!

Many women collect offspring from different fathers, and as many more other young fellows imagine and compete to see who makes more girls pregnant. Women, abandoned, who prostitute themselves in order to support their offspring, children who grow up with the shame and abandonment of their mothers. Women who work and leave their children abandoned, unarmed against the base passions of their neighbors or of their own relatives; irresponsible fathers, children who grow up accumulating hatred and contempt for society. We mock decency and decorum, we take God out of our schools, out of our homes, out of our lives, we eliminate the internal police that was called conscience, and today anything goes, the more depraved, the more “in.”

Hundreds of young criminals, thieves, assassins, rapists, drug traffickers, were interviewed in a local poll; almost all of them came from dysfunctional homes, and they sought in gangs the acceptance they did not have at home. At first, the gangs would make them commit a crime, later they liked the adrenalin and feeling of power that comes from dominating another person.

We’re certainly in a vacuum of authority and, gentlemen, I must tell you, authority comes from the home. Yes, even though you may laugh, authority rests on the parents, and the conduct of authority they must follow is in morality, that word so much condemned and made ridiculous, in morality, gentlemen. In morality, in that compendium of good manners that humanity has been accumulating for centuries, and that today we discard because we’re modern. Today, youth’s chant is “Let’s fornicate and defecate because the world will terminate,” and the parents remain impassive and motionless.

Don’t be alarmed, buddy, it’s the modern times.


Saturday, 10/16/10

El Nuevo Diario (Managua, Nicaragua) 10/16/10

Terror for journalists

In Honduras, several journalists who do not wish to meet with the Grim Reaper have instead opted for exile, unemployment or for abandonment of their profession. The month of March of this year was labeled as the “black month” for journalists and for the freedom of the press and of expression in Honduras: seven journalists were murdered during that month in that country. The year’s total of journalists assassinated is now 10, and the question of who will be next troubles the members of that group. The threats are constant; anonymous calls and messages come through on their cell phones. Most of the journalists murdered had been investigating or reporting about lawlessness, organized crime, drug trafficking or corruption in public agencies.


Prensa Libre (Guatemala City, Guatemala) 10/16/10

Court orders release of drug traffickers

On June 11th of this year Guatemalan personnel and U.S. DEA agents detected a light aircraft near Cuyotenango, department (state) of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. The result was the arrest of three Mexicans and four Guatemalans, believed to be associated with the Sinaloa cartel, who were found with 124 kilos of cocaine and some firearms. The light plane had been burned. Subsequently, the case was presented for prosecution.

Yesterday, Brenda Munoz, of the Regional Narcotics Traffic Prosecutor’s office in Quetzaltenango, found out that the Regional Appeals Court had ordered the immediate liberation of all seven of those individuals, who were being charged with drug smuggling, homicide and illegal conspiracy. The court had not notified the government prosecutors. When Munoz asked to speak with the judges to ascertain the reason for their order, she was denied access. (This event is included to illustrate the apparently pervasive high degree of impunity enjoyed by criminal elements in many areas.)


Cuarto Poder (Tuxtla, Chiapas) 10/16/10

Ninety-seven aliens rescued

In Arriaga, state of Chiapas, Mexican officials arrested the owner of a “safe house.” There, they also found 97 Central Americans, all of whom were in Mexico without documents. Of the total, 78 are from Guatemala, 10 are Salvadorans and 9 come from Honduras. The owner of the house had been detained in years past for the same reason.


El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 10/16/10

Federales detain 26 illegal aliens

In the course of two days federal police in various parts of the state of Sonora detained 26 aliens without documents. Five of them are Chinese who were found on a passenger bus on the Hermosillo-Chihuahua highway. Of the others, 20 are from Guatemala, including a minor, and one is from El Salvador.

(The article ends with this sentence): With these actions, the Public Security Department underscores its commitment to serve and protect the community.


Sunday, 10/17/10

Prensa Libre (Guatemala City, Guatemala) 10/17/10

Violence in Guatemala

There were 14 murders in Guatemala on Saturday the 16th, nine of them in the country’s capital city. At one of the events local residents alerted officials, then rescue squads found the remains of three persons inside barrels of cement in a river of sewage, but they were unable to locate the heads of the victims.

The second article reports widespread indignation due to the killing of three other persons and the wounding of eight more following a gunfire attack from a passing vehicle against persons in a restaurant in the tourist area of the capital city. (Guatemala is slightly smaller than Tennessee.)


El Universal (Mexico City) 10/17/10

Violence spread around Mexico

In Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, an armed commando burst into a family gathering and shot at the group with assault rifles, killing six persons. Twenty persons have been killed in Chihuahua in the last few hours.

In Monterrey, police confronted gunmen who were taking two kidnapped women in a vehicle. The result was that a hired killer was wounded; the two women were found, tied and dead in the rear of the vehicle.

In Atotonilco, Jalisco, some people were eating in a seafood restaurant when another group arrived and began shooting at them. Four died and six others were wounded. State of Jalisco forensic specialists later picked up around a thousand assault rifle and handgun shell casings from the spot. A man was also taken from the restaurant; later, his body was found some distance away.

Other bloody events were reported in the state of Colima – 2 dead, 1 gravely wounded – and in Nayarit – 4 executed gangland style – and in Acapulco, where four other persons were murdered.

El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) 10/17/10

Yet another city mayor murdered

El Porvenir is a town in the lower valley area of Ciudad Juarez. Last night (Sat.) Rito Grado, the mayor of El Porvenir, and his son were in Juarez when they were murdered. Earlier this year, the mayor had complained to a state agency about the lack of security in the area. Their deaths brought to eight the number of homicide victims in Juarez yesterday.


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