Hispanic World Day commemorated in the U.S.

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A proposal for Comprehensive Immigration Enforcement and Reform

Thursday, 10/14/10


El Universo (Guayaquil, Ecuador) 10/12/10

Latin American flags waved on Sunday all along Fifth Avenue in New York City, where hundreds of Hispanics gathered to celebrate the Hispanic World Parade. The cold weather did not prevent Latinos from going to the event to applaud and cheer the 10,000 persons who paraded representing 20 countries, where they showed their folklore with pride.

Ruben Beltran, Mexico’s Consul in New York, and spokesman for the Latin American Consular Coalition there, said that, “We are in the heart of Manhattan, this is proof of the importance the Ibero American community has in this nation. It’s a numerous ethnic group which has become the heart of New York.”

The Latin American countries’ delegations showed with pride the colorful typical attires and dances from their various regions. The public who went to the parade enjoyed folk music from each country, as well as salsa, merengue and urban music which was heard loud and clear on Fifth Avenue, in a parade that also called the attention of New Yorkers as well as visitors.



“Quito Declaration”: migratory flows and universal citizenship

The 4th “World Social Forum on Migrations” closed Tuesday the 12th in Quito; it dealt with issues such as “the global crisis and migratory flows; human rights and migrations; diversity, coexistence and socio-cultural transformations; new forms of slavery, human exploitation and serfdom.”

The document set out challenges and proposals about human mobility, including the strengthening of migrants’ organizations. It will also seek to gain places in public agendas, programs and developmental projects, with a focus on full rights for all inhabitants of the planet, and thus bring about the building of a universal citizenship. Migrants’ organizations could be a strategic ally of their own communities in bringing about new developmental strategies and new participants including children and juveniles.

“We demand that a new migration organism be created, within the framework of the United Nations, from the perspective of human rights.” “We reaffirm our commitment for a new model of civilization, that privileges life, harmony between man and nature, and that may guarantee the reproduction and sustainability of humanity and Mother Earth in the following millennia.”

South Korea was designated as the site of the 5th World Social Forum on Migrations, to be held in 2012.



La Prensa Grafica (San Salvador, El Salvador) 10/12/10

Latin America: almost 1.3 million homicides in 10 years

Argentina’s ex-Chancellor (Sec. of State), Dante Caputo, said that during the last decade nearly 1.3 million homicides have been committed in Latin America, a horrifying number that represents the scope of the challenge that the region’s democracies face in order to maintain security.

The calculation of almost 1.3 million homicides since 2000 was made by multiplying the annual average of 22.8 assassinations for each 100,000 inhabitants that Latin America has, times its population of 570 million persons. Caputo mentioned this number during the presentation of a report about democracy in Latin America; the event took place in Mexico City and was sponsored by the OAS (Org. of American States) and the U.N. Development Program.



Armada Nacional (Bogota, Colombia) 10/13/10

More cocaine on the Caribbean

Colombian coast guard personnel and marines seized 343 kilos of cocaine that had been packaged and hidden in a mangrove near San Atero, in the department (state) of Cordoba (on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, approx. 130 mi. due east of the nearest Panamanian border.) The drug was valued at more than 8.5 million dollars on the black market; it was found from information furnished by a citizens’ cooperative group.



Banderas News (Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco) 10/13/10

More about the “Zetas” (see the link below for an English language article)



El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) 10/13/10

Prison guards assassinated

Six prison guards from the San Guillermo prison in Chihuahua were riding in a police vehicle in Chihuahua when they were attacked with gunfire from another vehicle. All six guards were killed. The individuals believed to be responsible fled and their whereabouts is unknown.



El Diario de Coahuila (Saltillo, Coahuila) 10/13/10

Now the violence hits Tampico

Tampico, in the state of Tamaulipas, is now experiencing more violence: shootings there caused a dozen deaths, all resulting from ongoing – reportedly five day long – confrontations between rival gangs of thugs.



Frontera (Tijuana, Baja Calif.) 10/13/10

And violence in Tijuana

The weekend’s wave of violence continued in Tijuana, and now 15 persons have been murdered there in 3 days. Two of the victims were beheaded and then their headless bodies were hung from a bridge leading from Tijuana to Rosarito. Apparently what may have been yet another body was also hung from a pedestrian overpass, but the rope didn’t hold, the body fell and was run over and dragged by passing vehicles.




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One Response to “Hispanic World Day commemorated in the U.S.”

  1. Paul Butler Says:

    I am appaled at what is going on in Mexico and points south. I understand that some of those coming here are wanting to escape the carnage, however, that doesn’t mean we should role over and pretend that they all are coming here for that reason.
    I firmly believe that the Military Police should be utilized along the border. They would be an asset to an already over worked BP and Customs. They (MP’s) could work in conjunction with these organizations. This would bolster the man power, and give the needed military presence along the border.

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