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A proposal for Comprehensive Immigration Enforcement and Reform

Correo (Leon, Guanajuato) 10-5-10

Migrants without access to healthcare     

Guanajuato – Work related accidents, HIV-AIDS and diabetes are the main problems faced by Mexicans who leave the health care system of this country and go to the United States.

Of the 30.7 million Mexicans who reside in the United States, one out of every three needs medical care, said the Sub-secretary for North America, Julian Ventura, at the tenth Bi-national Conference on Health in the capital city of Guanajuato.

Jose Angel Cordoba Villalobos, Secretary of the Federal Health Agency, said that migrants have double the risk of acquiring illnesses when arriving in the United States, such as HIV-AIDS, obesity, hypertension, mental problems and addiction to tobacco, alcohol and drugs.  He said that those addictions increase in a dramatic way among migrants and that there are major psychological disturbances due to the social conditions they live under.

For example, he says, while Mexico has a HIV-AIDS rate of 0.36%, the United States has a 0.80% rate of HIV-AIDS in the migrant population.

Mexico has a 7% diabetes rate while the U.S. has a 20% rate.  In the migrant population (in the USA) the diabetes rate is 14%.

The Federal Secretary of Health and Director of the Health Initiative of the Americas, Xochitl Castaneda from the University of California who organized the forum, said “It is a band-aid on a hemorrhage because the health problems of migrants will not be resolved in a week or a month but fellow countrymen in a strange country need medical attention.”

Castaneda said that the Mexican population that migrates to the United States is fundamentally healthy because their median age is 20 years and up, but Mexicans work in risky conditions where nobody else will work, but they have to do so because of their situation.

(The article continues to address the problems of addiction, depression, anxiety, sadness and substance abuse among migrants)


El Debate (Culiacan, Sinaloa) 10-5-10

Marines seize six tons of marijuana

Angostura, Sinaloa – Marines watching the Gulf of California seized 5,683 kilos of marijuana and three boats.

Personnel from the Federal Attorney General’s Office stationed in Guasave, Sinaloa, said that a group of marines patrolling in the area of Talchichinte Island found two boats loaded with marijuana and a third boat loaded with gasoline.  The boats had been abandoned. The boats and cargo were taken to the Port of Topolobambo.


El Diario de Juarez (Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua) 10-5-10

Seventeen members of Gulf Cartel caught

Matamoros – Elements of the Mexican Navy captured 17 presumed members of the Gulf Cartel and seized an arsenal, thanks to intelligence operations in the northern zone of Tamaulipas.

Among those detained, 10 are suspected of being policemen. They had in their possession, 51 firearms–49 rifles and 2 pistols.

In a press conference, Jose Luis Vergara Ibarra, a spokesman for the Mexican Navy, said that along with the suspects and the arsenal, they seized more than 100,000 rounds, camouflaged military uniforms and 42 vehicles.


El Sol de Mexico (Mexico City) 10-5-10

Mexico City – During a joint operation with the Attorney General’s office (PGR) and the SAT [read: IRS], 102.6 kilos of cocaine was seized from a shipping container in the Port of Manzanillo, Colima.  The container had arrived from the Port of Quetzal, Guatemala.

-end of report-


  1. Says:…


  2. Yo-nathan Says:

    Mexicans that migrate to USA make the country prosperous

  3. Wayne Says:

    A vote for republicans will guarantee that illegals in America will continue to work for slave wages. It is they who want no reform and like the fact that illegals help to line their pockets. Labor with no pay, health care, or respect. And typically think their way is the only way and obstruct any thing else with self righteous BS.

  4. Sage Says:

    I third the ‘Hogwash’ comment. This clueless Mexican gov official quotes stats that could not possibly exist. Did he interview 30 mil Mexicans living illegally in the U.S. to obtain his numbers? It’s just another ‘blame the gringos’ for the social ills in Mexico created by corruption and inept government and failed judicial system instead of facing the true and accepting responsibility for what goes on south of the border.

  5. lyn Says:

    Yes, but what shall we do when millions more come across our border to escape the chaos after the collapse of Mexico?

  6. pf Says:

    By Dennis Prager

    I am writing to you as a concerned and sympathetic American who is a Republican. My sentiments do not represent every American — that would be impossible. But I believe the following represent most Americans.

    First, a message to those of you here illegally:

    You may be very surprised to hear this, but in your position, millions of Americans, including me, would have done what you did.

    If I lived in a poor country with a largely corrupt government, a country in which I had little or no prospect of hope for an improved life for me or my children, and I could not legally get into the world’s freest, most affluent country, the country with the most opportunities for people of any and every background, I would do whatever I could do to get into that country illegally.

    Mexico and many other Central and South American countries are largely hopeless places for most of their people. America offers hope to everyone willing to work hard. Who could not understand why any individual, let alone a father or mother of a family, would try to get into the United States — legally preferably, illegally if necessary?

    Now that I have made it clear that millions of us understand what motivates you and do not morally condemn you for entering America illegally, I have to ask you to try to understand what motivates us.

    No country in the world can allow unlimited immigration. If America opened its borders to all those who wish to live here, hundreds of millions of people would come here. That would, of course, mean the end of the United States economically and culturally.

    If you are from Mexico, you know that Mexico’s treatment of illegal immigrants from south of its border is far harsher than my country’s is of illegal immigrants. All it takes is common sense to understand that we simply cannot afford to take care of all of you in our medical, educational, penal and other institutions. However much you may pay in sales tax, most illegal immigrants are a financial and social burden in those states to which most them move.

    Yes, many of you are also a blessing. Many of you take care of our children and our homes. Others of you prepare our food and do other work that is essential to our society. We know that. As individuals, the great majority of you are hardworking, responsible, decent people.

    But none of that answers the question: How many people can this country allow into it?

    The moment you have to answer that question is the moment you realize that Americans’ worries about illegal immigration have nothing to do with “racism” or any negative feeling toward Hispanics.

    Those who tell you it is racism or xenophobia are lying about their fellow Americans for political or ideological reasons. You know from your daily interactions with Americans that the vast majority of us treat you with the dignity that every fellow human being deserves. Your daily lives are the most eloquent refutation of the charges of racism and bigotry. The charge is a terrible lie. Please don’t believe it. You know it is not true.

    Democrats will act as your defenders by telling you that opposition to your presence here is race-based. There is no truth to that. As you probably know in your hearts, you have come to the least racist place on earth. The vast majority of us could not care less if your name is Gonzalez or Jones. That’s why the chances are 50-50 that the child of Hispanic immigrants will end up marrying a non-Hispanic American.

    One more thing: Many of you desire to return to your homelands. This is understandable, as many of you did not come here in order to become American but in order to earn the money that would allow you to afford to return home and lead a better life there. But as understandable as that is on an individual level, you must understand that that having millions of people in our midst who feel no bond to our country and who do not want to become one of us is a serious problem. You would feel the same about people who came to your countries to make money and use your country’s medical, social, educational and other services paid for by the people of your country.

    It is also a moral problem. There are countless people around the world who wish to come to America in order to become Americans, not just to earn money here. Many of you are taking their places. That is not fair to them or to America.

    So, the truth is, in fact, simple: If you were an American, you would want to stop illegal immigration, and if most of us were you, we would do what you did to get into America. Neither of us is bad. You care about your family. We care about our country.

    Now, a note to those of you who are here legally and to those of you who are American citizens.

    First, while many of you understandably sympathize with the plight of fellow Latinos who are here illegally, you surely must understand that America cannot afford unlimited illegal immigration. This may well create a tension between your mind and your heart, and between your ethnic heritage and your allegiance to America.

    If it does, your fellow Americans ask that you be guided by your mind (and we, believe, conscience) and by your concern for America. If anyone knows how extraordinarily welcoming America has been to Latinos — from Mexico to Cuba to South America — it is you. For your sake as well as America’s, please do not succumb to the politics of victimization that are used solely and cynically to get your support for the Democrat Party.

    Finally, and most important, by voting for Democratic Party candidates, you are voting for a type of government more like the ones most Latinos fled. Take the Mexican example. The Democratic Party is, in most important ways, an American version of the PRI. For 70 years, the PRI governed Mexico and brought its economy to its knees because of vast government spending, the squashing of individual initiative, a bloated bureaucracy, unsustainable debt and the subsequent devaluing of the Mexican peso.

    Why, for God’s sake, would you want to see that replicated in America? The very reason America has been so prosperous and so free — the very reasons you or your ancestors, like almost every other American’s ancestors, came here — is that America has had more limited government and therefore more liberty than any other country in the world. The Republican Party represents all that you or your parents came to America for — and why you left Mexico and other countries: individual opportunity and individual responsibility. It is also the party that represents your social values.

    Admittedly, the Democratic Party appeals to your emotions. But a vote for the Democratic Party is a vote to make America like the Mexico of the PRI. And a vote for the Democratic Party is a vote to undo the great American achievement of uniting the children of immigrants from all over the world as Americans.

  7. David Yett Says:

    Migrants without access to healthcare:

    This article is absolute hogwash! Anyone who lives in Mexico can testify that the general level of health for the working class in Mexico is much worse than for anyone in the US! Diabetes: much higher in Mexico; alcoholism: much higher in Mexico; pain control: almost nonexistent in Mexico. I could go on to comment about the average level of competence of Mexican physicians, but I’ll leave it at the fact that several of them almost killed my wife recently–she finally had to return to the US to obtain competent, although expensive, care. Surely, working class Mexicans, with little money, would not have received better care in Mexico.

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