Grenade attack in Monterrey

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Blood runs!

La Prensa (Mexico City) 10-3-10

Mexico – (OEM-AFP) A grenade attack leaves 12 civilians wounded last Saturday night in Monterrey while police search for commandos who kidnapped 22 tourists in Acapulco.  It was a violent weekend in Mexico that left at least 47 dead.

A grenade exploded in a public area in the City of Monterrey where hundreds of people were passing through.  Six adults and six minors were wounded. The majority of the wounds inflicted were non life threatening.

Meanwhile in Acapulco, military units continue the search for 22 tourists who were kidnapped by armed men.  Another 7 people disappeared on a Michoacan highway on their way to Manzanillo.

The vehicle in which the tourists were riding was found Saturday afternoon with no signs of violence.

The Cartel “La Familia” operates in Guerrero and Michoacan and of the seven criminal organizations operating in Mexico it is considered the most bloody. “La Familia” is described by the United States as “a sophisticated criminal organization” specializing in the production and trafficking in methamphetamines.

Cambio de Michoacan (Morelia) 10-4-10

One woman, two federal agents killed in confrontation leaving 15 more agents wounded

Apatzingan – An ambush launched against policemen last night in this city left one civilian woman and two agents dead. Fifteen agents were wounded in the attack.

Police were conducting an investigation into narcotics trafficking when they were ambushed by suspects using assault weapons and grenades.  The wounded agents, some seriously, were transported to various hospitals for treatment while more agents moved in to continue the investigation and pursue the gunmen.

El Debate (Culiacan, Sinaloa) 10-4-10

Three “bagged” bodies found on canal bank

Culiacan – Three individuals, who had been killed by gunshots, were found bagged in black plastic on the bank of Canal #7 in Culiacan.

Police found 22 AK-47 cases at the scene.  The bodies were transported to forensics facilities for autopsy and identification.  Police are investigating.

El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 10-4-10

Agent of investigative police found dead

Hermosillo – The lifeless body of an agent with the State Investigative Police (PEI) was found yesterday morning thrown onto the side of a road.

The victim was identified as Norma Elizabeth Flores Reyes, 37 years old.  She had been kidnapped on the 26th of September. She was wrapped in a dark grey blanket.

According to the State Attorney General’s Office, the body had no gunshot wounds and she had died of suffocation.

Flores Reyes was an agent with PEI but her job was that of a radio operator.

A spokesperson of the Attorney’s General’s Office said that Flores had been a radio operator for the last six years for the PEI, and did not conduct any investigations, although she was an agent.

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