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The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) extracts and condenses the material that follows from Mexican and Central and South American on-line media sources on a daily basis. You are free to disseminate this information, but we request that you credit NAFBPO as being the provider.

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Correo (Leon Guanajuato) 9-20-10

We want a truce

Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua – “Who wants to kill more reporters?” “Do we continue to publish the news or do we quit?” These are the questions El Diario presents to organized crime in its editorial page today.

In the editorial, El Diario de Juarez asks for a truce with criminal bands to stop the violence against journalists after the murder of El Diario reporter Luis Carlos Santiago last Thursday. There is still no progress in the investigation of the murder of El Diario reporter Armando Rodriguez after almost two years.

“To the Lords of the different groups who are disputing control over the City of Juarez: The loss of two reporters of this newspaper over the last two years represents an irreparable loss to all who work here and especially to their families,” reads the beginning of the editorial.

The text continues, “We are communicators, not advocates….We want you to explain what you expect of us….As of this moment, you are the de facto authority of this city because the legal institutions have no power over you and that is why our companions continue to die.”

“What do you want of us?” The editorial asks and states that they want no more (reporters) to die and no more intimidation.

Senator Ramon Galindo Noriega stated that the impunity under which the criminal organizations in Chihuahua operate, and especially in Cd. Juarez, is intolerable.



Cambio de Michoacan (Morelia) 9-20-10

Five dismembered bodies found in Tanjuato Michoacan

Tanjuato – The bodies of five dismembered unidentified individuals were found this morning in the municipal graveyard of Tanjuato.

Police are trying to identify the victims who bear signs of torture before being murdered and dismembered.

Police are awaiting autopsy results to determine if gunshots caused the deaths.



El Debate (Culiacan, Sinaloa) 9-20-10

Los Mochis – Members of the Federal Preventive Police detained seven undocumented aliens at a passenger bus checkpoint. There were three Guatemalans, four Hindus from India and two bus drivers.

The four Indians confessed to being Muslims and to coming to Mexico via Cuba. They said they were destined to North Carolina. The three Guatemalans also were destined to the United States.

The two bus drivers were arrested for human trafficking.



Commandos blow up five police cars in Chihuahua

Cd. Juarez – Commandos set off an explosion that destroyed five police vehicles belonging the Public Security Police early this morning in a mechanics shop in Colonia Villa Juarez. They left a note in the shop that accused the police of failure to carry out various orders given by the cartel. The note also demanded that money be returned.

The Secretary of the Public Security Police has no comment at this time.



El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 9-20-10

The State will not negotiate with criminals: SEGOB

Mexico, D.F. “The Mexican Union must continue its fight against criminal groups,” and “We definitely will not give them a truce, nor negotiate, nor give in,” states the sub-secretary of Governing (SEGOB), Felipe Zamora, in a press release concerning the safety of journalists who work in this country. The statement was prompted by an editorial which appeared today in El Diario De Juarez.



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  1. Charles Stewart Says:

    The cartel operations are seemingly overwhelming. Even the United States Federal Government bows to them. Witness the advisory against travel in Pinal County, Arizona. The citizens of this country are under seige.

  2. POsio Says:

    Regarding the translation of the 4 Indians – the Spanish news item credited with the report indicates that the 4 were Algerians not Indians and that they were all Muslim.
    I have noted on many ocassions that the translation used by this report are from slightly skewed to seriously skewed. This one is a major mistake.

    • m3report Says:

      As translators, we do not check the veracity or accuracy of any article. We merely present a translation, or in some instances, a synopsis of what has been published.

      Latin sources sometimes rush to print, for whatever reason, and then come back and add further detail or amend as necessary.

      As articles are translated, the translator goes on to check other sources.
      Seldom, if ever, do we go back to see if the article has been amended.

      Apparently, what happened in this case, is the article was amended once more information became available.

      We report what has been printed. Accuracy is the responsibility of the
      original author.

      There is no skewing involved and we are not responsible to check the
      accuracy of any article. We merely report what has been printed and it is up to the reader to use that report as he sees fit.

  3. David Yett Says:

    Re The four Indians captured in Los Mochis: Were they Hindus or Muslims? The translation say both!

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