Mexico builds its own wall on its southern border to block the way north

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Friday, 9/17/10

Banderas News (Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco) 9/16/10

Mexico builds its own wall on its southern border to block the way north

(Click the link below to see a wide ranging English language article that describes the latest events and challenges to northbound illegal migration)


El Comercio (Lima, Peru), Correo (Arequipa, Peru) 9/16/10

Over two tons of cocaine seized

A joint operation by Dinandro agents (equiv. of the DEA) in various locales in southern Peru resulted in the seizure of 2.3 tons of cocaine and the arrest of 22 persons, among them four Mexicans believed to be members of the Arellano Felix gang from Tijuana. The drug was all in one kilo packages, ready to be shipped abroad.


El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) 9/16/10

A propensity for over-elaborate wordiness, and for violence

[The first three paragraphs of an article reporting the assassination of 9 persons in Ciudad Juarez this Wednesday]

“A decapitated man was located yesterday afternoon in the streets of the Corregidora neighborhood, with this crime the number of persons assassinated yesterday Wednesday reached nine.”

“At approximately 1700 hours, area neighbors notified authorities about the presence of a head on the trunk of a Hyundai vehicle, blue in color, 2010 model, and license plates of the state of Texas BP1G652.”

“The motor vehicle was parked on Juan Alvarez and Municipio Libre Streets, just under a bridge. On the trunk there was a bag, in the interior of which was the cephalic extremity.”

“El Diario” Newspaper’s photographers shot

Two photographers of this newspaper were attacked by gunfire in the parking lot of a shopping mall in Juarez earlier today. One was killed on the spot; the other is gravely wounded.


El Bravo (Matamoros, Tamaulipas) 9/16/10

Nineteen (or 22) armed thugs dead after shootouts with Mexican soldiers

An anonymous report led Mexican army personnel to a highway checkpoint manned by gunmen on the highway between Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas, and the town of General Trevino. (Ciudad Mier is by the Rio Grande River and across from Roma, Texas. The town of General Trevino is some 20 miles to the southwest, in the neighboring state of Nuevo Leon. Roma, TX, is halfway up the Rio Grande River between Brownsville and Laredo, TX.)

When the soldiers reached the checkpoint they were met with gunfire and a chase ensued, resulting in nine dead gunmen. A land and air chase continued and two more shootouts followed; these resulted in 10 more thugs killed. The gunmen also lost 14 vehicles and various firearms including a .50 cal. Barret rifle, a .40 cal. grenade launcher and fragmentation grenades.

An update from Mexico’s IV Military Region, published in “El Milenio” (Mexico City) states that the total number of dead, all civilians, is 22 and not 19. [Coincidentally, a local U.S. news item has now appeared reporting the arrest of two Roma, TX, police officers who are charged with smuggling marihuana. See the third link below.]


El Debate (Sinaloa) 9/16/10

More northbound illegals detained

On Wednesday morning Mexican immigration personnel inspected a northbound bus in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, and found that the 45 passengers had all entered Mexico illegally and that all were from Guatemala and from El Salvador. They were being transported by three men, all Mexican, toward Tijuana and from there to attain the American dream.


El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 9/16/10

A bit of grass by the border

In Nogales, Sonora, Mexican federal police “intercepted various armed persons who were trying to enter a building in a violent fashion.” Afterwards, the “federales” entered the place and found packages of marihuana weighing a total of one ton plus 494 kilos. Also found there: 4 AK47 rifles, 51 loaded clips for those rifles, 3,000 rounds of 7.62 X 39mm. ammo, eight gas grenades and various parts of tactical uniforms. There were also 6 vehicles, all reported stolen from the United States.


El Sol de Mexico (Mexico City) 9/16/10

Global scale migration said to be a national security issue

Mexican senators and foreign experts agreed that the issue of the world’s migration flows must be a priority of the nations, since currently 192 million persons live outside their places of origin. During a roundtable discussion in the senate of Mexico, the president (read: chairman) of the Foreign Relations Commission of the Senate for Africa commented that emigration is present now more than ever in the history of humanity, and that this phenomenon will continue to increase due to the lack of opportunities and instability facing residents of various nations. Experts attending the meeting stated that global migration has become a national security problem due to lack of controls.


– end of report –

5 Responses to “Mexico builds its own wall on its southern border to block the way north”

  1. Mike Travis Says:

    This proves what a despicable HYPOCRITE Vicente Fox is for blasting Trump for his plan to build a wall while mexico has already started building a wall to protect ITS borders! Of course our elected serpents in the US are no better than Fox as they spew lies faster than a broken water main, but act like they are “protecting” us. BS!

  2. Buds Firearms Says:

    Buds Firearms…

    […]Mexico builds its own wall on its southern border to block the way north « M3 Report[…]…

  3. Duke White Says:

    I just want to take the opportunity to thank those responsible for the report for doing so. It is really the best source of information on the subject available. Thanks very much for your efforts.

  4. norm9do Says:

    It would appear the Mexico building a wall to keep out or make more difficult passage thru their country, is to their advantage. If they can reduce the numbers of illegals headed north, then the numbers of illegal Mexicans would appear to be diminishing which would be welcomed by anti illegal forces in the United States and the government then could claim a victory in their half hearted to non existant efforts to secure the border with Mexico.

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