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El Sol de Mexico (Mexico City) 8-31-10

Authorities display “La Barbie” after operation

Mexico City –OEM- This morning in the business district of Iztapalapa, the dangerous narco-trafficker, Edgar Valdez Villarreal, AKA “La Barbie,” and six of his henchmen were put on public display.

During the press conference, called by Commissioner General Facundo Rosas of the Federal Police, several of Valdez’s accomplices were shown. Among them were Jorge Valatin Landa, 28, born in Laredo, Texas; Mauricio Lopez Reyes, 25; Maritzel Lopez Reyes, 18; Juan Antonio Lopez Reyes, 26; and Maricela Reyes Lozada, 40.

He smiled to the cameras as he was being loaded into a vehicle for transportation. Also in custody are four men and two women associates.

In reviewing his criminal history, authorities said that Edgar Valdez Villarreal was born in Laredo, Texas on August 11, 1973.

During the press conference, Ramon Eduardo Pequeno, Chief of the Anti-drug Division of the Federal Police, said that the arrest of the drug king pin took place in the city of Lerma in the State of Mexico.

Edgar Valdez Villarreal was one of the most wanted drug king pins in the world until his arrest on Monday. He built a network that trafficked in up to a ton of cocaine every month, according to the Federal Police.

“La Barbie,” was captured due to intelligence gathering that started in 2009, when a cell of cartel hit men was arrested in the state of Mexico. Since that time, information was gathered from various arrested gangsters associated with “La Barbie.”

Rosas said that the operation to arrest Valdez was carried out by a group of specially trained Federal Policemen who are experts in various types of armament.

Among other charges, Valdez Villareal has been indicted by a federal court in Atlanta, Georgia, for the distribution of thousands of kilos of cocaine in the United States between 2004 and 2006.

According to the U.S. Department of State, Valdez has been under indictment since 1998 in Texas and since 2002 in Louisiana. The United States had offered a reward of 2 million dollars for information leading to the arrest of Edgar Valdez. The Government of Mexico had a similar offer.

Pequeno said that when Valdez was arrested at the age of 19 by the DEA, he fled to Mexico City where he met Arturo Beltran Leyva, alias, “Chief of Chiefs,” the leader of the cartel that bears his name. Beltran Leyva died in a confrontation with the Armed Forces of Mexico in 2009.

“La Barbie” became Chief of Security for Arturo Beltran Leyva in 2003 and rose through the ranks of the Beltran Leyva Cartel to become one of the most wanted men in the world.



Cambio de Michoacán (Morelia) 8-31-10


SB-1070 has repercussions in the Arizona economy

A month after SB-1070 took effect there has not been a surge of arrests because the section that criminalizes the undocumented is in litigation. Nonetheless, hundreds continue to be deported every day from that state and the economic damage is imminent, according to authorities and specialists.

Yesterday, the first 30 National Guardsmen arrived at the Arizona border and little by little that number will rise to 522 assigned to that region.

“The foundation of the law remains intact and we have what we need; the right to make a brief phone call to immigration authorities. Nothing has changed, we don’t have to cite the statutes in police reports because we contact the immigration officials directly,” said Mark Spencer, President of the Phoenix Police Association.

Spencer said that some 3,000 people a year are arrested and referred to the immigration agency by local police.

Carlos Garcia, head of the pro-immigrant organization Puente, said that the difference between other deportation eras is that now they are hidden from the public eye.

In Yuma on the Mexican border, there were 31 arrests on the same day that SB-1070 took effect.

“There is pure persecution, not one agency wants to attribute an arrest to SB-1070 out of fear of the injunction,” said Garcia.

The Puente Organization has sent inspectors to corners where workers congregate and to work centers in order to document detentions under the standards of the controversial law.

“This is the calm before the storm. We believe the police agencies are gathering funds to challenge the injunctions and when that occurs, they will proceed to that goal,” said the activist.

The Association of Border Sheriffs in Arizona has launched a program to collect private funds to cover legal expenses generated by the enforcement of SB-1070.

The law which took effect on July 29th affects the tourist industry and business in general.

At least 12 million dollars in business contracts and cancelled conventions have been lost according to the Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Hotels and Motels.

Congressman Raul Grijalva said that the state has lost 40% in sales taxes since the introduction of SB-1070.


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  1. CLA 4.2 Says:

    CLA 4.2…

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  2. Donald Says:

    Hopefully after november 2nd, the state of mexico can have Congressman Raul Grijalva back where he belongs. Someone should check to see if he has a green card…

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