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Friday, 8/27/10

Prensa Libre (Guatemala City, Guatemala) 8/26/10

Guatemalan president makes unexplained change of plans

Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom will travel to Los Angeles on August 27 to participate in the opening of the 6th “Chapin” Fair (“Chapin”: a nickname referring to Guatemalans.)

(Without further explanation, the following statement, which contradicts yesterday’s official announcement by the Communications Secretary of the Presidency, also appeared in this current report.) However, he will not participate in any march that may be carried out in that country. All the activities in which Mr. Colom may participate during his stay in the U.S. will be related to the 6th Chapin Fair which will take place from Aug. 27th to the 29th.

The Guatemalan head of state will make use of his stay in the North American city to talk with migrant leaders and to listen to the needs of the fellow citizens residing in that country.


Deaths on Arizona border could set new record

The famous immigration law in effect for some weeks now in Arizona has not halted the impetus of those who still try for the American dream, even though for many it may mean losing their life while trying. The number of deaths “in the desert of the state governed by the conservative Jan Brewer” is on its way to break a record.

The tragedy of deaths has intensified in the last decade, with thousands fleeing from the poor economic situation in Latin America. Not even the recession that the United States is going through has been able to reduce the traffic of those who attempt to reach “the other side.” Nevertheless, a decrease has taken place in other areas with higher security, such as Yuma, Arizona, and San Diego, Calif., where the building of a border fence and the addition of more security elements has helped to control the arrival of the undocumented.


El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) 8/26/10

For Mexico, apparently it’s a question of dignity

“Laughing at the border residents” [An article “By the Reporters” featured as the leading item in the “Opinion” section]

As if a human life was worthless, as if no one cared about carrying out justice and the members of the American Border Patrol enjoyed immunity to commit crimes, the agent who shot and killed the Juarez youth Sergio Adrian Hernandez on June 7 not only evaded – until now – being charged in court but even returned to work just days after the tragic events.

Just when the framework of bilateral relations deals with the urgency of coordinating the U.S. and Mexico’s efforts against insecurity in the common border, the way in which the U.S. agencies have dealt with the case not only constitute a lack of respect for the family of the victim and for Juarez society in general, (but) it also shows the disdain for Mexican authorities, who ought to provide follow-up so that the crime does not remain unpunished.

Unfortunately, and as is usually the case, Mexican officials have been seen not only as uninvolved but timid with their American counterparts.

If, in truth, there exists within officials the willingness for bi-national cooperation, so prevalent in official speeches, they ought to start handling the case and make the American agent pay the consequences for having deprived a Mexican of his life within his own territory.


But other views tell another story

[However an extract from another “Opinion” section article, also “By The Reporters,” tells another story]

When President Felipe Calderon said that Chihuahua’s reformed justice system favored pardons and generated impunity, its Governor, Jose Reyes, asserted that Chihuahua had taken to court 163 alleged murderers, responsible for 1,553 crimes. Yet, these numbers are at least questionable. Three men presented to the press a year ago as having committed 211 homicides now face only charges of alleged illegal possession of firearms and membership in organized crime, but the government prosecuting agency has not presented any charges or proofs against them as killers. Nor is this the only instance in which groups of alleged multiple killings are later charged with a single homicide.



Juarez: 91 law enforcement agents murdered so far this year

The retail distribution of every type of drug and firearm in Juarez carries with it a simple warning by the pushers to members of local law enforcement: either you live, or you die. The important thing is that “you let them do their thing.” In Juarez, just this year, 34 members of the municipal police, 24 federal agents, 10 “Cipol” (Police Intel Unit,) 10 Ministerial police and 10 others from various agencies have been assassinated.


El Nacional (Caracas, Venezuela) 8/26/10

Four tons of cocaine seized

Venezuelan officials located three underground tanks, each with 1,000 liter capacity, and all full of cocaine in packages each bearing the symbol of a horseshoe with a cow in the middle. The event took place in Guardatinajas, state of Guarico. The owner of the land, one Valentin Rosales, is being sought.


[The killing of 72 illegal aliens in Tamaulipas has been given wide coverage throughout the hemisphere and need not be repeated here. Today in El Universal (Mexico City,) and under the heading “15 victims of the grave in Tamaulipas are identified,” there were these current related item headings]

  • President Calderon: the authors of the massacre are beasts
  • Priest asks migrants to not cross through Tamaulipas
  • Eight diplomats travel to Tamaulipas
  • U.S. offers aid regarding migrants
  • Massacre due to criminals’ desperation
  • Migrants, source of income for cartels
  • Mistreatment of migrants angers the world



– end of report –

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